Prosciuttini Vs Prosciutto: What are the Differences?

by Simon
Prosciuttini Vs Prosciutto

What is the difference between Prosciuttini Vs Prosciutto? There are indeed similarities and differences between the two, but many people cannot differentiate between the two even though there are significant differences. Prosciuttini is actually Prosciutto but in a spicier version and the ingredients used are black and other similar ingredients.

Prosciuttini vs. Prosciutto: What is the Difference?

Both prosciutto and Prosciuttini are foods made from pork, and are known as Italian Hams. The only difference is the way you make it. “Prosciutto” is another name for Italian ham.

While “Prosciuttini” is a type of ham smeared with black peppers. In simple terms, Prosciutto is pork that has been thinly sliced, cured, and made into thin thin slices of meat.

So, Prosciuttini vs Prosciutto there are similarities and there are also some very striking differences.

What is Prosciutto?

Prosciutto is actually an Italian word and means Ham. If we want to really understand the difference between Prosciuttini vs Prosciutto, then we have to study each of these meats. We know both are meats that come from pig’s feet. However, Prosciutto is made by seasoning the meat with salt, and then letting it sit. Now, while the meat is resting, the salt draws out the blood and all the moisture and this will prevent bacteria from damaging the meat. In addition, the marinating process like this also helps improve the flavor of the Prosciutto.

After the salting process is complete, the pork is washed, seasoned again, and left to mature at a controlled temperature for 14 to 36 months. It is during this time that the pork improves its flavor.

This is different with Prosciuttini, where this is a spicier choice compared to Prosciutto. If Prosciutto is salty, then Prosciuttini is spicy, so here there is a significant difference between the two. Usually, Prosciutto is brownish red in color and the slices contain a lot of fat, sometimes they are coated with herbs such as rosemary, juniper, garlic, or with black pepper. The longer the storage period, the more aromatic the Prosciutto will be.

What Is Prosciuttini?

Prosciuttini also has pork from the hind legs of white pigs, just like Prosciutto. This is a spicier type of meat and is usually seasoned with black pepper and spices.

What are Substitutes for Prosciutto?

Prosciuttini is sometimes the best substitute for Prosciutto and the two are interchangeable in many cases. However, if you are not interested in these two types of meat, then there are many other foods that can be the best substitute for both.


Regular ham can be one of the best substitutes for Prosciutto and it is a healthy alternative. These are foods that offer nutrients such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Apart from that, Ham also has a similar taste to Prosciutto, it is often sliced thinly, it is also suitable for use in sandwiches or added to salads.


Another substitute for Prosciutto is pancetta, this is the part of pork belly and it offers a taste similar to that of Prosciutto. It is spicy and usually sliced thinly and the presence of pancetta can add flavor to many foods.


The capicola is a substitute for Prosciutto, but it is less salty, but makes a great addition to sandwiches or to a charcuterie board, yes, it is like prosciutto. Capicola also doesn’t take much time to treat, but it can provide a rich taste too.

Lean Bacon

Lean bacon is also a good substitute if you have to avoid Prosciutto, but Lean bacon also has its own flavor that you might not get with Prosciutto.


It’s not of the meat variety, but if you want to get something similar to prosciutto, then cheese could be one of the best alternatives. Especially for those of you who are vegan, this is a great prosciutto alternative for you.

Many types of cheese are rich in nutrients, such as containing lots of minerals, protein and healthy fats. For the best results you should choose the oldest cheese, for example Asiago or Romano, these are natural and salty and have the same taste as prosciutto.


Culatello is also an alternative when you like prosciutto but have to avoid it for various reasons. But what is very similar to prosciutto is long-aged culatello (at least one year old).

If your culatello has been opened, then you should store it in a cool place, it tastes a little saltier than prosciutto, but is still delicious and can replace prosciutto.

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Some recipes for Prosciutto and Prosciuttini

There are many delicious food recipes that use prosciutto as the main ingredient. This meat can really enhance the taste of dishes. In fact, in many cases and cases you can replace prosciuttini in recipes, here we have compiled 5 recipes to replace prosciuttini.

– Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts – This is a healthy recipe with a healthy dose of prosciutto too.

– Roasted Cod with Prosciutto and Fresh Sage – Using 6 thin slices of Prosciutto, this can make this dish unforgettable.


Where Can you find the best prosciutto?

Are you looking for the best prosciutto? The cities of Parma and San Daniele are the places to hunt for the best prosciutto. What you will find in both cities is the most famous type of prosciuttini. Their Prosciuttinies are cured a long time.

Why is it expensive?

Prosciutto is a product with superior quality that you can trace throughout the manufacturing process. Quality control methods are also appropriate. Well, because the handling costs are high to produce high quality prosciutto, the selling price is also high. In fact, the price of prosciutto in Parma is higher than the price of most meats.

Is Prosciuttini healthier than other cured meats?

That’s right, prosciuttini is healthier than most other cured meats like bacon. The reason is because prosciuttini is lower in calories and fat. So, this automatically becomes healthier food to consume.

Difference between Prosciuttini and pancetta

The difference lies in where the meat is taken. To produce pancetta, producers remove the meat from the pork belly. Meanwhile the meat on the legs is made into prosciutto.

When you want to consume pancetta you have to cook it first like other meat. Because it is only preserved and not yet ripe.

Unlike prosciutto, prosciutto is not only preserved, but also dried in the air for months. So, it is safe to eat even if it is not cooked. Both are pork products.

Difference between prosciutto and Parma ham

What is the difference between Parma ham and prosciutto. Italians call Ham, prosciutto. Thus, parma ham and prosciutto are considered the same meat in the Parma area.

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