What is Prosciuttini?

by Simon
What prosciuttini Is

What is Prosciuttini? It is dried ham sliced thinly and cured with a salty taste, it is a great addition to add to various dishes. Prosciuttini is a part of Italian food that is famous throughout the world. This food from ham is considered versatile because you can add it to various dishes, for example adding it to spinach salad, to pasta so it can improve the taste of the food.

This is not ordinary ham, but a part of the meal that you can add to breakfast, appetizers or main meals. You can also serve Prosciuttini with various other foods such as bread and cheese. It tastes salty, savory and unique even if you add it to various dishes.


Historically, Prosciuttini is a food originating from Italy, another name is prosciutto. Prosciutto is of two types:

  • Proscuitto Cotto – Cooked ham
  • Proscuito Crudo – Cured ham

What is the difference between prosciutto and prosciuttini?

Earlier we mentioned that another name for Prosciuttini is prosciutto, so is there a difference between the two?

Both are the same because they are made from pork, but there is a little difference between them, where Prosciutto is Italian for “ham”. Prociuttini is the Italian word for “polished ham” seasoned with black pepper. Here’s the difference. Prosciuttini and Prociutto are hams that are sliced thinly and cured with a salty taste, one from regular ham and the other from polished ham with black pepper.

How Can You Make It?

How to make it is easy, you have to have pork legs because this food is made from pork. Then the pork leg meat is seasoned and rubbed with salt to prevent bacterial growth and remove moisture. Salt not only preserves but can also add flavor. If you want rich taste, you can add garlic paste. Then stored for 1.5 to several months. After the intended time, you can remove the salt from the meat.

The way to remove salt is to wash it using warm water or distilled vinegar. Next, the Prosciuttini is stored in dry conditions for one year to 36 months. Now you have got Prosciuttini or Prosciutto as you expected.

If you can’t eat pork because of your health or whatever your reasons are, then try using beef or buffalo to make something like this.

Taste profile

What does Prosciuttini taste like? If you want to know the taste, we say that Prosciuttini or prosciutto has a salty taste because salt is used in pickling, or the taste of the meat has a sweet impression. However, the taste of Prosciuttini is also influenced by the location where you buy it, and who produces it.

Some Prosciuttini are made by adding other spices such as using garlic paste or pepper, so the taste profile may be different. But the point is that Prosciuttini or Prosciutto is ham that is cured and then sliced thinly, it is versatile so you can add it to various dishes or dishes.

Types of Prosciuttini

According to the manufacturing method, we can know and track several types of Prosciuttini. Some types of Prosciuttini are as follows:

  • Prosciutto di Parma DOP,
  • Proscuitto di modena,
  • Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP,
  • Prosciutto Toscano,
  • Prosciutto di Parma DOP, and
  • Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP.

Prosciutto di Parma DOP is a unique food from the Province of Parma, while Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP is a special product from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. The province of Parma is at a higher, cooler location, so the taste of Prosciutto there is sweeter, and the color is darker. Location and region reasons like this can actually determine the difference in taste in each Prosciutto.

How does Prosciuttini Served With?

Every food definitely adds value, including these classic and exotic foods. To understand this part clearly, you can take a thin slice of Prosciutto and put it in your mouth, as you keep it in your mouth for a long time, the fat will melt and you will feel the extraordinary taste.

Its sweet and salty taste will add extra flavor to any recipe that uses Prosciutto. For a better taste, you can make it with a certain combination by adding fruit and vegetables.

1. Prosciuttini and vegetables

The combination of Prosciuttini and vegetables makes a delicious and unique meal. Usually, Prosciuttini is served with asparagus, or with a mixture of mint and green beans.

There are also those who serve it with sandwiches. Thin slices of this Italian dish added to your sandwich will make it even more impressive.

2. As a topping

Serve prosciutto as a topping for other dishes. For example, adding slices of prosciutto to pizza, and it feels very suitable as a topping on neopolitan pizza.

For a crunchy topping, prosciuttini is also a good choice, for example as a crunchy topping on salads, soups and pasta. The way to make it is to make thin slices of prosciutto/ttini, fry it, and serve it on top of the dish.

3. Prosciuttini and fruits

Fruit is also a delicious collaboration for prosciutto, this will produce a unique taste, salty and sweet mixed.

Among the fruits that are suitable to be combined with prosciutto are mango, peach and nectarine.

4. Prosciuttini and fried dough

Thick slices of prosciuttini and dough balls like coccoli with cheese. Wrap the prosciuttini around the balls, taste the deliciousness and you will certainly never forget the taste.

Those are some of the ways that are generally used to enjoy prosciutto or prosciuttini. You can also try various other methods that you think are delicious, feel free to express and innovate with your recipes using prosciutto.

What is Cappacuolo?

When talking about prosciuttini or proscuitto, maybe we also think of cappacuolo because they look similar. But what exactly is cappacuolo?

Cappacuolo is actually just the same, the only thing that differentiates it is where the meat is taken. Where cappacuolo is taken from the neck or shoulder of the pig. This meat is called coppa, this meat has a balanced content of muscle and fat. Then, the neck or shoulder meat is taken, seasoned, preserved, and salted for several months.

The salting process ensures that the meat is protected from the development of bacteria or their growth. Then dry it in the air for months.

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Impact of Prociuttini on Pets

We know that prosciuttini or proscuitto is cured and marinated meat. Salty food is not suitable for pets (dogs and cats) because it can cause various health problems such as stomach ache and pancreatitis. So, avoid salty foods including cappacuolo and prosciuttini.

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