What Does Cornichon Taste Like, Does Cornichon Taste Good?

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Cornichon Taste

What are cornichons and what does cornichon taste like? Sometimes you have seen foods such as pickled cucumbers with small cucumbers. Maybe you are asking yourself how these small pickled cucumbers are made, they are very small and you definitely wouldn’t think that they are made from cucumbers. If you look at it behind a glass jar, maybe it’s like a shrunken cucumber, unique and cute. They are small at no more than two inches long and 1/4 inch wide.

These pickles are unique and interesting, like dill pickles except that the flavor is not as strong but has a subtle, mild sour taste. Cornichons are softer with a crunchy texture that adds interest when you start putting the cornichons in your mouth.

What is Cornichon?

Cornichons are delicious and crunchy pickled vegetables, in English called “gherkins”. The French call them cornichons and this name is also well known in America.

This pickled dwarf cucumber is suitable as a complement to meat and cheese dishes with a savory taste. The small size of cornichons means they are served like small condiments that are delicious to eat. So, people who like pickles will definitely be disappointed with cornichons because they are small and unusual but taste very good.

What does Cornichon Taste Like?

When making cornichons, they are first cured with salt and they have their own mild salty taste. After the acidification process, the taste becomes light and not overpowering sour. Even though they are small in size, these tiny pickles have a crunchy and refreshing texture and of course a light sour taste that they love.

Some describe cornichons as sweet but not as sweet as real pickles. As proof that cornichons are easy to mix with various flavors, such as pepper, fresh dill, herbs, spices and sugar, they will bring out the desired taste. This happens because the sour taste of cornichons is not strong and does not dominate.

Cornichon pickles often have wavy skin, not the same as regular pickles, the texture is certainly rougher than regular pickles. Sometimes cornichons are also stuffed with onions in a glass jar. Adding onions can also add flavor. If you have mustard seeds, they also seem like a great addition to cornichons.

How are Cornichons Made?

Making Cornichons begins by preparing small cucumbers called gherkin cucumbers. Gherkin cucumbers have different characteristics from other cucumbers, in that they are small, bright green, bumpy, and even when ready to harvest they remain small. But the harvest process is when they are still young and between one and two inches long.

What Does Cornichon Taste Like

The process of salting Cornichons begins by marinating the cucumbers overnight and in this process the cucumbers release some of their liquid. The next process is to soak it in vinegar and leave it overnight again. At this stage, it is cooked with water, cooled, and then placed in a jar to preserve, adding natural flavorings such as herbs and small onions.

If you have ever canned cucumbers or made your own pickles, then it will be easy for you to make your own Cornichons. Choose the correct type of cucumber and the method is also very similar to regular pickling.

How to serve and where to buy them

Cornichons are pickles that usually accompany meat dishes, French meat terrines, and any meat dish would be great to enjoy with Cornichons.

Cornichons are also delicious served with steak tartare, boiled eggs or with egg salad. For those of you who like pork, Cornichons are sometimes also enjoyed with this dish.

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This pickle made from tiny cucumbers is very famous in the culinary world, so now many supermarkets stock it. In supermarkets, they are usually available close to regular pickles. If it’s in an offline shop, you can search in an online shop like Amazon.

Conclusion: What Does Cornichon Taste Like

The cornichon taste is mild with a delicious crunchy texture. When it is made, it is salted but the salty taste is not strong and does not dominate. Likewise with the sour taste, it is not too sour, some people also say that Conclusion has a sweet taste but not too sweet and does not dominate the existing taste. So, when you add flavors such as paprika and other flavors, it will easily absorb those flavors.

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