12 Excellent Swiss Chard Substitutes

by Simon
Swiss Chard Substitutes

We know beets and their leaves, beet leaves are also known as Swiss Chard and we will talk about Swiss Chard Substitutes. Beet is a tuber vegetable that is rich in benefits, it turns out that not only the roots are useful but also the leaves. The leaves, apart from being known as Swiss Chard, are also known by names such as spinach beet and chard. The stems are white to magenta or pink in color. Chard stems are related to beets and the leaves are used as a stir-fried vegetable. Usually sauteed with garlic and olive oil.

Chard comes in many varieties, and the difference between different types of chard is indicated by the color of the shade. Swiss Chard refers to white chard. Meanwhile, the variety with red stalks is called rhubarb, but this is different from rhubarb which is usually used as an ingredient in pies because the color of the stalks is rainbow or ruby.

We can say that Swiss Chard is a vegetable that is neither hard nor soft, or can be said to be a vegetable whose texture is between spinach and kale. Usually Swiss Chard is sautéed in olive oil and eaten. So, if you are craving Swiss Chard, what should you eat when you don’t have this vegetable?

Because Swiss Chard is often made as a vegetable, here it is important for us to explain what are the best Swiss Chard Substitutes. Ok, let’s look at the following review.

Swiss Chard Substitutions

Swiss Chard Substitutions

The taste of Swiss Chard is medium, not too sweet and not bitter. Ok, let’s look at the best substitutes for Swiss chard one by one.

1. Endive


One substitute for Swiss chard is Endive. This is a plant in the chicory group, which includes radicchio, escarole, curly endive and frisee.

The taste is sweet and the texture is crunchy, but there is a light bitter taste. This is delicious served raw or served after cooking.

2. Callaloo


Callaloo is a vegetable from the spinach family and grows quickly. Usually the young leaves are harvested and the stems can also be harvested for cooking. The Callaloo is a great vegetable to replace Swiss chard in dishes.

3. Cress

Cress as swiss chard substitutes

Cress is a vegetable in the mustard family and is also among the best substitutes for Swiss chard. This is one of the mustard plants, and is used for its savory basal leaves in salads, it can also be served as a condiment and garnish.

4. Curly endive

Curly endive

This plant is related to endive and escarole, has small stems, and curly leaves. This vegetable can be eaten raw as a salad, but it has a mild bitter taste.

5. Young dandelion leaves

Excellent Swiss Chard Substitutes

Another best substitute for Swiss chard is young dandelion leaves. Dandelion leaves are sometimes also used as a vegetable to increase appetite, improve digestion, and soothe the stomach.

6. Escarole


This plant has denser leaves than kale and is sold in bunches that are similar to heads of lettuce. The characteristics of the leaves are short, wide, and have wavy edges like lettuce leaves.

7. Kale

Dark green leafy vegetables, and the leaf stalks are located crosswise. This is very good for fresh vegetables in the morning and it is rich in nutrients.

8. Mizuna


Then, the best substitute for Swiss chard is mizuna. This vegetable is known as kyona, Japanese mustard greens, or spider mustard.

9. Radicchio


This is white mustard leaf or known as Italian white mustard greens, one of the vegetables that is suitable to replace Swiss chard because of its suitable taste and texture.

10. Spinach

Spinach is not a rare vegetable anymore, we all often eat this vegetable because it is widely available on the market. These green leaves are rich in vitamin A and folic acid and contain many other nutrients.

However, consuming spinach must be limited in portions, even though it is delicious, you should not eat too much because spinach contains substances that form kidney stones.

11. Turnip greens, the top has dark green leaves.

This is watercress, which is in the mustard family as well, including root vegetables such as kale, turnips, and radishes.

12. Witlof


Witlof is a vegetable that is very popular in the Netherlands, while in America it is known as Belgian endive in America.

Those are 12 types of vegetables that are the best substitutes for Swiss chard in various dishes and recipes. So, when you don’t have Swiss chard on hand, use one of the vegetables above to make your recipe.

Health Benefits of Chard

Swiss chard and other types of chard are rich in health benefits because these vegetables contain many nutrients. Among them are vitamins K, A, and vitamin C.

It is anti-inflammatory and good at managing blood sugar levels. Chard or Swiss chard is a vegetable in the family of beets, spinach and quinoa.


What’s the best way to eat Swiss Chard?

The way to consume it is to chop Swiss chard and add to other salads. Chopped Swiss chard is great added to stir-fries, omelets, soups, and it makes a wonderful side dish when sauteed with olive oil and garlic, then sprinkled with a little lemon juice and pepper.

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Is Swiss chard better eaten raw or cooked?

You can eat Swiss chard raw or cooked. The great health benefits of consuming Swiss chard can boost everyone’s enthusiasm to consume it to obtain health benefits.

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