What Does Hippopotamus Taste Like?

by Simon
What Does Hippopotamus Taste Like

What does Hippopotamus taste like? Those of you who like exotic food will definitely want to know about the taste of hippos. Then Hippopotamus meat is sometimes also called Hippo beef, which is meat from large animals that like to soak in mud. Hippos are not allowed to be eaten, but in some areas where these animals are eaten, they say that hippos have a unique taste, or you could say that the taste of hippos is like the taste of pork or beef with its own unique notes.

Hippopotamus flesh is rather lean, dark red, and marbled. The taste is described as gamey meat or like pork, but the texture is rougher and denser. So, some say that the taste of hippopotamus is like a mixture of beef and pork, earthy and sweet. The best way to cook hippo meat is to use a slow cooking system, let it cook slowly over the fire. Some people boil it, others bake it. Boil it slowly for a long time so that the meat becomes soft and tender.

Ok, here we will explore more about Hippopotamus meat. If you are curious about this hippo, then keep reading this article.

What Is Hippopotamus?

The semi-aquatic hippopotamus is a large animal that inhabits the African and Sub-Saharan hemispheres. There are also those who call it the “Common River Horse”. Its size is very large and this makes it easy to recognize with its large mouth too. It has short legs with a large body like a barrel, and it lives in two places, so it is called semi-aquatic. Usually, hippos soak in rivers or in water, and occasionally they emerge on land.

What is the average body weight of a hippo? Male tilapia have a body weight of up to several tonnes, making them one of the largest mammals on earth.

Their food is grass, water plants, and sometimes they also eat fruit. Hippos are herbivorous animals like cows and others. Hippos have large mouths, very strong jaws and are armed with giant canine teeth which make it easy to pounce and as a weapon for self-protection.

Nutritional Benefits of Hippopotamus Meat

Hippopotamus meat contains several nutrients and is usually lean, low in fat, and foods like this are sometimes good for those of you who are on a diet to lose weight. Hippo meat provides nutrients such as amino acids which are beneficial in muscle growth and can make it a source of high protein.

Horse meat not only contains amino acids, but it also contains iron, vitamin B12 which is important in activating nerve functions.

Potential Side Effects Of Hippopotamus Meat

So, after reading briefly about hippo meat, do you feel like eating it or trying this exotic animal? You need to know that eating Hippopotamus meat can cause you to experience dangerous side effects.

Why is it dangerous to eat hippos? It is known that hippos are hosts for several dangerous diseases, including anthrax and tuberculosis. If you consume it, this has the potential to transmit this disease from hippos.

Their semi-aquatic life makes hippos susceptible to disease and parasites. These parasites can sometimes endanger the health of those of you who eat them. In addition, hunting hippos is prohibited in most countries.

So, eating hippos must be faced with two problems; legal problems and health problems. So, those of you who want to eat this protected animal should refrain from doing so. For ethical and health reasons, it is strongly hoped that you do not eat hippo meat.

Is it Illegal To Eat Hippopotamus?

Hippos are protected animals, therefore hippos are prohibited from being eaten or hunted. Consuming and hunting hippos is prohibited by international and domestic law. Hippos are animals that are threatened with extinction, so their existence on this earth is strictly protected. The regulations prohibit the hunting, catching and consumption of hippo meat.

Apart from these illegal reasons, hippos are also hosts for many serious diseases. So, it is highly recommended not to eat hippo meat. Even though international law prohibits the hunting of hippos, there are several areas where this is excluded.

How to Cook And Enjoy Hippopotamus Meat

There are many ways to enjoy hippo meat, some of them are by grilling it in the form of hippo steaks, sometimes there are also those who cook it with vegetables as soup by adding carrots, potatoes, celery, onions, peppers and tomatoes. Horse meat is somewhat as tough as elephant meat, so it also takes more time to cook. But with a few cooking tips, you can make hippo meat taste delicious.

First; Boil or stew for several hours, then add vegetables, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, celery, tomatoes and others. Adding these various ingredients can add flavor and nutrition.

Another way to cook or prepare hippo meat is to marinate it overnight before cooking. Use a sauce with an acidic taste, you can use soy sauce as an agent to help break down protein.


Final Thoughts: What Does Hippopotamus Taste Like

What does hippopotamus taste like? Some people who have eaten it say that the taste of hippo is like the taste of beef or pork. Others say that it tastes like a combination of beef and pork. The flesh is firm, fibrous, and slightly sweet.

However, eating hippo meat is legally problematic because it is a captive animal. Apart from that, hippos are animals that are a gathering place for disease, so eating them is very risky for various serious diseases.

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