Calamari Vs Octopus: What are The Differences

by Simon
Calamari Vs Octopus

Calamari and octopus are famous seafood and their price also high. Actually, both are similar but there are significant differences. We will learn a lot here about Calamari and octopus, especially the differences between Calamari vs octopus.

Both calamari and octopus have many differences, including taste, texture, and even how to process or cook them.

The similarities between Calamari and octopus make many people want to know where the differences are. So, in this article we will explain some of the differences between Calamari and octopus, and also explain the opposite information, namely the similarities between the two, between Calamari and octopus.

Calamari Vs Octopus, Differences and Similarities

Let’s dive into the similarities and differences in more detail, so that we know the essence between the two of this seafood.

1. What Does Calamari Taste Like?

Calamari has a mild, sweet and slightly chewy taste with white flesh. Usually this is sold in traditional fish markets or supermarkets, it is sold in the form of tubes, rings that have been cleaned.

The taste of calamari is light and the texture is slightly chewy, we see that if we compare calamari vs octopus, then calamari seems to be more versatile. We can cook calamari in many recipes such as frying, pan-fried, and grilled.

Calamari is usually referred to as seafood, just like pasta and risotto. The general cooking method is to use spices such as seasoning with special spices, using flour and usually calamari is served as an appetizer using various sauces or tzatziki sauce.

2. What Does Octopus Taste Like?

The texture of octopus is more similar to meat and is distinctive, its flesh is the same as calamari flesh, namely its color is white, but the octopus has an outer layer of its body that is slightly reddish or purple in color. The taste is smooth and tender and this comes from the liquid that is present when you cook it and from the spices you use to cook it. The better the spices you make, the better the octopus will taste.

That is why, the way to cook octopus that can improve the taste is to boil it so that you have more liquid. You can boil it with white wine, white wine vinegar or by adding olive oil.

What Are The Key Differences Between Calamari Vs Octopus?

Even though the two have similarities, there are still several main differences between the two.

Squid or calamari live in deep waters and in the open sea. While octopuses are not like that, octopuses like coral reefs or dark crevices. That’s why when you dive for lobsters among coral reefs, sometimes you find octopuses in disguise (adapting to the surrounding conditions).

Then, another difference is the shape, where the shape of the squid or calamari is triangular. Meanwhile, octopuses have rounder heads, at first glance they may be almost the same as the heads of ancient elephants.

Octopus has 8 arms covered with suckers and it has no tentacles. Octopus arms are dangerous because they have so many sucking rings. Meanwhile, squid or calamari also have 8 arms, but their arms are not equipped with those scary sucking rings. However, squid have two long tentacles and a mantle, both have elastic arms and can be moved anywhere but their arms are very strong.

Calamari meat is tender and firm, if it is overcooked when cooked, it can become rubbery. Meanwhile, octopus meat is the same as squid meat, hard and tender and tastes slightly spicy. If cooked too well, it will taste mushy.

What Are The key Similarities Between Octopus Vs Calamari (Squid)

From a biological perspective, calamari and squid are both classified as cephalopods. Chepalopods are a marine species and active predators.

Meanwhile calamari is a type of squid and it belongs to the same family as octopus. Octopus and calamari meat is tender, and is very popular as seafood in well-known restaurants. Both are popular and the prices are also very expensive, even considered luxury cuisine.

Calamari and octopus both contain high protein and low fat. However, if you fry it, the fat content will be higher and the taste will be even tastier.

For seafood fans, octopus and squid recipes are both delicious and popular even though they are expensive. It is delicious cooked with tomatoes and served with pasta.

Where To Buy Calamari or Octopus?

Where you should buy calamari and octopus. Both are available at local traditional fish markets, there are also supermarkets that provide a special place for fish. Sometimes squid and squid are frozen to extend their shelf life. Remembering that this is not a food that is always available, seafood providers usually freeze it to maintain supplies.

If you want to eat octopus or calamari before trying this recipe at home, then you can try it at a restaurant that provides octopus or calamari (squid) on the menu. If you buy it, make sure that the octopus or squid is still fresh.

How Are Calamari and Octopus Served?

The presentation of calamari vs octopus is slightly different. Usually calamari is served as an appetizer, in the form of rings (pieces) or sometimes you find it in other seafood dishes. Meanwhile, octopus is served with various dishes. These include grilled, made as a main dish, added to salads, boiled or cooked with tomatoes and served with pasta.

Calamari can also be fried, while octopus is usually grilled because it takes longer. You can bake it, boil it or roast it.

Octopus is usually sold whole, and it must be cleaned well before cooking. Usually the eyes and ink sac are gone when sold, so you can pay attention to these parts if you buy a whole octopus.

Before cooking, you still have to clean it with cold water, especially the hood. If you don’t know how to clean it, please look for a video on YouTube about how to clean an octopus.

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At first glance, octopus vs calamari appear the same, even though there are many important differences between them. From their anatomy alone, they are different from each other. The taste of octopus and calamari are also different, as well as their texture and culinary uses, all are different.

Octopus has a soft, tender texture and feels more like meat. Calamari has a firm and soft texture. Both are sources of protein, minerals and vitamins. That’s a brief comparison between calamari vs octopus, hopefully it’s useful and adds to your knowledge.

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