How to Make Tetela

by Simon
How to make Tetelas

How to Make Tetela? Tetelas is a delicious and stunning sweet food, triangular in shape and this is one of my favorite foods. This time I will share a recipe for making tetelas for those of you who always visit here. What is tetelas? This is a beautiful, beautiful dish made from Masienda masa harina, and filled with refried beans, usually served with a delicious spring vegetable dish.

Can’t wait to share the tetelas recipe here, but there are many things you need to know first. Especially about what Tetelas is, let’s look at its meaning below.

What Exactly Is a Tetela?

Tetala is a snack food from Oaxaca, it is triangular shaped or what is called triangular masa casing which is filled with one or two types of filling ingredients, usually filled with refried beans or stringly meltable Oaxacan cheese (quesillo). The way to eat tetela is by splitting the top, dressing it with salsa and cream or you can also eat it plain just like that.

For those of you who often make quesadillas, it will be easy to make tetelas, there are many similarities between making tetela and quesadillas.

Making it is by pressing the masa into a tortilla disc, but before it is cooked you need to add the filling ingredients, fold the tortilla around it into a triangle shape which is then closed tightly. Then cook this package on a frying pan or comal. Enrique Olvera and his friends in their cookbook entitled “Tu Casa Mi Casa” state that:

“The ingenious wrapping of the masa makes this a perfect vessel to keep ingredients hot and it has the advantage of being a great to-go snack,” perhaps this could be called a sealed triangular quesadillas.

Why are there questions about becoming trendy?

Molino cafes that focus on heirloom corn businesses are popping up in various corners of America. Tetela is a form of Masa often used by chefs and the entrepreneurs behind them.

Of course, when this appears frequently, it will be famous and known to many people. Finally it has become a trendy snack. If you make tetelas in advance, you can store it in the refrigerator and reheat it when you use it.

How to Start in making Tetelas

How to Start in making Tetelas

Get a bag of superior masa harina, we use heirloom Masienda corn masa harina, you can get it easily at whole foods markets or on Amazon. If you want to get organic masa harina, King Arthur sells it.

If you want to include beans, then choose refried beans. You can simmer up a pot of mayocobas or any type of bayos. You don’t need a lot because you don’t need to fill a lot of tetela, just about one tablespoon for each tetela.

Buy some quesillos if you want to add cheese. You can also add mushrooms as an addition to refried beans.

You will need a tool to press the tortillas. You can use an aluminum press machine or use a cast-iron press. Many chefs use the Doña Rosa Tortilla Press tool, this tool is sold at Masienda.

Buy some good salsa, I suggest you keep Olivia’s Salsa Macha in the fridge. Or you can dice up some Pico de Gallo à la minute.

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