What Does Sea Urchin Taste Like?

by Simon
What Does Sea Urchin Taste Like

Sea Urchin is a marine animal that is considered seafood but is very different from ordinary seafood. This is a hairy shellfish that some people eat as a delicacy. So, what does Sea Urchin taste like? Let’s see the review in this article.

Talking about Sea Urchins, many people get stepped on by Sea Urchins in the sea and this is considered an accident because it hurts. Moreover, what was stepped on was a poisonous type of Sea Urchin. However, there are also those that are not poisonous and are classified as types that are sold. In the culinary world, Sea Urchin is considered a delicacy with an expensive price.

Those of you who like Japanese food will often find Sea Urchin on their food menu. Japanese people are skilled at cooking and they prepare Sea Urchin as a unique dish with tempting flavors. You must be curious about the taste, what it is like!

Sea Urchin is an expensive seafood, so what does Sea Urchin actually taste like? We will explain it for those of you who are still curious about.

delicious Sea Urchin

What Are Sea Urchins?

Sea Urchin is a sea animal that has hard fur or spines, if you step on it you will get injured and sick. If you imagine “porcupines of the sea” you definitely know how these hairy fish look like.

This animal is known as the “Sea Urchin”, the word “urchin” is another name for “hedgehong”. So, this name does have a reason to be given to this animal, it has spiny fur like a land porcupine. So, when you hear sea urchin or sea urchin, you can more or less imagine its shape, and after seeing it, of course you will justify the name.

This Sea Urchin is round and spiny

It has a round shape, small about 4 inches, and spiny. That is the description of the animal called “Sea Urchin”.

Sea Urchins come in many color variations, generally found are black, pink, red, green and yellow. Now this animal has become one of the expensive and unusual seafood.

If you hunt Sea Urchin, this animal often appears on rocky shores, and is available throughout the year or season. But it also depends on your area, fishing limits.

If you want to hunt Sea Urchin at the fish market, it turns out there are also those selling it, and it is available from September to May. Sea Urchin is a nutritious marine animal, packed with protein, minerals, dietary fiber and beta carotene. It is also a source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Talking about the Sea Urchin menu, the Japanese are experts, they have made various recipes using Sea Urchin and they can innovate with various delicious menus. So, what does Sea Urchin taste like? If it is served a lot on the menu, of course this sea animal makes many people curious about its taste.

What Does Sea Urchin Taste Like?

You should know that Sea Urchins are not eaten whole. Only the s3x glands are eaten by sea urchins. These glands are sometimes also called sea urchin eggs, their color appears yellow like fish eggs.

So what does it feel like? Sea Urchin tastes like a mild version of oysters and caviar. The aroma is strong, and the taste profile can range from salty to sweet.

The taste of Sea Urchins varies according to their gender and is also determined by the food they eat. The female eggs are slightly bitter with a very strong aroma, and the male eggs taste sweet.

However, you can adjust the taste to your taste by using your favorite recipes and cooking methods.

If you want to taste the delicious Sea Urchin, then eat it while it is still fresh. The shape and taste will change as you store it.

The texture can be soft and buttery and will just melt in your mouth. So, there is a complex taste when you eat it, it has the aroma of the sea and of course it is pleasant.

Maybe Sea Urchin tastes like caviar which tastes salty and sweet. We can’t say the taste of oysters is the same because oysters taste different from one another.

But it tasted a bit like an oyster in general, and it tasted a lot like the food, what he ate was what it tasted like.

How to Cook Sea Urchin?

Ok, now you know what Sea Urchin looks like, what it tastes like and of course it will build your appetite. Well, because you also want to taste it, you have to know how to cook it. OK, below are several easy ways to cook Sea Urchin for you to follow.

  1. Sashimi: You can cook Sea Urchin as sashimi, a Japanese food that combines the delicious flavors of the raw food it is prepared with.
  2. Sushi: You can cook Sea Urchin into sushi. Sushi is also raw Japanese food prepared in such a way, but it is tastier because there are additional vegetables and rice in the recipe.
  3. Pasta: You can use sea urchins to enjoy raw or cooked. So, you just add it to cooked pasta. Let the heat slowly sink into the Sea Urchin.
  4. Tempura: Cooking Sea Urchin with tempura is very easy and fun, you don’t need to eat Sea Urchin raw. Tempura batter makes all dishes taste delicious including the Sea Urchin dish.

How to Buy Sea Urchins?

If you want to shop for Sea Urchin at a fish shop, then pay attention to these tips.

Know each species’ season: There are not many differences between these types of sea urchins, but to buy them, know the season of each species. The most popular is green sea urchin and is usually available in winter. Meanwhile the purple one is eternal and you can find it at any time.

Buy live sea urchin: Buying live ones is the easiest way so that you don’t buy ones that are not fresh. When you buy it, you can also have the seller clean it if you agree.

Keep the frozen ones as the final resort: If you can’t find fresh ones, then the last resort is to choose frozen ones. Indeed, frozen fish does not taste fresh, but this can be an alternative if you can’t find fresh or live sea urchins.



Sea urchins are an unusual seafood, but the Japanese have always been at the forefront of making delicious raw foods. One raw food is sea urchins.

What do sea urchins taste like? It tastes like a mild version of oysters and caviar, the aroma is strong and the taste ranges from sweet to salty. But you don’t need to worry, you can disguise the taste with the spices you make.

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