What Does Fox Meat Taste Like?

by Simon
what does fox meat taste like

Humans are all-eating or omnivorous creatures, various animals that are known to be harmless are eaten by humans, including foxes. Some who haven’t tried it are curious and wonder about what does fox meat taste like. Those are the bad desires and desires of humans if they do not follow religious guidelines. Islam, for example, has clear rules regarding food that is haram and food that is halal. One of the meats that humans consider exotic is fox meat. Rabbit or goat meat is not enough, foxes have become prey for some people.

Fox meat is rare and not easy to find. Maybe because hunting is not easy and in some areas it is sometimes forbidden to hunt animals.

However, for those who have eaten it, they say that fox meat is delicious, the meat feels chewy and a bit tough. For soft results, cook fox by softening the meat first.

Fox meat is also relatively low in fat, so it is comfortable for those who hunt exotic meat because it does not contain much cholesterol. But this meat is very difficult to find on the market. Most of those who are experienced with this meat, they find it in hunters.

Do humans really eat foxes?

It’s true, some people feel challenged to try it because of their curiosity about unique things. You need to know that fox meat is meat that is risky to eat, so not many people like to hunt this meat, although there are some who don’t pay attention to this, so they still eat it.

The smell of raw fox meat is so bad that it even smells like spoiled meat, but they fix it by boiling it in salt water. Fox is not a safe food to eat, we will explain this later.

So, what does fox meat taste like? Some people say that it tastes like lamb or goat, tough and fibrous.

Do Humans Eat Red Foxes?

If you want to know what does fox meat taste like, then it is important for you to note that raw meat is chewy, unpleasant and feels a little tough or rough. It also has a distinctive fishy odor, perhaps like that of sheep.

Why do humans eat foxes? Does it taste good? No, that’s not the reason. It tastes rough, fibrous but feels soft when cooked after the meat has been softened first.

Soaking or boiling in salt water is a solution to soften it. However, there are many people who want to taste the taste of fox, are you one of them? That’s humans, famous for being greedy for food, even power.

Is Fox Meat Dangerous to Eat?

Eating fox meat, even though many people try it, there are certain risks that you need to know about. First: its very strong smell makes it very bad to eat unless there is vinegar or salt that you can use to soak it. In the wild, these are very difficult to find, so they sometimes cook them directly without removing the rancid smell.

Second: Foxes are animals that are not safe to eat, because they are known to carry disease, just like pigs which are also bad animals to eat. Foxes carry rabies which is very dangerous for humans. So, if you want to cook it, do it very carefully.

Eating wild meat such as fox is only possible for those who hunt in the wild for several days or weeks. When there is no proper food, of course they have to survive on whatever food they get. Wild animals such as foxes are predators, they are dangerous to eat because foxes eat anything they find, including carrion and even rodents in the wild which are very likely to contract disease.

If you come into contact with fox saliva, you will catch the disease, and of course we don’t want that to happen. If you want to eat fox, make sure you cook it properly and perfectly cooked.

Cooking Tips To Enhance Taste

Cooking fox requires certain skills so that it doesn’t taste bad, because the smell is very strong and more than the smell of lamb. So, you have to know tips for getting rid of the bad smell when cooking it.

  • Soak fox meat overnight
  • Make sure all the meat is submerged in water, then add a spoonful of salt, and a cup of water.

This is the preparation process when you want to cook fox, this process is called “brining”. The recommended soaking time is 12 hours.

For a richer taste, you can add some spices, including adding bay leaves, ginger, lemon juice, pepper, rosemary, or apple cider vinegar. Adding spices can make fox meat more tender. Cook until cooked and you are ready to enjoy the meat of this wild animal. Remember, I still don’t recommend you eat this meat! Eat at your own risk.

Another thing you should know about fox meat is that it is rich in calories. If it is undercooked, it can cause digestive problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Fox And Wolf Taste The Same?

Yes, the two are different, but the taste of the meat is similar with a tough and slightly chewy texture. Both are wild animals and predators so the taste is the same. However, in terms of smell, it must be said that raw fox meat smells better than wolf meat.

Does Fox Meat Have Nutritional Value?

Yes, they are also nutritious where the meat contains 38% protein and 62% fat without carbohydrates.

Is It Difficult To Find Raw Meat?

Yes, it’s very difficult, unless you meet a fox hunter in the wild. Eating fox meat is very risky for various diseases and this is the reason why fox meat is rarely sold on the market.

Does Fox Meat Taste Like Goat Meat?

The smell is very strong before cooking. after cooking it does have similarities to the taste of lamb or goat meat.

How To Make Fox Meat Tender?

There are special tips and methods for cooking fox meat so that it is tender. Before cooking, meat must be marinated overnight or at least 12 hours with vinegar or salt or other salty ingredients.

Can You Reheat Fox Meat?

Do you want to reheat the leftover fox meat that you didn’t finish eating? This is the same as the others, where leftovers can be stored properly or frozen and when used they must be thawed and reheated. But don’t reheat more than once.

What Does Red Fox Taste Like?

This is what many people ask, what does fox meat taste like? As the experience of several people who have tried eating fox meat, they say that fox has a harder texture than lamb or goat meat, it is chewy, and the smell is very strong and disgusting, especially when it is raw.

How? Do you still want to try consuming fox meat?

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