Why Am I Craving Honey? 10 Reasons Behind It

by Simon
Why Am I Craving Honey

Why am I craving honey? A question that I have to answer here, not just for me but for everyone who is looking to find out why we crave honey. Honey is a unique, sticky substance with an extraordinary natural composition. Honey is harvested by bees from the nectar of flowers. Then they process it to produce a sticky liquid that is rich in benefits. Since thousands of years ago, honey has been used as medicine by humans.

Even now honey is an insatiable commodity. Humans still look for honey as a medicine for various diseases. Honey’s rich benefits have made it an expensive commodity.

Craving honey is something unique and may have something to do with the benefits it provides. Many people wonder why Am I Craving Honey. For this reason, I have provided 10 reasons why someone craves honey. What are they? Let’s look at the reasons below.

Why Am I Craving Honey?

1. Natural Sweetness

Honey is a sweet substance from flower essence which is taken by bees and then the bees produce a sticky liquid substance which is called “honey”. Honey has great benefits for human welfare, not only as medicine but also as a sweet substance from nature for various purposes. Many people use it as a sweetener in drinks, cakes, and as an astringent to add to various dishes.

Honey has a sweet taste because it contains fructose. This substance produces instant energy, and humans instinctively like sweet things, so honey, with its sweet taste plus its medicinal value, has a fairly high price. Maybe this is one of the reasons why we crave honey, because we need instant energy.

2. Honey is calming

If you’re wondering why I’m craving honey? So the possible answer is because honey, with its delicious taste, has calming properties. Honey is a very soothing medicine for cough and sore throat sufferers. It has a thick and sharp texture so it can coat a throat with phlegm, and can reduce irritation.

It is very calming, which is why many people seek it as a medicine for various ailments and even to increase stamina. Cravings for honey are also caused by its calming properties, where our body needs it to calm down from various disease attacks.

3. Rich in antioxidants

Honey is a substance rich in antioxidants so the body really needs it. Anti-oxidants are substances that prevent cell oxidation in the body or substances that can prevent rapid oxidation which causes aging, cell damage or dangerous diseases such as cancer. The antioxidant content in honey makes this sticky substance of high value for health. For thousands of years, honey has been used as medicine because of its antioxidants. Even in the Koran it is explained about honey, this indicates that honey is very rich in benefits in providing welfare for the human community.

This antioxidant content causes many people to crave honey. So when you find yourself craving honey, perhaps there is a problem in your body that can be solved by honey, you should obey that desire but still watch your portions. It is not recommended to drink honey in excess, but just one spoonful every morning. It is not the quantity, but the regularity of consumption that is important.

4. Versatility in Cooking

Honey is not only sought after by health observers, but cooking experts in the kitchen also look for honey. There are many benefits of honey in the kitchen, such as using it as an ingredient in savory or sweet dishes and so on.

Sometimes honey is an important ingredient that is sprinkled on pancakes, added as a marinade, and as an agent to make cakes taste sweet. The next time you wonder “why am I craving honey” the answer is probably because you want to make a sweet cake with lots of benefits.

Honey is a delicious liquid that bees take from plant nectar or plant essence. Its benefits are very versatile, not only as medicine, but also as a sweetener for dishes and cakes.

5. Cultural and Historical Significance

In human life, honey has its own place in human history and culture. In many cultures honey has become a symbol of prosperity, even in religion it is considered something that is quite auspicious. For example, in Islam, in the Koran it is explained about honey, the valley of sucking honey and providing amazing benefits for humans.

Because it has been discussed since ancient times, to this day we really appreciate the existence of honey. That’s the reason why many people are craving honey to this day. Its existence has crossed the ages and continues to provide benefits to humanity.

6. Honey is rich in beneficial enzymes

Another reason why you crave honey is because honey is rich in enzymes whose health benefits have been proven.

One of the enzymes that honey provides is glucose oxidase, the benefit of this enzyme is that it helps produce hydrogen peroxide, meaning this substance provides antiseptic qualities to honey so that it is useful in fighting disease.

This enzyme not only provides health benefits, but also plays a role in giving honey a delicious taste. This delicious taste sometimes increases our desire for honey. Many people want to take it as medicine because of its sweet taste, not the bitter taste like most other herbal medicines.

7. Supports Local Economies

When you crave honey, then buy it from local honey breeders, this boosts the local economy. There is a sense of mutual giving here so that prosperity arises from both parties, both local honey breeders and buyers who benefit from the honey.

Building good relationships increases our love for honey, honey not only provides taste and health benefits but can also build a comfortable and close atmosphere between honey buyers and honey farmers.

8. As a natural preservative

Honey is said to be a natural preservative, this is due to its low water content and high acidity level which is very detrimental to bacteria. Bacteria will not be able to reproduce in pure honey, so many people use it as a natural preservative.

Next time you wonder why I crave honey, then this has something to do with your desire to preserve food. When you know that one of the benefits of honey is as a natural preservative, cravings for honey will quickly appear.

9. Increase stamina

It’s no secret that honey is a sweet substance that provides instant energy. We look at history, in cooking and athletes in the ancient Olympics consumed honey and dried figs to increase their stamina.

Honey contains natural sugar which can increase energy quickly. So, this sugar is an excellent fuel for improving performance for an athlete.

