Why Am I Craving Chocolate Milk? Top 5 Reasons

by Simon
Why Am I Craving Chocolate Milk

Are you starting for craving chocolate milk? Indeed, the taste is very delicious, many people even say that nothing can compare to a glass of cold chocolate milk.

If you start craving Chocolate Milk, does it happen suddenly or has it become your habit that when you get home you immediately open the refrigerator and drink that delicious cold chocolate milk. Whatever your reason, here we have collected several reasons behind craving Chocolate Milk. Want to know why that happened? Let’s look at the following review.

Several Possible Reasons for Craving Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk tastes sweet, refreshing and satisfying, but have you ever wondered why we crave it, is it because the body is lacking sugar, or because this drink can also be a refreshing and useful post-workout drink, or because of other reasons?

In this article we will explain in detail the reasons why you crave Chocolate Milk. Then we added several things related to this milk, including pregnancy, which is related to food addiction, chocolate milk addiction which is more general in nature.

So, if you are one of those who is very enthusiastic about Chocolate Milk or always want to drink a glass of Chocolate Milk every day or even more. So this article is important for you to read, it is related to why you are craving Chocolate Milk or why am i craving it and we will give you several possible causes.

1. Chocolate Milk is soft and delicious

Chocolate Milk is a drink that is in great demand because of its soft, rich texture, the milk is combined with cocoa powder and sugar, it also contains vanilla extract, resulting in a delicious and healthy drink (it is not recommended for people with certain health conditions). The combination of these ingredients makes Chocolate Milk taste delicious and the pleasure is difficult for anyone to resist. If you’ve always wanted to drink chocolate milk, then it can definitely explain why that happens.

So, the softness and rich taste are one of the reasons why you are craving Chocolate Milk.

2. Storehouse of important nutrients

Then there are other reasons why you are craving chocolate milk, maybe because you are weak or need calories or nutrients to support your body. Not only does it provide deliciousness, but Chocolate Milk also provides nutrition for you.

Some say that milk is a complete food or drink with nutrients, just look at all the mammals around the world who feed their children with breast milk. So, this makes sense because milk contains protein (an important substance for growth), healthy fats, vitamins A, D, and calcium which are important in building the body’s skeleton and teeth and nails.

Chocolate Milk has been added with cocoa powder which means this adds flavor and antioxidants. Antioxidants are important substances in maintaining health and preventing dangerous diseases such as cancer.

3. Chocolate Milk is good as a post-workout drink

One more reason behind your craving for Chocolate Milk, perhaps you are exercising intensely, you need to know that Chocolate Milk is a drink that can provide protein and energy again after you have exhausted it in a training session. While protein is good at building damaged muscle or tissue damaged during exercise.

Chocolate Milk can also prevent dehydration during exercise. It also makes a healthy and delicious meal after a hard workout.

4. Improves mood

One of the benefits of Chocolate Milk is that it improves mood. If you are sad, upset, then you need food that contains tryptophan. The substance tryptophan has been proven to improve mood, this is an amino acid that is useful in helping produce serotonin or the happy hormone.

So, if you are craving Chocolate Milk, there is a possibility that you are feeling down or not cheerful. If this is what you experience, then enjoy a glass of chocolate milk.

5. Genetics

There are also certain cases where you feel like you are craving Chocolate Milk continuously or every day. If this is what you experience, it is likely due to genetics or a trait inherited from previous ancestors, sometimes they were those who liked Chocolate Milk, then this was passed on to their descendants and you were one of those who inherited it.

Regarding this, there is a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, which found that people with certain genes have more cravings for sweet foods. So if you are craving Chocolate Milk, chances are your parents have passed this trait on to you.

What Deficiency Causes Chocolate Cravings?

Craving chocolate milk is also a sign that your body is lacking certain nutrients such as magnesium. Magnesium is useful in regulating blood sugar and has a pleasant effect.

Chocolate is a food that is rich in magnesium, providing calm and comfort, so someone who is stressed will definitely crave Chocolate Milk or other chocolate.

The Chocolate Milk also contains iron and chromium.

