Boysenberries Vs Mulberries: Similarities And Differences

by Simon
Boysenberries vs Mulberries

Berries such as Boysenberries and Mulberries are very delicious fruits to enjoy in the summer. However, often we cannot differentiate between one berry and another. One of them is mulberries and Boysenberries, both are very similar but there are differences. Here we will explore further the similarities and differences between Boysenberries vs Mulberries. For those of you who are googling about this, hopefully it’s useful and you get the information you’re looking for, let’s look further!

Boysenberries VS Mulberries

why do we need to know the substance of these two fruits and why do we need to know the difference? Because the two look so similar that many people misunderstand them. Many are confused with this fruit because it is quite similar, both grow on bushes/trees and are always there all year round. Apart from being concerned with the differences, we will also see slight differences between the two, such as the color, variety and taste.

Let’s look in more detail about these fruits, especially about their differences and similarities between them. If you are looking for this information, then keep reading this article until the end.

What Are Boysenberries

Boysenberries are small fruits similar to mulberries and they grow on semi-tall bushes similar to rattan plants. This plant is similar to other plants in general because the leaves are located opposite each other, and the berries are oval in shape, dark purple to black in color.

Boysenberry plants grow abundantly in the summer season, and usually bear fruit during this period. This plant seems to be a cross between a Raspberry plant and a Blackberry plant. We can see this from the taste of the fruit. The taste of boysenberries is sweet and has a bitter accent. This is exactly like a combination of tart raspberries and sweet blackberries.

Boysenberries are so popular that there are even gardens created with this plant as their theme. Amazing isn’t it!

What Are Mulberries

Mulberries are a group of plants whose fruit is similar to boysenberries, but these are not shrubs but trees. The mulberry tree originates from Asia and is harder to find compared to the boysenberry. However, the taste of mulberry is delicious and is very popular. The taste is sweet and sour, but when the fruit is perfectly ripe, the taste is totally sweet. Young fruit tastes sour.

In fact, mulberry preserves are a great gift.

Similarities Between Boysenberries And Mulberries

Before we look at some differences between Boysenberries VS Mulberries, let’s find some similarities between the two. By knowing this, you will understand why most people often misunderstand these two fruits.

Ok, let’s just look below at some of the similarities between Boysenberries vs Mulberries.

1. Both are aggregate fruits

The aggregate nature of the fruit of the two is the main characteristic and this is a similarity between Boysenberries vs Mulberries. What this means is that the fruit consists of small fruits that are in one group, but these small fruits are separated.

Technically, this form of fruit is considered a berry in botany.

2. Boysenberries and Mulberries have similar tastes

The two fruits of the Boysenberries Vs Mulberries plant have almost the same taste. Both have a sour and sweet taste. Mulberry fruit will taste sour when it is still green, white and will taste sweet when it is black. It’s the same with boysenberries, where the taste is a combination of tart and sweet, so they are said to be a cross between raspberries and blackberries.

3. Both don’t last long

These two types of berries, both mulberries and boysenberries, do not last long. Once harvested from the plant, it only lasts a short time or a few days after harvest.

The short shelf life makes some people store it in the freezer. When frozen, boysenberries and mulberries will last a long time.

4. Boysenberries and Mulberries have similar colors

Another similarity between these two berries is their similar color when ripe. When they are just growing, the fruit is brown or green, but as the fruit matures, the color will change to black. Sometimes this shiny black color has a slight reddish tint.

5. Boysenberries and Mulberries grow at the same time

Then, the similarity between boysenberries and mulberries is in terms of growth. These plants have the same growing time. Most mulberry and boysenberry plants will develop and produce fruit in spring through summer.

This plant is characterized by its rapid growth in spring and from early summer starting to bear fruit until mid-summer.

Differences Between Boysenberry Vs Mulberry

As we know, these two berries have many similarities, this makes it difficult for most people to determine exactly which is mulberry and vice versa. So, here we will explain some of the differences between boysenberries and mulberries so that you can easily determine the two fruits correctly.

Some basic differences are:

1. Mulberries Grow On Trees

Mulberries are plants that grow on woody trees. Meanwhile, Boysenberry grows on bushes or rattan plants that grow sticking out on the ground.

2. Mulberries Can Come In Different Colors

The fruit of the mulberry type appears in a variety of colors, some are dark purple, black, or reddish. Apart from that, it also consists of several species, there are white, pink or yellow types of mulberry.

Meanwhile, boysenberries only have one color, namely black.

3. Mulberries Have A More Unique Flavor

The taste of both is very similar, there are sour and sweet accents. However, there is a difference, where boysenberries actually stop at this sweet and sour taste, even though they are ripe.

While mulberries are only sour and sweet when they are just about ripe, when they are ripe, they taste perfectly sweet.

4. Boysenberries Are A Crossed Variety

Boysenberries are a plant that is the result of a cross or hybrid between two other berry varieties, it is said that this is a cross of blackberries, loganberries and raspberries.

This plant was created in America in the 1920s by crossing three types of plants, namely: Loganberry, blackberry and raspberry.

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Meanwhile, another difference is that mulberry is a natural plant or the fruit is natural and not the result of crossbreeding.

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