Chitterlings or Chitlins: How to Cook It

by Simon

This time we will explore something interesting about culinary delights that may be less popular but have their own unique value. What we are looking for is soul food, namely chitterlings or chitlins, its reputation may still be regrettable, but this is a food that has many fans.

One day while hanging out at the supermarket, I found a 5-lb piece of chitterlings branded as Aunt Bessie’s. I then bought it with the thought that one day I would cook it.

Pro- Tips in Cooking

It turns out that after searching various sources, I found many tips on cooking chitterlings or chitlins. Please follow some tips from those who are experienced in cooking chitlins to get maximum results.

Don’t believe packaging that says “ready to cook“. Clean and clean and clean your chitterlings until the washing water is clean.

Slice the potatoes and cook them along with the chitlins, then discard the potatoes. The potatoes will absorb most of the bad taste from the chitlins.

How to Cook Chitterlings?

Cooking chitterlings, we use the recipe from Joy of Cooking.

  1. Clean until the water is clear, it feels a bit slippery and almost slimy, this is revolting, really.
  2. Cut each piece 2 inches, this will produce some rings and some straight cuts.
  3. Place in a heavy saucepan filled with water, fill the water until it covers all the chitterlings. Cook in a slow cooker and set at low temperature.
  4. Add the chopped onion, bay leaf, and season to taste with garlic, cloves and pepper.
  5. Simmer for a few hours, cooking chitterlings doesn’t take long, the membrane is very thin so they cook easily. You want to taste the spices that are cooked there, not the meat.

According to the story, cooking this pig intestines would make the house smell for days, which was really disgusting. So, if you cook it, open all the windows in the house, especially your kitchen window. These are the best tips to prevent your house from smelling of chitterlings. Maybe this smell is also caused by an unclean washing process, so wash it very carefully and repeat several times until the water is clear.

When everything is ready, you can serve it, serve it in a pan, and throw away the potato slices, these potatoes are very smelly because they absorb the smell of the chitlins.


Annette tried cooking chitterlings once in France, and she said that you couldn’t make silk from pig intestines.

You have to agree that citlins are the food that people eat when all other food is gone. It’s very disgusting and almost no one eats it. But some people who find it ex0tic or think they are strange eat it. Do you want to eat it? Please, don’t let it happen.

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