How To Tell Whether I Am Craving Chocolate For Physical Reasons Or Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Problems are common. We often feel or know other people who feel cravings for chocolate or other comfort foods when they are upset, stressed and in other mental problems. Chocolate is associated with comfort and eating it can be calming.

So, when you crave chocolate milk, it could be because of physical cravings for chocolate or because of emotional eating.

If you physically desire chocolate, you will realize that you need that food. You will also feel dissatisfied by eating foods other than chocolate. Sometimes you also want to eat chocolate at certain times throughout the day and night. For example, after training, or when with friends to get comfort and so on.

Meanwhile, emotional eating that arises from us is often characterized by coming suddenly without realizing it. It often lacks focus on certain foods and often eats certain foods to cope with negative emotions. If you feel like eating chocolate when you’re down, or having problems, then it’s very likely that you’re experiencing something called “Emotional Eating” craving.

Lactose Intolerance

People with lactose intolerance are those who cannot digest milk sugar properly. So when people with this condition (lactose intolerant) drink milk, they will experience flatulence or diarrhea.

There are also some lactose intolerant sufferers who can still digest limited amounts of milk. For example, a glass of cold milk without any problems occurring. If you experience cravings for chocolate milk because you are lactose intolerant, try drinking lactose-free milk. You can also make your own milk with almonds or use soybeans, you can make it yourself at home.

Craving Chocolate Milk During Pregnancy

This is also a common occurrence, with many pregnant women reporting that they crave chocolate milk more often during their pregnancy. It is true that the exact reason is not known, but there are several theories that explain this.

One theory is that you crave chocolate milk during pregnancy because your body needs the nutrients in chocolate milk, such as calcium and vitamin D.

Meanwhile, another theory says that when someone is craving chocolate milk, it means their body needs good fats and sugar to increase energy during pregnancy.

Whatever the reason, you don’t need to worry about your cravings, please satisfy yourself with chocolate milk. This is a nutritious and healthy food. You can also make chocolate milk a food that satisfies your sweet cravings during pregnancy.

Can You have a Chocolate Milk Addiction?

It is very possible that some people always crave chocolate milk and even admit that they cannot live without drinking chocolate milk. It’s possible that cravings like this have an underlying problem related to appetite.

For example: Sugar cravings, this could be a symptom of depression or anxiety. Several studies show that addiction to sweet foods is a real thing and a real phenomenon.

If you feel like this, feel that chocolate milk should not disappear from your life or even admit that you cannot survive without chocolate milk, then this is certainly a certain health problem for you. We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor or nutritionist or mental health expert.

Craving Chocolate Milk when Sick

Have you ever craved chocolate milk when you were sick? Usually many people experience this, maybe you are one of them. Many claim that drinking chocolate milk when they are sick can make them feel more comfortable. There are several reasons behind craving chocolate milk when sick.

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First: Chocolate milk is a source of energy that can keep you enthusiastic and energetic, it is also a source of calories so you feel better and more comfortable when drinking chocolate milk when you are sick.

Second: Chocolate milk is a source of sugar which is also a source of energy, it can increase your immunity and make you energetic.

Lastly, chocolate milk can coat your stomach walls and prevent morning sickness. So, if you feel like you are craving chocolate milk when you are sick, then that is normal and there is no need to worry. Maybe your body really needs it.

Is Craving Chocolate Milk a Sign of Pregnancy?

It is true that pregnant people often crave chocolate milk, this is an additional energy and nutrition for themselves and their babies. But when you crave chocolate milk, this doesn’t always mean you are pregnant.

Look, pregnant people sometimes crave chocolate milk, and people who crave chocolate milk are not always pregnant people.

Is chocolate good for your health?

Chocolate milk or chocolate is a food that is good for health and has been proven to be good for heart health. Apart from that, chocolate can maintain an ideal body weight. It is a source of vitamins, including phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.
Chocolate milk is also rich in sugar and fat, so it is important for you to consume it in moderation. If you want to indulge your cravings for sweet foods, perhaps consuming chocolate milk is an alternative.

When you buy chocolate milk, check the label and choose milk with a low sugar content rather than a high-sugar product.

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