6 Butter Extract Substitute Options

by Simon
Butter Extract Substitute Options

Extracts are concentrated flavors of a food to add rich flavor to food. Usually to add flavor to food, we only need to use 1/4 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon, so adjust it according to the size of the recipe. If it’s butter extract, it means the concentrated flavor of butter is added to food to bring out the buttery taste in many recipes. You can find butter extract or other types at the grocery store. When you don’t find it, there are any butter extract substitute you can use for.

Usually, butter extract is an ingredient added to food to give it a buttery taste but avoid the number of calories or fat in butter. So, now you know what butter extract looks like, and what its benefits and uses are.

What if you don’t have butter extract? Don’t worry, you don’t need to worry because there are several butter extract substitute.

1. Butter Substitute

One butter extract substitute is melted butter. You can use melted butter to flavor food or add buttery flavor to dishes. Salted butter usually has a richer taste, but you should only use unsalted butter to avoid using salt. When using it, use a little at a time until you achieve the taste you want.

Using melted butter instead of butter extract usually makes your cakes softer.

2. Almond Extract

If you have almond extract in your house, you can use it as a substitute for butter extract. Almond extract is a popular flavor for pies, cakes, or for use in baked goods. But you don’t taste the taste of butter but rather the taste of almond, but it works best to provide texture to your dishes and dishes.

The usage is 1:1 as in the recipe when you use butter extract. In fact, almond extract is a flavoring ingredient of almond essential oil. It tastes nutty and sweet and is used to make savory and sweet foods more delicious. Sometimes, almond extract is also a delicious addition to coffee and tea. You can find almond extract which has a rich aroma in grocery stores or grocery stores.

Almond extract is made by using almond essential oil and distilling it to produce its concentration. Next, the concentrated oil is added to alcohol as a carrier and then packaged in bottles. Usually, almond extract is used to improve the taste of dishes such as cookies, muffins, cakes and bread.

3. Vanilla Extract

Another best butter extract substitute is vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is usually used in making bread, but it is also often added to baked goods, puddings, custards, and adds a sweet taste to your recipes. If you have ever used it, you will know that the aroma and smell will be similar to butter extract. So, both can replace each other when you don’t have one of them.

The usage is 1:1 as required by the recipe when using butter extract. If your recipe calls for 2 teaspoons, then use the same amount as you use vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract is a concentrated solution containing compounds from vanilla beans. The manufacturing process involves maceration and percolation of vanilla beans in a solution of ethanol and water. This ingredient is used to add flavor to food, especially desserts, but it is also used in making perfume and cosmetics. The color is dark brown or sometimes yellow, with a distinctive vanilla aroma.

If you have vanilla extract, you can store it well because it can last for years.

4. Yogurt for butter extract substitute

Greek yogurt has a rich and tangy taste, this makes it the best substitute for butter extract especially in flavoring sweet and savory foods.

When you substitute, use the same amount of Greek yogurt as the butter extract. If you feel you need to add more, then you can add it.

So, the dosage is 1:1 as required in the recipe when using butter extract.

Greek Yogurt is a type of yogurt made from cow’s milk, the texture is thick, creamier compared to regular yogurt, and of course with its thick consistency, Greek yogurt contains more protein. Apart from that, Greek yogurt also contains lighter lactose than regular yogurt so it is easier to digest for those who are lactose intolerant.

Talking about Greek yogurt, you can use it in any way you like, we call it all-purpose yogurt. You can add it to breakfast, smoothies, or as an ingredient in baked goods.

It is a great source of probiotics because it consists of beneficial bacteria that can improve digestive well-being.

5. Almond Butter as Butter Extract Substitute

Almond butter is the best substitute for butter extract, and you can add it to many dishes and recipes. It doesn’t taste the same as butter extract, but it is the best addition to a recipe when you don’t have butter extract.

To replace butter extract, you must use 2:1, namely two tablespoons of almond butter for every one tablespoon of butter extract.

6. Applesauce

Applesauce is a butter extract substitute to add sweetness to dishes, and provide a creamy consistency to recipes.

The ratio to use is more, this is 4: 1 or 4 tablespoons of applesauce for every 1 tablespoon of butter extract.


How do I Substitute Butter for Butter Extract?

What if you don’t have butter extract? Can butter be used to replace butter extract? If possible, what is the comparison ratio.

You can use melted butter instead of butter extract, but use unsalted butter instead of salted butter to prevent over-salting. The way to use melted butter is to add a little at a time until you find the taste you want.

Note: Using melted butter can also make the cake softer. For the ratio, you can use 1/2 stick of melted butter to replace one spoon of butter extract.

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