4 Best Wheat Bran Substitutes

by Simon
Wheat Bran Substitutes

Are you looking for the best Wheat Bran substitutes? Please read our review here. Wheat grains have a rough layer and this is a wealth of dietary fiber. The outer part of the seed is called Wheat Bran and is widely sold in various supermarkets. There are many benefits of Wheat Bran, including adding fiber to food, you can add it to minced meat or slices of bread.

It can be said that Wheat Bran is a fiber supplement that is important for health. Usually, wheat bran is used as an addition to bread, pancakes, or in smoothies. Wheat Bran can also be a good coating for chicken when blended or mixed with breadcrumbs.

4 Best Wheat Bran Substitutes

There are several other food ingredients rich in fiber that are often the best substitutes for Wheat Bran. If you can’t find Wheat Bran in the supermarket, you can try some of the best alternatives to Wheat Bran, such as the following.

1. Oat Bran

Oat bran is the outer layer of oat groat seeds, it contains quite a lot of soluble fiber which is good for heart health. This layer is right under the hard skin which cannot be eaten.

Naturally oat groats and steel cut oats contain bran, but oat bran is a product that is also sold separately.

Just like wheat bran, oat bran also contains many health benefits such as improving healthy blood sugar, being good for the intestines and can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Yes, oat bran contains the same carbohydrates and fat as regular oatmeal, but it provides lots of protein and fiber and fewer calories. These are some of the important things for healthy development.

If you use oat bran in a recipe as you would wheat bran, then you can use it in the same ratio. So, 1 cup of oat bran replaces 1 cup of wheat bran.

2. Rice Bran

There is also rice bran, whose benefits are almost the same as wheat bran. So you can use rice bran to replace wheat bran.

As we said earlier, the bran is the outer part of the rice seed or wheat grain, it is right under the husk. In brown rice, this bran layer remains intact, so brown rice is famous for its amazing benefits for digestion. However, this layer of bran peels off when the rice is polished as with white rice. Polished to produce a clean white rice color. But unfortunately, we have unknowingly removed the bran layer which has enormous health benefits.

What does rice bran taste like? The taste of rice bran is sweet, nutty, and rich in vitamins and fiber.

The rice bran is the outer layer of rice called Oryza sativa. There is even rice bran oil which has great health benefits. Even in several countries such as Japan and India, oil from rice bran is considered a healthy oil.

If you want to replace wheat bran with rice bran, then use it in a 1:1 ratio. One cup of wheat bran is replaced with one cup of rice bran.

3. Wheat Germ

Wheat Germ comes from milling whole wheat, Wheat Germ is a food ingredient that is also rich in fiber so it is very good to add to baked goods, it adds a nutty taste, provides calories, fiber, protein and vitamin B6. You can eat Wheat Germ alone, or mixed with other ingredients in certain recipes, usually in recipes that use wheat bran. So, you can replace wheat bran with Wheat Germ.

Wheat Germ is also referred to as the embryo of wheat seeds or wheat embryos. It contains all the essential nutrients that are important for the growth of new plants. It also includes ingredients rich in protein, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin E and also several minerals.

What does Wheat Germ taste like? The taste of Wheat Germ can vary depending on how you prepare it. If cooked raw, it has a nutty taste, but once you cook it, the taste will change like cooked cereal or maybe like oatmeal or even taste like rice. Some say that the taste is slightly bitter and the texture is watery.

Wheat Germ can also be said to be a by-product of milling wheat when making wheat flour. Wheat Germ is rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins as well as fiber.

If you want to replace Wheat bran with Wheat Germ, you can use it in the same ratio. 1:1 = 1 cup wheat bran replaced with 1 cup Wheat Germ.

4. Flaxseed

Then there is Flaxseed in the list of the best substitutes for wheat bran. It has a thin and small shape, with a brown color and rich in omega 3.

Ground flax seeds can be an excellent substitute for wheat bran for use in baking recipes. It tastes nutty with a better texture than wheat bran itself.

Flaxseed is a substitute for wheat bran which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, so its health benefits are good for heart and brain health. It is also rich in fiber so it is also good for the digestive system.

What does Flaxseed taste like?

Flaxseed has a nutty taste and it can also replace nuts in recipes that use nuts. So, apart from being able to replace wheat bran, it can also replace nuts. Flax seeds are also used as raw materials for making linseed oil.

If you replace wheat bran with flax seeds, the ratio is 1:1.



Is wheat bran the same as whole wheat flour?

Whole wheat flour comes from milling whole wheat, while wheat bran is the hard outer layer of wheat grains, which is extracted from the seeds.

Can I make my own wheat bran?

Wheat bran is extracted from the grain kernel. In health food and grocery stores, wheat bran is available in certain quantities. So, this material is also available in stores, and it is easier for you to buy it than to make it yourself.

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