8 Best Rum for Pina Colada in 2024

by Simon
Best Rums for Pina Colada

When you make the perfect Pina Colada as expected, of course the use of Rum is very important, especially the white rum type, this will make a big difference to the results of your Pina Colada. White rum is very much sought after, it can be combined with various other ingredients so it can give you a refreshing and amazing cocktail. We’ll explore some of the best rums. But first, what is rum, for those of you who don’t know, let’s look at its meaning.

What is Rum?

Rum is a distilled alcoholic drink made from sugarcane byproducts, for example molasses or sugarcane juice. The process of making rum is by fermentation and this involves distilling the sugarcane byproduct, then storing it in oak barrels for aging.

Different countries produce rum so the taste and style also vary. One of the best rums is white rum and here we will look at some of the best white rums for making Pina Colada.

Best Rums for Pina Colada

1. Plantation Rum – Three Stars White Rum

Making delicious cocktails usually uses quality rum and one of them is white rum. If you are looking for the best white rum then we recommend you choose Plantation White Three Stars. This is the best rum that comes from the Caribbean and includes Thai white rum which is called a 3-year-old carbon-filtered rum, then there is rum from Barbados and rum from Jamaica. Here we will give you a list of the best white rums to make the best cocktails.


  • The taste is balanced and complex, including a spicy aroma and smooth taste, there are also hints of tropical fruit, brown sugar and ripe banana. This is the best rum that you can try to make a cocktail with a delicious and tested taste.
  • Plantation white three stars is a smart choice for your cocktail mix. This will add a depth of flavor to the cocktail that you can’t get with other types of rum.
  • In fact, Rum Plantation has won several awards including winning gold medals at the Rum International and RUMX.P conferences, and has also won the Rum Festival in Miami.


  • Plantation rum has a more expensive price than other types of rum
  • Some drinkers find the flavor too complex for their taste.
  • Perhaps, Plantation White Three Stars is not the best type of rum for people who like light and simple flavors.

For those of you who want to go further on an adventure with cocktails, Rum Plantation is really helpful for you, with its deep, complex taste and can provide the be st cocktail experience. This rum will give its best taste to cocktails such as Mojito, cuba libre, daiquiri, making them more valuable and interesting.

If you are looking for the best rum for Pina Colada, then I guarantee that Plantation White Three Stars is your best choice. The taste of the rum is very rich, like a blend of pineapple, coconut, there is even a spicy, floral aroma of rum which gives an extraordinary touch to the classic Pina Colada flavored cocktail.

2. Captain Morgan White Rum: Best Rum for Pina Colada

The next white rum that is the best choice for cocktails is Captain Morgan White Rum. This is a versatile rum as a base ingredient for making your favorite cocktails. Captain Morgan White Rum is another best choice for you to use, feel the difference.


  • Caribbean rum provides a light and refreshing blend of flavors
  • It tastes slightly sweet, with a smooth and tempting texture and is perfect for your cocktails.
  • Captain Morgan White Rum is easy to get and is widely available in markets and sold at competitive prices.


  • The taste is light and this is not suitable for those of you who are looking for strong cocktail flavors.
  • Some cocktail drinkers prefer bold, complex flavors like plantation rum.
  • The cap is a plastic screw and is as durable as cork or metal.

For those of you who make delicious pina colada, you can use the basic ingredients of Captain Morgan White Rum, this is softer, has a slight sweet taste of pineapple, coconut, so it gives a refreshing tropical taste. Our suggestion, to get a good freshness, add real pineapple juice and coconut cream.

Finally, garnish your drink with cherries and pineapple slices. The visuals alone look refreshing. For those who don’t really like the taste of strong and complex cocktails, then Captain Morgan White Rum is something you should try.

3. Bacardi BACARD Superior White Rum

Are you looking for the best rum for pina colada? Just try Bacardi BACARD Superior White Rum, this rum has a vanilla, dry and clean taste, there is also a combination of orange flavors, so it becomes a sweet and fresh drink and is added with coconut flavor.


  • Bacardi BACARD Superior White Rum is a legendary rum from the Caribbean, this is a rum that is suitable for mixing in several types of cocktails such as Mojito, Daiquiri, and Pina Colada.
  • The ingredients used are from sustainable sources from nature, using Bonsucro® certified sugar cane. This ensures that the rum you use is of a quality type and pays attention to your health.
  • The filtration uses secret charcoal, giving perfect character, and not dominating other flavors, this will give a rich taste without being dominated by one particular taste.


