How to Reheat a Panini?

by Simon
How to Reheat a Panini

Before we look at how to reheat Panini, let’s first know what a panini is? Panini is a typical Italian food that is one of many people’s favorites. But eating paninis is not the same as eating other foods, you alone can’t necessarily finish one panini, so it’s normal if there are a lot of paninis left over. So, the alternative is to save the rest and eat at another time.

However, most people say that panini cannot be reheated. If you are one of those who say so, then here we mention that paninis are not, you can however reheat your leftover paninis. We’ll explain how to reheat panini. Well, now you can save it if you have any panini left because you can enjoy it again later after reheating it.

How to Store Panini?

Before we start explaining how to reheat panini, it would be good for us to know how to store panini properly. Storing panini properly can extend their shelf life to 2 or even 4 days without spoiling.

Why can panini be reheated? It turns out there is a secret, the panini that can be reheated is the panini that has been stored in the refrigerator and not the one that has been frozen in the freezer. So, store paninis in the refrigerator so you can reheat them later.

Refrigerate Your Panini

Frozen paninis and sandwiches will no longer be fresh when reheated, so the best way to extend the shelf life of paninis and sandwiches is to store them in the refrigerator. You can store it in the refrigerator for up to 4 days and it will be fresh again when you reheat it.

If the panini is still hot, then let it sit at room temperature until it cools

  • Wrap the panini in parchment paper or wax paper
  • Place the wrapped panini in a Ziplock bag or wrap in a plastic sheet.
  • Place the double-wrapped panini in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator for 4 days.

Don’t Freeze Your Panini

If a panini is frozen, it will no longer be fresh when reheated. In this condition, it will lose its taste in just one day. If you reheat it, it will get mushy. So, the safe way is to store the panini in the refrigerator and wrap it double as we explained above.

How to Reheat a Panini?

The main ingredient in making Panini is toasted bread, it gets wet easily and is very sensitive. So, there are only two ways to heat panini. Using the oven and using the stove. If you want to reheat using another tool, your panini will probably be damaged.

Ok, now we will look at one by one how to reheat panini, namely by using the oven and stove.

Reheating Panini using an Oven

We usually cook paninis in the oven, so the best way to reheat paninis is to use the appliance you first made them. Here you need consistent heating because this bread is very soft, maybe the reheating time needed is only 2 to 5 minutes. And this can only be done using an oven.

Ovens also vary, the best for reheating panini is a toaster oven or you can also use a conventional oven. This oven will keep your panini fresh when heated and you will get bread that is as fresh as when you just cooked it, all sides will be heated perfectly.

  • Heat the oven to 350F, usually using a conventional oven will take around 8 minutes, while a toaster oven only takes 5 minutes.
  • Lightly brush the panini bread with butter on both sides, this will ensure your panini stays crispy and fresh.
  • Do not cover the baking sheet with foil, or any other covering
  • Place the panini on a baking sheet, let it cook in the oven for 10 minutes.
  • Keep checking your panini to prevent overcooking, if the internal temperature has reached 165 F then you can take your panini because it has reached a good doneness temperature.

When reheating the panini, you can still add any other ingredients you want, for example adding cheddar cheese to make it more delicious, and finally enjoy your panini while it’s still hot.

Reheating Panini on the Stovetop

Another way to reheat panini is to use a stove, this method is suitable if you have access to a conventional oven, the process can be simple, and does not require cooking skills, reheating on the stove can make your panini crispy and fresh in a few minutes.

  • How do you reheat a panini on the stove? Here are some steps you must follow:
  • Take a grill pan or skillset, grease it with just a little butter, and spray it with a little olive oil.
  • Place the pan on the stove, turn the heat on to medium or low heat.
  • Don’t heat the pan for more than 30 seconds, as this can cause the panini to fry rather than reheat.
  • Place the panini in the skillet, and cook for 30 seconds on each side.
  • Reheating the panini on the stove takes 3 to 5 minutes, always monitor your panini so it doesn’t burn.

Beware of the Microwave!

There is one more way to reheat panini, this is to use a microwave, but be careful if you use this equipment. This can make your panini soggy and less good.

However, if you have no other choice, you can use the microwave with these consequences, so only use it when you don’t know what to reheat with because you don’t have a stove or oven.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reheat a panini sandwich?

Reheating panini can be done using several methods, including using the stove or oven.

How to reheat a grilled panini?

The outside of the grilled panini tastes crispy, if you want to reheat the grilled panini, then brush it with butter and reheat it in a frying pan. If you use a stove, you can bake for about 5 minutes.

Fresh market peri-peri chicken panini how to reheat?

The way to reheat is to put a little butter in a frying pan and place it on the stove, using medium heat. Place the panini in the pan and reheat for 30 seconds on each side, so overall it usually takes about 3 minutes. Always check when reheating to ensure it doesn’t burn.

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