What Does Veal Meat Taste Like?

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What Does Veal Meat Taste Like

What is Veal? What does veal taste like? This is a type of meat, but many people confuse it with veal. Is this beef, or is this different from deer meat.

Simply put, veal is a very young calf, and it is an integral part of the eating habits of Mediterranean, Italian and French people. Usually, they enjoy beef or veal combined with rice, noodles and potatoes.

Talking about veal meat, there are many health benefits of eating veal, this meat is low in fat and contains so many vitamins.

If you already know that veal is part of the cow (calf), of course you are surprised and wondering what does a calf taste like? Ok, for those who are still curious about this meat, let’s review more about veal meat, what it tastes like.

What is Veal?

Veal is the meat of female calves or male calves. However, his preference is shown to male calves because they do not have milk.

It turns out, there are groups of veal, there are at least five types of veal that you should know about.

Grouping of Veal

  • Bob Veal: The youngest beef, this comes from calves that are only 5 days old.
  • Young calves given milk: This is calf meat which refers to calves aged 18-20 weeks old. The color of the flesh is ivory to cream with a dense flesh texture.
  • Red Veal: Calves are fed grain and aged between 22 weeks and 26 weeks. The meat of calves at this age is already dark in color.
  • The Rose Veal: Meat from calves aged 35 weeks, the meat is pink.
  • Free Ranged Raised Veal: Meat from calves aged 24 weeks, different from calves 1-3 above because Free Ranged Raised Veal is raised on green pastures.

What Does Veal Taste Like? Does Veal Taste Good?

Veal is velvety in color and fine grained like rice. So what does veal taste like? The meat has a soft, refreshing taste, it has a unique taste, it might be said to be like the taste of red meat chicken (but where is there red meat chicken). Veal is a red meat but tastes more like chicken.

People often compare the taste of veal with beef, both are delicious, but veal tastes better.

Veal feels a little more tender because the muscle is still young, unlike beef, and veal is also easy to digest.

If you pay attention, it looks the same as other meat, the flesh is grayish, pink, or red.

It could be said that veal is a tender version of beef, the meat is not dense, has little fat, and the taste is different from bear meat.

Taste profiles of various types of beef

Bob veal is the softest meat, this meat has not had time to develop its characteristics, the texture is almost similar to jelly. Even though it is cooked in various ways, veal meat tastes stronger and more distinctive. The taste of beef is also linked to the environment where it grows.

Nutritional Value

What about the nutritional value of veal? Let’s explore the nutritional facts of veal. This is data on veal from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Agriculture Research Service). This nutritional value is taken per 100 grams of veal.

Water, 66.16 g, Energy 197 kcal, Protein 18.58 g, Sugar 0 g, Fatty acids (Total saturated) 5.108 g, Calcium 12 mg, Iron 1.37 mg, Zinc 2.51 mg, Vitamin B-12 2.28 ug, Magnesium 31 mg, Potassium 198 mg, Sodium 103 mg.

If you want to compare rabbit meat with veal, then veal is superior in many ways. Veal is also rich in vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B3. Veal also contains many minerals, such as calcium and sodium.


Best Ways to Cook Veal

OK, now we have reached the stage of how to cook veal. If the cooking method is not correct, the soft and delicious veal will not be delicious either. So knowing how to cook veal correctly is also important.

Cooking beef is easy, boil veal according to the portion you want using some vegetables and white wine. Cook the veal until it breaks down and the broth is reduced to the sauce, serve after sprinkling the sauce on top.

A very famous Italian summer dish is Vitello Tonnato. This is a cold dish that combines veal with seafood. If you want to taste tender meat, then veal is the best choice. Veal is a versatile ingredient, and can be added to a variety of other dishes.

If you are looking for a quick veal cooking recipe, pay attention to the following.

Roasting vegetables with veal is also a smart recipe. You need to cut some vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, herbs and tomatoes. Bake this mixture until it turns golden.

Another classic recipe for cooking veal is Pa Fried Veal with lemon slices and rosemary. Rub the veal evenly with olive oil, rosemary and season before frying in butter. After 15 minutes remove from heat and serve with a squeeze of lemon.

Caution: According to USDA, beef should be cooked to at least 160°F. Also, let the meat rest for about 3 minutes before you enjoy.

What Does Veal Meat Taste Like

What Does Veal Meat Taste Like?

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