What Do Mussels Taste Like?

by Simon
What Do Mussels Taste Like

What do Mussels taste like? We know that Mussels are a very delicious seafood, this is one of the shellfish that is often served in seafood restaurants. Because it tastes delicious and unique, it has many fans. What do Mussels actually taste like? We will review everything about Mussels here.

Here we will explore the taste of Mussels so that you know how they taste and then dare to try this seafood. Whether it tastes like oysters or like clams, in a moment we will know how it tastes. Keep reading this article until the end.

What Does A Mussel Taste Like?

Mussels have a sweet, yet soft and unique taste, sometimes with a slightly salty impression as food from marine habitats.

One of the reasons Mussels are such a culinary delight is because they absorb the various spices they are given when cooked. So, the taste will be rich and delicious according to the spices used. Usually, with the addition of herbs and spices, Mussels will be even tastier and richer in nutrition.

So, what do Mussels taste like? Honestly, there is a slight salty, oceanic taste. Mussels meat is dense, but if cooked well it will be tender and chewy. It can be a great addition to any dish you like.

Mussels are also popular because of their rich taste, taste like the sea, savory, and the taste becomes even more tempting when you add glutamate, the amino acid which is often found in various types of food.

Mussels will become more aromatic when cooked because when cooked they will release a distinctive broth taste. This unique seafood dish is often served with several ingredients such as shallots, garlic, butter, white wine, all of which will create a truly unforgettable taste.

Mussels have soft, moist meat, the texture is hard, chewy, but tender. The texture is loved and this is the reason for those who like to eat paella.

Types of Mussels

Mussels are very varied, and each type has a different taste and has its own deliciousness. Let’s explore some types of mussels

1. Blue Mussels

This is common mussels or Mytilus edulis, the blue species is a type of mussels that is easy to find and this is a species that is distributed in various restaurants in the world.

Its characteristics are that it has a dark blue shell, soft flesh and feels thick. Blue mussels can be added to various dishes and recipes, you can also cook them according to your preferences.

2. Green-Lipped Mussels

Mussels Perna canaliculus (scientific name) is a mussel native to New Zealand, it is large in size with a green shell. It tastes sweet and is usually served as seafood.

3. Mediterranean Mussels

This mussels comes from the Mediterranean Sea, its scientific name is Mytilus galloprovincialis, when compared with blue mussels, its size is smaller, and its shell is triangular, its flesh is soft and slightly sweet.

Usually, these mussels are used in Mediterranean and Italian dishes. Considering that it originates from the Mediterranean Sea, of course this is difficult to find anywhere else, so it is very difficult to find this type of shellfish in restaurants.

4. Pacific Mussels

There is a type of Pacific Mussels, this is known as the California Mussels which in scientific language is called Mytilus californianus. This type of Mussels occurs throughout the seas of North America, California and Alaska.

Its character is a dark shell, and its taste is slightly salty, making it a delicious food for all who love seafood.


These are several types of Mussels that are often encountered and of course there are other types that may be difficult to find. Each mussels has its own characteristics, tastes different but almost the same, and has its own culinary uses.

Mussels Cooking Tips

Do you want to cook mussels, wait a minute. Don’t cook mussels before you read these tips.

We know that mussels are frequently exposed to chemicals, waste and toxins. So, to cook it, we have to know how to process it so that it is not harmful to health.

When you are looking for freshwater mussels, look for fresh ones. Raw shellfish should have a sea aroma, a salty aroma, and if you smell it has an unpleasant odor, then it’s best to throw it away.

Pay attention to the shell too, if it is tightly closed and strong it means the mussels are still fresh. But if some of the shells are open, that means they are no longer fresh. You can try tapping it and see how the shell closes. If you tap and the shell closes by itself, you can take it because it is still fresh.

If you buy a lot of shellfish, ask for ice cubes to maintain the quality of the mussels until you get home.

Mussels Cleaning Process

When you want to cook it, clean the shell first using a brush. Brush clean all the dirt and if there is any kind of hair, it is the beard and clean it along with the shell.

If there is a beard, you can pull it firmly to the side of the mussels until it breaks off or you can cut it with scissors. If everything is ready, now it’s time to cook the mussels.

FAQs: What Do Mussels Taste Like

Mussels Vs Oysters Taste: Which One Is Better?

If we look at them, mussels and oysters look almost the same, but they are very different. So, what do oysters taste like?

Oysters have a strong, meaty taste, and a slimy, tough texture. This is different from mussels, the taste of mussels is light and the meat is chewy.

If you are both looking for seafood with a delicious sea taste, then oysters are the choice. But it’s different if you are looking for a seafood dish that is fresh and tasty and versatile in recipes, then mussels are your choice.

Mussels Vs Clams Taste: Are They The Same?

We have already mentioned that mussels and clams are different in appearance. However, the taste is similar because they are both chewy and smooth. But actually the taste is different.

What do clams taste like? What does clam taste like? When we compare the two on a plate for example, we will know that clams taste saltier than mussels.


Conclusion: What do Mussels Taste Like?

Mussels taste mild, slightly salty, but soft and chewy, they make a versatile addition to any dish with a seafood theme. The umami taste is rich, and can add depth and complexity.

Meanwhile the texture is dense, soft and a little chewy. These characteristics of mussels make them widely used in various dishes. For those of you who haven’t tried this seafood, it seems like mussels are a suitable food to try, with their chewy, soft texture and light salty taste.

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