Bavarian Cream vs Custard: Two Soft and Smooth Desserts

by Simon
Bavarian Cream vs Custard

Bavarian Cream vs Custard are two desserts that compete in terms of softness and smoothness. This food is in the spotlight for many lovers of foods made from cream. However, for some people, the two are misunderstood and are used interchangeably. This is a strong reason for us to show you a comparison between the two. After reading this article, it is hoped that you will be able to differentiate between Bavarian Cream vs Custard.

There are many differences between them, although there are also similarities. But we will focus on the differences, starting from the historical differences, the taste differences, and the differences in preparation.

Bavarian Cream vs Custard

Both types of dessert are equally delicious and quite a lot of people like them. But the two are not exactly the same, there are differences in each side so they have their own uniqueness. We will go further here to explore Bavarian Cream vs Custard and find out where they are different and unique.

The key difference between Bavarian Cream vs Custard is the way it is thickened. Bavarian Cream uses the basic ingredients of Crème Anglaise (pourable custard) which comes from gelatin and whipped cream as thickening agents. While the custard which we sometimes call “astry cream” is thickened with the basic ingredients of eggs and starch, they usually use wheat flour and cornstarch.

This is just the key difference, apart from the thickening side, Bavarian Cream vs Custard also has other differences such as history, taste and method of preparation. We will explore these differences so that we know exactly what Bavarian Cream is and what Custard is.

How can we get to know these two types of desserts well without knowing the differences between the two.

So, we will share this important information with everyone, so that they really know the substance of both and can consider it when you buy a soft and smooth dessert. So, you also can decide to choose Bavarian Cream or Custard. We will explain everything here, hopefully it’s useful!

Differences Between Bavarian Cream vs Custard

1. Differences in History

According to historians, modern custard is an ancient food that has existed since the Middle Ages and is also associated with the existence of the ancient Romans.

Now we see that custard is a creamy delight that is highly praised by most people. Previously, this food was served in the form of baked tarts.

Historically, custard was not always used as a dessert, there are custards whose filling uses meat, while others use fish. If it’s like this, this is already a main meal and no longer a dessert as is rarely popular.

Meanwhile, Bavarian cream has historically been known as a delicious and soft dessert. However, until now, the history of Bavarian cream is unclear.

Talking about its history, there is a theory that talks about Bavarian cream.

One theory is reminiscent of the House of Wittelsbach, a German royal dynasty that ruled for nearly 740 years. Not only Bavaria, this kingdom also includes countries such as Sweden, Holland, Greece and Hungary. Around the 18th century, French chefs were employed as cooks at the House of Wittelsbach and this is when very early history speaks of the emergence of Bavarian cream (or Baravois).

Meanwhile, another widely accepted theory is that there was an incident where a famous French chef named Marie Antoine Careme made Bavarian cream. This award shows how active she is as a chef. Apart from that, this chef is also credited with making eclairs, this is another food that is a favorite of the French, eclairs are a food filled with beloved cream.

To be clearer about the differences between the two in history, see the following table

Custard Bavarian Cream
Originated in the Middle Ages with predecessors in Ancient Rome Its history is unclear, some link it to the House of Wittelsbach in the 18th century and others link it to the French chef Marie-Antoine Carême
Originally served in the form of a baked tart (custard tarts) First version appeared in 18th century
Now it is called a dessert, even though it was originally a main dish made from meat or fish. A beloved French dessert

2. Differences in Preparation

Custard is often misunderstood versus Bavarian cream. This custard is also known as pastry cream, which in its original name is known as Crème pâtissière.

This custard is the same as Bavarian cream which is cooked and used in various desserts. It uses classic custard ingredients such as eggs, sugar, butter and flour.

Bavarian cream and custard have the same texture, and even use some of the same ingredients such as egg yolks, milk and sugar. However, Bavarian cream has additional ingredients such as whipped cream and gelatin as a thickener. Because of the addition of this ingredient, Bavarian cream is not only useful for adding as a filling, but can be served alone as a dessert.

Here are the differences between Bavarian cream vs custard in the table:

Custard Bavarian Cream
Also known as pastry cream or Crème pâtissière Cooked custard
Used in a variety of desserts that call for filling, including eclairs Used in a variety of desserts that call for filling, including eclairs
Ingredient base of sugar, eggs, milk (or cream), butter and flour (or cornstarch) Ingredient base of sugar, eggs, milk (or cream), butter, and sometimes whipped cream or gelatin as thickener
Has similar texture, shares some ingredients (egg yolks, sugar and milk) Has similar texture, shares some ingredients (egg yolks, sugar and milk)
Differences: addition of either whipped cream or gelatin as thickener Can be used as filling or as a molded dessert

3. Differences in Taste

If you have never tried Bavarian cream, maybe the first time you try it you will be surprised by the taste.

Bavarian cream has a taste similar to rich and creamy butter. The cream is not only suitable for filling but it tastes great on its own.

Meanwhile, cooked pastry cream or custard will have a buttery, rich, slightly sweet taste, with a soft texture. But pastry cream uses a lot of eggs, so it often has an eggy smell or a slight gritty taste.

Table of taste differences between Bavarian cream vs custard

Bavarian Cream Pastry Cream
Often the taste is different than expected, perhaps closer to the texture and taste of mousse than custard Rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavor and creamy texture.
More in common with the texture and flavor of mousse than custard Has a similar texture and shares some ingredients (egg yolks, sugar, and milk) with custard.
Tastes like a fluffy and rich version of buttercream Has a rich, buttery, slightly sweet flavor and creamy texture.
Richness and sturdiness make it a wonderful filling and good enough to eat on its own. You can use it as a cake filling, and as other desserts. But there is a slight egg smell and a gritty texture

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That is the difference between cream vs custard variants, we highlight three main differences, in terms of taste, method of preparation and in terms of the history of origin. There is one more difference that is the key difference between the two, this is the use of ingredients in the thickening process.

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