Are Sour Patch Kids Gluten Free?

by Simon
Are Sour Patch Kids Gluten Free

Have you ever found Sour Patch Kids candy, maybe those of you who found it will ask whether Sour Patch Kids is gluten free? This is one popular snack which is famous for gluten free candy. But are these candies really gluten-free? Are there any ingredients in this candy that could potentially contain gluten?

So, in this article we will invite you to see how it is made and what are the ingredients in making Sour Patch Kids candy. So, we’ll find out later if it’s really gluten free?

What Are Sour Patch Kids Candies Made Of?

This candy is famous for its sweet and sour taste. There are three main ingredients in the manufacture of this candy and these we must know to decide whether it is gluten free or vice versa. The three main ingredients are corn syrup, sugar and gelatin. Sugar and syrup are used to make the candy stick together, while the gelatin in the ingredients is used to make the candy chewy.

Apart from these three main ingredients, it is also contains sour sugar crystals and this is what makes this candy taste a bit sour.

How Are Sour Patches Kids Made?

Sour Patch Kids Candies

Now that we know the ingredients used in making Sour Patch Kids, now we also have to know how these candies are made.

The process of making the candy starts with boiling syrup and sugar and then cooling it. Then do the addition of gelatin to the syrup, then this mixture is poured on a tray until it hardens.

Then, when the candy hardens, it is cut into small square pieces, which are then sprinkled with a layer of tamarind (sour sugar).

The next stage, Sour Patch Kids experiences a certain emphasis on forming various shapes and forms that are attractive to look at. Last time, a layer of sour sugar was added to ensure a sweet and sour taste.

Now, with its sweet and sour taste, the candy is well known as one of the best-selling candies in the world market.

When Were Sour Patch Kids First Invented?

If you look at its history, Sour Patch Kids candy was first made in 1985 through the Adam’s Mark hotel chain. This is the creative hand candy of Frank Galatolie, who also invented the line of Gummi Bears.

For those who have never tasted this candy, when they try it most of them immediately like it. the many fans until now have made this candy famous throughout the world. What is unique and different is the sweet and sour taste, and this is the result of using sour sugar.

Basically, Sour Patch Kids is produced in two flavours, these are lime and lemon flavors. But in its development, this candy then continues to grow and other flavors are born. Now you can find many flavors such as orange, raspberry, strawberry and also grape.

Today, these candies are very popular in the market and industry experts say that Americans annually consume around 3 million pounds of sour patch kids. This is extraordinary, and the turnover is also tremendous.

Are Sour Patch Kids Gluten Free?

Well, this is what we are discussing today. We already know a lot about this candy. We already know what ingredients are used, how it is prepared and finally we come to “is sour Patch Kids gluten free”.

The answer is “yes, sour Patch Kids is gluten free”. Indeed, many people do not believe in this, so many similar questions arise. But with this article, I hope you can be sure that this famous candy is completely gluten free.

They are made from ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin. All of the ingredients are gluten-free, besides that, in the manufacture, this candy does not use anything made from wheat.

But there is an important thing that you should know, the process of making Sour Patch Kids turns out to be made in a place that also processes wheat. So, there is a risk of cross-contamination between the ingredients.

So, for those of you with celiac or a severe gluten allergy, you should probably avoid them because of the potential risks. But for most people who are sensitive to gluten, they can safely consume it without any problems.

Do Sour Patch Kids Have Gelatin?

The answer surprised some people. True, this candy contains gelatin which causes it to be chewy. What is gelatin? Gelatin is a protein from animal bone collagen, animal skin, and connective tissue. This gelatin content makes this candy so chewy and soft.

Some people have no problem consuming gelatin, and some others have problems with this gelatin. For example, for us as Muslims, we are not allowed to consume food containing gelatin from pork because pork is an unclean animal (not allowed to be eaten in Islam). But if the gelatin comes from non-pig animals such as cows, sheep, buffalo, then this is permissible.

But very profitable, the candy turned out to provide a gelatin-free variant. There are several types of these candies that are free of gelatin and they use pectin, or other plant-based ingredients. But candies that use vegetable ingredients instead of gelatin don’t taste the same as those that use gelatin.

Are Sour Patch Kids Vegan?

Is Sour Patch Kids vegan? if we look at the meaning of vegan, they don’t eat something that is made using ingredients from animals such as gelatin. Gelatin is a protein from animal collagen, if so then this is not a vegan friendly candy. This is not something suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

But now, companies are starting to make animal gelatin free candies, they use plant pectin and other plant ingredients. However, this gelatin-free product has a slightly different taste and is not as tasty as the original.

Are Sour Patch Watermelons Gluten Free?

To know this, we need to know what gluten is. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and barley as well as in rye.

This use of gluten makes the texture of bread chewy, and so does beer, making it frothy. for people with celiacs, gluten or products containing gluten can be a serious problem. In fact, for people who don’t have celiac, gluten is hard to digest. Thus, a person can experience abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea.

Because of these health risks, many people are looking for gluten-free products such as sour patch watermelons.

Sour patch watermelons are watermelon candies coated with sour sugar. These watermelon candies are very similar to Sour patch Kits. The sour sugar is made from gluten-free ingredients, including glucose syrup and citric acid.

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So, if you ask whether Sour patch watermelons are gluten free? The answer is “Yes, it is gluten free”.

Conclusion: Are Sour Patch Kids Gluten Free

Yes, this candy is gluten free, but unfortunately it is made with ingredients such as animal gelatin which makes it not vegan and vegetarian friendly.

If you are looking for delicious gluten free candy, then sour patch kids is the choice.

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