What is the Healthiest Deli Meats?

by Simon
Healthiest Deli Meats

What is the Healthiest Deli Meats? Lets see and read the article to know the answer. Meat is a very popular food and is rich in nutrients and has a very delicious taste, with various preparations or recipes served. One type of meat that is quite popular is Dekli meats. Deli meat is a type of meat that has been cooked beforehand, preserved and then sliced thinly in a beautiful and charming way. We will explain to you what Deli meats actually are and how they taste. Keep reading this valuable article!

What is Deli Meat?

Deli meat is also known as “lunch meats”. It is a cool and charming cut or slice of meat with a precessive degree of thinness. This comes from meat juice that has been previously cooked, preserved to last a long time, and is ready to eat either hot or cold. Usually Deli meats are served as an addition to sandwiches as an appetizer. Usually served with cheese, olives, sauce or by adding nuts.

Mostly, meat is preserved using chemicals; sodium nitrite. Some of them are preserved using salt, like traditional prosciutto, but this is not generally available. Most Deli meat is preserved using a chemical called sodium nitrite or with cultivated celery extract.

It is important to remember that healthy Deli meat is free from nitrites or not preserved using chemicals. The nitrites in processed meat mix with the amino acids present in animal protein and this allows the nitrites to form nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are dangerous compounds because they can cause cancer. So there is a difference in consuming nitrites in spinach or beets compared to nitrites in processed meat products such as those in Deli meats.

Deli meat is available in many varieties, some are pre-sliced in vacuum packs and are usually available in grocery stores. It is also available at food store counters already sliced to order.

Organic Deli Meats

If you are looking for Deli meat but it has to be organic, then this is something that is difficult for you. The thing is, organic Deli meat cannot come into contact with conventional Deli meat, so the seller must use a special slicing tool that is not used for non-organic meat.

So most of it is sold sliced or packaged, and some is also sold as whole roasted meat.

In general, Deli meat is made from bacon, sausage, bologna, pastrami, salami, and several varieties of ham, turkey, beef and chicken slices. Ok, and i want to say that Healthiest Deli Meats is organic Deli Meats, its a meat not uses a chemical ingredient when process it in preservating.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates the names of certain Deli products, which can only be used if they are made with nitrites. The CFIA states that bacon is pork belly that has been cured with nitrites.

How is Deli Meat Made?

The process of making Deli meat is not all the same, there are different processes among those who make it. It starts with the process of cutting the meat and ends with adding salt water. Deli grilled food is made with whole cuts of meat tied tightly together through a process called salting and rolling.

Deli meat can also be made with meat that has had the bones removed. The meat is mechanically ground into pulp, then shaped and sliced into lunch meat. This also happens in the process of making sausages, the smoky meat is cut in such a way that the shape and texture are homogeneous.

1. Non-Organic Deli Meat

Most store products are salted using the same method. In conventional Deli meat, the brine used contains components of water, salt and sugar (dextrose, corn syrup solids), herbs, spices and preservatives such as sodium nitrite or potassium phosphate.

Nitrites are useful for preserving meat, and give the meat a pink color, thereby adding a visual appeal and providing a salty taste. While Phosphates help retain moisture, bind the pieces of meat to form a roast that can freeze perfectly and hold together so that the slicing is very beautiful and impressive.

2. Organic Deli Meat

For organic Deli meat or the Healthiest Deli Meats, the brine used is a mixture of sea water, water, herbs and spices and in most cases does not use nitrites even from celery extract, except for some brands of Organic Bacon.

To replace phosphate, this organic product uses potato starch. Organic grilled deli meat or organic sausages are made from whole, lean meat.

What’s Hiding Inside Deli Meat?

When the Deli meat has been sliced and packaged, the various ingredients must be listed on the packaging label. If it contains gluten, it must be listed as containing soy, gluten, mustard and milk. At the Deli counter, the ingredients used are usually not listed, you can ask the staff for information on the ingredients included in or when making Deli meat.

Other ingredients in Deli meats such as salami, sausages, bologna, are dextrose, wheat, milk ingredients, sodium ascorbate, lactic acid culture, sulfites, corn syrup and caramel.


What are the Healthiest Deli Meats?

The healthiest deli meats are those that are organic or free from preservatives and come from poultry, turkey, or made from chicken breast. Why is this healthy, because apart from being free of preservatives, the calorie and fat content is also low. This is different from pork and beef which have much more calories and fat.

Let’s pay attention to the comparison. For example, two to three slices of Black Forest Ham can contain up to 260 calories with up to 19grams of fat, 30% saturated, and up to 310mg of sodium. While deli meats come from poultry such as turkey, 3 to 4 pieces of roasted turkey breast contain only 50 calories, 1% fat, with 1% saturated and slightly less sodium. Very different isn’t it!

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