  • Some people find this too dry and clean to drink on its own.
  • It is more expensive than other types of rum
  • Some people prefer a strong, complex white rum, so the cocktail feels harder and more masculine.

4. Tiki Lovers White Rum

One of the white rums with a unique taste and perfect for your pina colada. You can try Tiki Lovers White Rum which will give a different taste to your cocktail.


  • This is a blend of Trinidad and Jamaican rum, resulting in a unique taste with fruity, fresh and ex0tic aromas. It’s perfect for a quick cocktail in summer with a taste of fruity freshness.
  • This rum is aged in oak barrels for 2 to 3 years. So it produces a unique character, and it is smoother than other white rums.
  • The alcohol content is up to 50% so it gives a strong taste to your cocktail.


  • The taste is too sweet and not suitable for those who don’t like too sweet tastes.
  • The price is slightly higher compared to other rums in the store.
  • The high sugar content makes this rum unsuitable for diabetics.

So, in conclusion, we can say that Tiki Lovers White Rum is the best rum for pina colada. The high alcohol content of up to 50% is suitable for lovers of liquor with complex flavors.

For those of you who like to make cocktails with unique flavors, then Tiki Lovers White Rum is the choice, its fruity impression, high alcohol content, exot!c taste makes it one of the best rums for Pina Colada.

5. Wray and Nephew Rum: One Best Rum for Pina Colada

One more rum recommendation for a delicious cocktail. You can use Wray and Nephew Rum to make your best cocktail.

Wray and Nephew Rum is versatile and suitable as a mix with natural fruit flavors so it can add depth to the taste of cocktails.


  • The best choice for mixing various ingredients
  • Natural fruit aroma
  • High alcohol content


  • This is not suitable for diabetics
  • The taste is strong and sometimes not suitable for many people.
  • It feels like it can be made too hard

Wray and Nephew Rum is the best choice for Pina Colada because this type of white rum can maintain its sweet taste longer in the cocktail, but remains smooth. Naturally fruity, it can add depth to the taste of cocktails and make them taste better.

Wray and Nephew Rum contains higher alcohol up to 63% vol. For some people, the high alcohol content makes the cocktail taste more delicious. This rum is also versatile and very suitable for mixing.

But for diabetes sufferers, Wray and Nephew Rum is not the right choice because of the high sugar content in it. The taste is also very strong and this is not something that everyone likes. But if you are looking for the best rum for pina colada with a natural taste and great for mixing, then Wray and Nephew Rum is one option you can consider.

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6. Banks 5 Island Blend Premium White Rum

Banks 5 Island Blend Premium White Rum is a premium rum that can enhance the taste of a cocktail. It has a complex, cinnamon aroma, and its quality is maintained during aging in teak wood barrels. Look at the pros and cons so you can consider the price.


  • The aroma is complex, there are notes of cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, habanero, green apple and basil.
  • The blend of 20 different rums from 8 distilleries creates unique flavors and is quite capable of enhancing the quality and taste of cocktails.
  • The Batavia Arrack from Java, aged in teak wood barrels, with an or!ental flavor to the mix, it brings together all the rums in a rich and tantalizing taste, it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it a premium white rum for Pina Colada.


  • This is a premium rum with a higher price than some other rums
  • Some people feel that this is a rustic rum for their tastes.
  • If you like the taste of traditional white rum, then Banks 5 Island Blend Premium White Rum is not the best for you.

Buying Guide

When you want to buy white rum, there are several factors you must pay attention to so that you get the rum you want.

  1. Quality: Look for products that are made with care, pay attention to product details, good quality rum is aromatic, smooth and has a balanced taste.
  2. Age: Usually the older rum is, the better it is, but with white rum. The quality of white rum is not determined by the length of storage period. Some of the white rums that are not aged for long are the best in quality, sometimes there are also those that are not aged at all. So, when you have white rum, focus on the taste, not how long it has been stored.
  3. Origin: Also pay attention to where the rum you are buying comes from. Different regions mean the rum will taste different and of course all types of rum have their own unique taste. For example, Caribbean rum has a sweeter taste, South American rum tends to be complex and dry.
  4. Mixability: Choose a rum product that can be mixed well, this is for those of you who want to mix rum in cocktails. Look for rums that are suitable for a variety of drinks from mojitos to the best rums for Pina Coladas.

If you are looking for the best rum for Pino Colada, then it is important to choose a rum that is sweet, fruity and aromatic with pineapple and coconut cream.

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