Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce: What’s the Difference?

by Simon
Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce

Here we will find out the differences and similarities between Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce. The Eel Sauce and Hoisin Sauce are two very famous sauces with their deep black color, taste and use are very popular. But many people are still confused about the two, whether Eel Sauce is the same as Hoisin Sauce, or whether the two are different. This question arises because both are sometimes used to replace the other.

Today I want to explain this as clearly as possible, and want to dispel your doubts by answering this question. We created this article with the title Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce. After reading this article, we hope you understand the differences between the two, the similarities and how they are used.

Ok, let’s just start to see the differences between Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce. Make sure you can understand it well and know where the differences are.

Is Hoisin Sauce the Same as Eel Sauce?

No, they are not the same, both are different in terms of ingredients, but there are similarities such as taste, and use. Well, that’s what makes many people sometimes confused about the substance of these two dark black sauces.

Eel Sauce is a sauce produced using sugar-based soy sauce. That’s why it tastes similar, even for some of the lightest people, to Hoisin Sauce. You can also add hot sauce for a stronger taste.

Hoisin Sauce is also used as a substitute for Eel Sauce, but the taste is more powerful. Hoisin is an eel-like condiment containing sugar and soy. But Hoisin does not contain mirin like Teriyaki. But using a substitute for mirin, this sauce contains vinegar, rice wine, garlic, roasted sesame peppers, and sometimes uses hot sauce. The taste of hoisin no is the same as eel sauce.

The ingredients used are more, hoisin consists of soy sauce with a sugar base when compared to Eels Sauce.

But even though the two are different, you can use either sauce in the recipe, meaning you can use Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce in the recipe interchangeably. Ok, we will tell you how to use these two sauces in your recipe.

Quick Differences between Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce

Brief differences between the two sauces, by understanding this you can also use them more precisely.

  • Eel sauce comes from Japanese cuisine, while Hoisin sauce comes from Cantonese cuisine.
  • The main ingredients for making eel sauce are Soysauce, sake, mirin, and sugar. While there are more ingredients for making Hoisin Sauce, hoisin uses fermented soybeans paste, fennel, red chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, 5-spice, and sugar.
  • Eel sauce has a sweet-salty umami taste, while hoisin sauce has a sweet-salty with a spicy aftertaste taste.
  • In terms of texture, hoisin sauce is thick, and eel or unagi sauce has a Thicker than Hoisin.
  • Eel Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce is also different in terms of appearance, where hoisin sauce is dark in color and eel sauce has a darker color.
  • Eel sauce is used to marinate, Drizzle it over grilled eel or any meat, fish, BBQ dishes, stir-fry and dipping sauce. Meanwhile hoisin sauce is used in Glaze for meat, noodles dishes, stir-fry, dipping sauce.

What is the difference between Eel or Unagi Sauce VS Hoisin Sauce?

Hoisin sauce looks the same as eel or unagi sauce, only it is different from the sweetening ingredients which use soy sauce and sweeteners. It doesn’t use mirin, but uses ingredients such as garlic, pepper and various other ingredients and spices.

However, even though there are differences between the two, hoisin sauce and eel sauce can be used in the same recipe, but the hoisin flavor is stronger.

What is Eel Sauce? The Eel sauce origins

Eel sauce is a sauce from Japan, we can see from the ingredients used, most of them are ingredients found in Japanese cooking.

Most likely, at one time Japanese cooks combined ingredients to make a sauce for eating eels. After the sauce was made and everyone agreed with the taste. So, this eel sauce is famous as the best sauce for serving eels at the dinner table.

Because this sauce really suits the taste of grilling eel, use this sauce as an eel sauce and of course don’t use eel as an ingredient, but this sauce is delicious to serve with grilled eel. Eel sauce is also called “unagi“? because in Japanese, eel is called “unagi no tare”.

What does Eel Sauce Taste Like?

Eel or unagi sauce is a sauce that is rich in taste, there are several types of taste for eel sauce such as umami, smoky, salty and sweet. The sweet taste is produced from the use of soy sauce.

What’s Another Name for Eel Sauce?

Eel sauce is a sauce made by Japanese people and it tastes thick and sweet. Historically, when they grilled eel, they made a sauce with certain ingredients. Because it is made as a sauce when eating eel, it is called eel sauce or in Japanese it is called Unagi, or Uani notare.

How to Use Eel Sauce?

Eel sauce is used in many dishes, especially in making sushi made from eel.

This is a delicious dish, and is perfect to enjoy with chicken or fish. You can also use eel sauce for grilled tomato salads stuffed with mozzarella and unagi sauce.

What is the Purpose of Hoisin Sauce?

Hoisin sauce is widely used as a sauce for stir-frying in Asian food. This sauce can be combined with regular cooking sauce for grilling. There are many uses such as in Vietnamese cuisine, and Chinese cuisine. Because it is widely used in Chinese cooking, it is also called Chinese barbecue sauce.

What is the Closest Sauce to Hoisin Sauce?

There are two quick alternatives that you can use as a substitute for Hoisin sauce, these are Soy sauce and Tamari sauce for use in stir-fries and soups.

Is it possible to substitute hoisin sauce for eel sauce?

We have seen the difference between hoisin sauce vs eel sauce above, of course we can answer it easily. Eel sauce is a very famous Japanese sauce and is used in many recipes.

There are several other sauces that are similar to this sauce, if you don’t have eel sauce in your kitchen, you can use the best substitute for eel sauce such as Hoisin, galbi, and teriyaki.

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What is Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce?

A quick substitute for canned eel sauce is a mixture of sake, mirin sugar and soy sauce. You can try it!


What are the differences between Hoisin Sauce and Eel sauce?

Eel sauce differs from hoisin sauce in several ways. They differ in terms of taste, color, viscosity, use, texture, main ingredients and origin. Eel sauce comes from Japan, while Hoisin sauce comes from Canton.

From its use, hoisin is used for glaze for meat, stir-fry, noodle dishes, dipping sauce. Meanwhile, Eel sauce is used to marinate, Drizzle it over grilled eel or any meat, BBQ dishes, fish, stir-fry and dipping sauce.

What Is Japanese Sauce Made Of?

Japanese sauce is made from ingredients such as citrus which is traditionally known as Yuzu in Japan, rice vinegar and mirin. Also uses Tamari ponzu Shyu (known as ponzu).

How long does eel sauce last?

Store-bought eel sauce will last for 3 weeks from opening. Meanwhile, homemade variations must continue to be stored in the refrigerator and will last for 3 to 4 days from the time they are removed from the refrigerator.

Where can I buy unagi sauce?

Unagi sauce or eel sauce is available in most Asian supermarkets or in retail stores. But if you have difficulty finding it, you can buy it online.

How can I make unagi sauce without mirin?

Can you make unagi sauce without mirin? Yes, if you don’t have mirin you can make Uangi sauce using Japanese hard wine.

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