Banana Runts: The Best Banana Candy to Try

by Simon
Banana runts

Bananas are a healthy and delicious food with lots of nutritional content. Even consuming bananas every day can provide good health. Now there are banana runs or small banana candies with unique flavors. Trying banana runts is one of the interesting experiences for children who love sweets. The shape is unique, resembling the shape of a banana but dwarf in size.

Here we will discuss quickly and briefly about bananas and dwarf bananas or dwarf banana candy.

Banana Runts

What are banana runs? This is a unique banana candy with an interesting taste. The shape also resembles a banana but with small or dwarf form. The taste of banana runts is unique and provides a valuable experience for those of you who want to have an adventure with candy.

Its unique taste makes it liked by various groups, both children and adults.

A Sweet Beginning of Banana Runts

Banana runts were first introduced in the 1980s by the Willy Wonka Candy Company. These are small, dwarf banana-shaped candies with rich and varied flavors. There are cherry, strawberry and orange flavors. With the start of spring, this candy is famous for its unique taste and shape that resembles a banana.

The Unique Flavor

Banana runts is very different from other banana products, it tastes natural like banana flavor. Interestingly, when making banana runts you don’t use artificial flavours, unlike candy or other banana products which often use synthetic flavours. This banana candy uses pure natural banana flavoring and this is the main reason why this banana candy is still popular today. Usually, something that is healthy and free of side effects will last a long time on the market.

The Future of Banana Runts

Until now, the company that makes banana runts continues to expand and develop its candy flavors. This is an important thing and must always be paid attention to and maintained by the sweets market.

Rich in taste and available in a variety of flavors, this candy will continue to survive and guarantee its future. You don’t need to be afraid, because you will be able to enjoy this candy in the future, this candy will continue to be produced and continue to develop more flavors by presenting more variants.


What is a banana run?

For those of you who don’t know what banana runts are, know that this is a candy made from bananas and uniquely, its shape is also made like a banana with a rich and delicious taste. It tastes sweet and crunchy and appetizes both children and adults. People of all ages find natural enjoyment from this candy.

Are runts healthy?

You need to know that banana runts are banana-shaped candies that are never considered a healthy food. However, this candy does not add artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. It’s just that the high sugar content means it must be consumed in a limited way.

Apart from that, there are other chemicals added so it is not considered healthy food.

How many calories are in a run?

Knowing the calories of a food is very important because calories play a role in weight gain and make higher-weight person and have the potential for diseases such as obesity and others. The number of calories in banana runts varies according to their size.

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That’s a glimpse of banana runts and their taste and where the product comes from. It tastes sweet and crunchy and rich. This unique taste makes many people interested in trying it, and then it turns out that it suits the taste so many people like this dwarf banana-shaped candy.

This crunchy dwarf banana will continue to develop and appear as an appetizing candy in the future. So, always monitor the nutrition and calorie value.

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