What is Añejo Tequila?

by Simon
Añejo Tequila

Have you ever tried tequila? or what comes to mind when you hear “tequila”. Do you just think of a clear drink with a salty taste on the side? What about Añejo Tequila, it is not very popular among students, but the Añejo is very popular with adults and this drink can even replace whiskey for adults, but little by little this drink continues to gain popularity. In fact, throughout 2022 its sales increase by 122% in the American market. It looks like tequila connoisseurs can now try this aged drink as a substitute for blanco.

So, what is Añejo Tequila? In general terms, this can be said to be the older brother of tequila blanco, its taste is richer and more unique.

What is Añejo Tequila?

This tequila is aged 1 to 3 years in wooden barrels, this is also known as extra aged tequila, the color is not clear as you might imagine, the color is dark yellow, with a soft, rich and complex taste. The word “Anejo” comes from Spanish.

Anejo means “old” or “vintage”, other types of aged tequila have a similar age. The longer tequila is left to sit, the darker the color will be. The darker the color, the richer the flavor profile of a tequila. So, how does Añejo Tequila taste?

What Does Añejo Tequila Taste Like?

If you want to know the taste of tequila, this is difficult to explain because the taste is very complex. I would say that its taste is like vanilla, caramel, tobacco, cinnamon, honey, baking spices, dried fruit and chocolate. The taste is smooth even though it is a combination of many ingredients. Its complex taste comes from the long period of aging in oak wood. Casks for storage use American, White oak and French barrels. Each of these woods gives tequila a distinctive taste.

Añejo Tequila has a richer taste than blanco or reposado, usually drunk neat or on the rocks, it is also a suitable substitute for whiskey and in cocktails. This tequila goes well with queso, layered meat, spicy food. The taste goes well with chocolate or dried fruit aromas in cocktails.

What Color is Añejo Tequila?

For those of you who often drink tequila blanco, you will be surprised to see Añejo Tequila with a different color. Tequila blanco is clear and Anejo has a dark color.

Its appearance is similar to apple juice and this color comes from its contact with oak barrels during its aging process. It could also be that the golden yellow color comes from the addition of other ingredients that are deliberately made to produce an authentic color. But for trusted tequila makers, they don’t add certain ingredients for color.

How is Añejo Tequila made?

If no additional ingredients are used during its manufacture, then how is Añejo made so that the color looks authentic.

Añejo Tequila was originally a blanco and then underwent its journey to change.  The blanco is stored in oak barrels, storage is at least 1 year to 3 years. When undergoing this aging process, tequila will absorb color from the oak or other wood in which it is stored. So, the older a Tequila, a darker the color and the sharper and more complex the taste.

If Añejo is under 1 year old, his name is called “reposado”. If the age is more than 3 years, then the name is called “Extra Añejo”. So, only tequila aged 1 to 3 years is called “Añejo Tequila”.


What is the difference between Reposado and Añejo tequila?

Reposado is an aged tequila too and is aged in wooden barrels too, but the age ranges from 2 months to 12 months. Meanwhile, Añejo Tequila is a type of aged tequila between 12 months (1 year) to 3 years. So, Anejo is a type of tequila that is stored longer in oak barrels or other wood used as barrels.

Both are tequilas aged in barrels, and their colors are slightly different. Reposado has a pale yellow color, while Añejo has a dark yellow color. The longer it is stored in wooden barrels, the darker the color will be.

The length of storage in the barrel not only affects the color, but also affects the taste. Where Reposado has a weaker taste compared to Añejo.

If 1-3 years old is called Añejo, what if it is more than 3 years old?

If blanco is stored for more than 1 year, it is called Anejo tequila until it is aged 3 years, and if it is aged for more than 3 years, it is called Añejo Extra.


Is Añejo tequila better than silver?

It is deeper, more complex, richer than silver tequila. Anejo is stored for so long that the color is more intense and the taste is richer and tastier. This also affects the price which is more expensive.

But Silver is considered purer, more suitable for adding to cocktails such as margaritas.

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