Mostaccioli Vs. Penne: What Are The Differences

by Simon
Mostaccioli Vs Penne

To day we will talk about Mostaccioli Vs Penne and their differences. Have you ever tried mostaccioli and penne? Or do you know what the difference is between the two? At first glance, the two look the same, but don’t be mistaken because there are substantial differences between the two and this is often misinterpreted between the two.

If you don’t know what the difference is between mostaccioli and penne? Don’t worry, here we will reveal to you some of the differences between pasta called “mostaccioli” and pasta called “penne”. We will see how it is defined one by one.

What is Penne?

What is penne? Penne is a type of pasta with a tube-like shape and has a cavity and both ends are cut at an angle. So, the tip of the penne pasta can be said to be slightly pointed. Penne is a pasta that comes from Italy and is now very popular and quite easy to find all over the world.

However, you need to know that penne is divided into two; penne lisce (a type of penne that is smooth on the outside) and penne rigate (this is a variety that has a jagged outside). Penne rigate is more popular because its ridged shape means the spices and flavoring ingredients adhere well so they are more pronounced when tasted.

Usually, penne is eaten with a variety of fresh ingredients and sauces. The sauce will enter the penne holes so the taste will be very delicious on the tongue. That’s a glimpse of penne, we make sure you understand and know what penne is, now let’s see what Mostaccioli is!

Mostaccioli Vs. Penne What Are The Differences

Penne Pasta

What is Mostaccioli?

Because mostaccioli and penne look the same, both are tube-shaped, many people think that they are the same. Though there is a difference between the two.

So, what are the differences between Mostaccioli and Penne? Here we see the difference.

Mostaccioli Vs. Penne: What’s The Difference?

Both are pasta and there are differences between them, now to make sure you can differentiate between the two, we will mention some differences between Mostaccioli and Penne. Let’s pay attention to the following!

Location of origin:

Penne is a pasta from Liguria, this is a city in the northwestern part of Italy. Meanwhile, Mostaccioli is pasta from Italy too, but it comes from Campania, a city in the southern part of Italy.

Their forms:

Penne is suitable to be served with thicker sauces because of its ridges. It tastes great with tomato sauce, while Mostaccioli is usually tossed with baked pasta. This pasta has less lumps so it looks softer than penne. Mostaccioli pasta is very widely used for casseroles and other things. If you want, you can also sauté the Mostaccioli in a light or slightly thin sauce.

Culinary Uses:

Penne with its jagged texture, it is suitable when cooked or served with thick sauce because it adheres well, it is also better with tomato sauce, Mostaccioli is often included in baked dishes or baked pasta. Mostaccioli are softer because their exterior is not ridged.


penne is a more popular pasta in the world compared to accioli, it is as popular as others such as spaghetti, macaroni and lasagna. Penne is more versatile so it is also more popular. The Penne also stands out for its ability to hold sauce compared to other types of accioli.

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Mostaccioli and penne at first glance appear to be the same, but in fact they have differences. The jaggedness of penne is the reason why it is so delicious served with a thick sauce.

If you want to try pasta that is tastier and tastes more spiced, then penne is the choice and this is a type of pasta that is very popular globally.

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