That’s the reason why fitness athletes keep a lot of honey in their food cupboards. They use honey in every training session or during fitness competitions. The great benefits of honey make many fitness participants crave honey to use it as a healthy medicine to increase stamina.

10. Emotional Comfort

Why is he craving honey? There are many reasons and we have explained them above. There is one more thing that we have not discussed, honey is a substance that can calm emotions.

For many people, honey is a substance that can warm, soothe, provide comfort and nostalgia. Honey often provides value for inner and outer well-being. It cannot be denied that this comfortable feeling can make honey desired by many people. For those who are stressed or experiencing emotional turmoil, of course they crave honey to provide an injection of comfort.

Craving Honey Buns

For those of you who usually eat honey buns, this habit may turn into a craving for honey buns. Honey bread with crunchy glaze, sweetness and softness makes it attractive to bread lovers. Your desire for this delicious and sweet cake can appear at any time and in most cases it is triggered by the desire for comfort food, food that can add energy.

Honey buns is made with a combination of various spices such as cinnamon, honey and bread, creating a delicious taste and comfort that makes you remember your childhood full of beautiful memories. Craving for honey bread is not only about the delicious taste, but also an emotional satisfaction that keeps us healthy and away from disease.

Craving honey buns also has something to do with the body’s need for carbohydrates and fast energy. Usually, honey bread is a practical ingredient to carry when traveling, good for filling a hungry stomach. That’s what I’m saying that craving honey bread is inseparable from our bodies needing the substances provided by bread, carbohydrates or sweet flavors which are important for instant energy.

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Craving Honey During Pregnancy

Craving honey during pregnancy is common, perhaps this is related to pregnant women’s high nutritional needs. Automatically, nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women are very susceptible to occurring, so it is natural that pregnant women crave honey. Honey is a liquid from bees that is rich in nutrients, contains many antioxidants that pregnant women need and various other types of nutrients that are needed during pregnancy.

But pregnant women must pay attention to the honey they drink, the best honey for pregnant women is the type that has been pasteurized, this is important to prevent botulism which is said to be dangerous for the health of the fetus. Therefore, if a pregnant woman has a craving for honey, it is natural and it is best to fulfill her wish.

Pregnant women want honey not only because of their physical needs, but also because of their emotional needs. The comfortable and pleasant characteristics of honey can provide a good mood for pregnant women and this is very important for the future development of the fetus.

Craving Honey Mustard

If you are craving Honey Mustard, sometimes this indicates you want something sharp on your menu. The combination of mustard and the sweetness of honey can provide a great balance to a dish. Mustard can satisfy the taste buds and is a great addition to dishes such as salads, sandwiches and others.

In essence, the longing and comfort from the combination of these two natural ingredients is very pleasant and provides calm. Apart from that, craving Honey Mustard is also a sign that someone wants a variety of foods with a rich taste. When you consume only one type of food, your tongue will usually experience a different aroma and taste. So by presenting Honey Mustard in food, it will satisfy your appetite and provide good comfort and pleasure.

Craving Honey Nut Cheerios

Are you craving Honey Nut Cheerios? Craving for this food can be a sign that you are remembering a happy moment when you were a child. Honey Nut Cheerios is a sweet food that is a healthy combination of sweet oats and honey and almonds. These foods are nutrient-rich, packed with vitamins and minerals that support optimal body function.

Craving for Honey Nut Cheerios is not just about the taste, but also the benefits and beneficial nutritional content. Honey Nut Cheerios are often consumed as a staple food or as a healthy snack.

Craving Honey Spiritual Meaning

If you are wondering “what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming of honey?”. Spiritually, craving for honey can be interpreted as a desire for a life rich with harmony, warmth, peace and development.

For a long time, honey has been used as a medicine in many health cases. For a long time, honey has been associated and interpreted as positive things. In many human cultures, honey is interpreted as healing, longing, and purity. So, craving honey is an inner desire for positive things. In human culture, since human history began, honey has existed and it was created by God as a source of healing for human well-being. Since then, honey has always been symbolized as a positive symbol.

Craving Honey When Sick

Craving honey when sick is a common thing, just like we crave garlic when we have the flu or crave avocado when we are pregnant to meet the nutritional needs provided by these foods.

When sick, the body looks for ways to heal itself, and one of them is by encouraging taste and appetite to consume certain foods. This is a complex relationship between human nerves, where the human appetite knows what food it wants and can provide nutritional needs. So it is very natural that when someone is sick, they need certain foods that can provide medicine or nutrition that can make them healthy.

When we are sick, we need lots of nutrition, we need food that can provide healing with its vitamin and mineral content. Honey is one such food, undoubtedly a healing natural medicine. So, if you are craving honey when sick, then this is normal and you should indulge in it but still pay attention to medium portions.

Conclusion: Reasons Behind Honey Cravings

Craving for honey is something that arises in an organized or sudden manner from within a person’s soul. It’s not meaningless, just like when you crave eggs, this is your body’s way of telling you to take nutrients from eggs for your body’s needs at that time. Cravings for honey are also like that, it could be that when you have a craving, your body is lacking the nutrients in honey. As we have mentioned, craving for honey is related both physically and spiritually, because craving for honey is also an emotional problem that is related to calm and comfort.

So, next time you wonder “why am I craving honey”, then perhaps one of the answers is that you need comfort, calm or are craving something healthy for your body.

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