Scotsmac – A Blend Of Mature British Wine

by Simon

I found this drink that I had never seen before, when walking in the supermarket together with my friend I found Scotsmac Wine which I thought must be cheap. I felt confused about this bottle of drink because this was the first time I had found it, this was precisely on the wine rack in the supermarket.

It can be seen that this Scotsmac drink is typical of Scotland. The bottle is cute because it has a cute picture like a church on the edge of a lake. It’s like going back in time, and it’s as if this minman is not famous but has been around for a long time. It seems that Scotsmac is a wine enriched with whiskey.

After I did a little searching on the internet, it turned out that Scotsmac is a mixture of mature English grapes and high quality malt whiskey. Instantly my mind changed, this must be a valuable drink and certainly expensive, and it turns out…!

We also found a label on the bottom that said that Scotsmac is “Based on an original recipe”.

Are you sure!

It turns out again, this Scotsmac drink has been available for several decades or since the 1960s. Yes, apparently it’s an ancient drink too, only I’m more ancient because I never knew this drink existed. This is a drink that is a favorite of many people in England. This drink is probably the same as the Thunderbird drink, because the thunderbird is the favorite drink of many street men, and the Scotsmac is also like that.

So how does it taste?

Ok, you must be confused about the taste, right? What does Scotsmac taste like?

Are you someone who likes to sniff or often sniffs your hands when filling up petrol at the gas station, if so, then Scotsmac is the right drink for you. It tastes almost as you would expect.

Oh, it turns out the taste is not at all familiar and this seems like a drink for rough people or street people. It’s akin to the mistake of pouring an industrial Pinot Grigio in a too-cheap whiskey glass. Outrageous, for me it seemed very astonishing and made me almost unable to accept reality.

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As much as possible you should avoid this Scotsmac drink. No matter how much it is sold, you should just drink water. I hate myself to explain this too long, and I think you already know what I mean.

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