Why Am I Craving Watermelon? Here are 6 Reasons

by Simon
Why Am I Craving Watermelon

We are sure you are someone who likes watermelon, want to know why you are craving watermelon? Watermelon is very famous throughout the world, and is now even a fruit cultivated along the equator. This fruit is famous for its sweet taste and juicy texture, providing extraordinary freshness. So, it’s natural that in summer we always crave watermelon which is refreshing, sweet and nourishing and hydrating the body.

In this article we provide premium information regarding watermelon cravings or fruit cravings which are now symbolized as a symbol of support for Palestine. Ok, why are you craving watermelon? Also we will include some reasons behind it. In this article, we also complete it with several tips for enjoying watermelon all year round.

6 Reasons Why Am I Craving Watermelon?

Why Am I Craving Watermelon

Let’s just take a look at the reasons behind someone craving watermelon below, hopefully it’s useful!

1. You’re Dehydrated

When the body is dehydrated because we don’t drink enough water, then of course we experience dehydration, at this time the body needs fluids. If we don’t get enough water, the body will crave fluids in the form of fruit such as melon and watermelon. So, this is one of the reasons why you are craving watermelon.

This fruit is rich in water, around 92% of its content is water, so it is clear and logical that our body needs watermelon in these conditions.

To prove this, when you are craving watermelon, try drinking lots of mineral water, and see if you are still craving watermelon, chances are you don’t like cravings for this sweet fruit.


2. You Need Vitamins

Apart from dehydration, another reason is because the body is lacking vitamins, especially vitamins A and C. Meanwhile, watermelon is a fruit that contains vitamins A and B. So you could say that eating watermelon helps replenish lost vitamin stores and this will make your body improve.

If you crave watermelon regularly and continuously, then it would be a good idea for you to check yourself with a doctor to find out how your body is doing.

3. You’re Stressed Out

Stress is also the reason behind your craving for watermelon. Doesn’t stress cause you to snack on various foods, including watermelon? When our bodies are stressed, our bodies release cortisol which can cause an increase in appetite and cravings for various sweet foods.

So, there may be times when you crave watermelon when it’s fresh, this fruit is rich in fructose or natural sugar which gives it a refreshing sweet taste. So, you can spend time enjoying watermelon, satisfy yourself with watermelon, or you can also relax yourself by reading a book or taking a relaxing swim in the pool.

4. You Have an Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is the reason why you crave watermelon? why, is watermelon rich in iron? Symptoms of iron deficiency are fatigue and shortness of breath.

It’s true, it turns out that watermelon is a fruit with a large and abundant iron content. So, eating watermelon can fulfill your iron needs. So when you regularly crave watermelon, we recommend contacting a doctor to find out how your body is doing.

5. You are pregnant

Another reason is that you are pregnant. If you are pregnant and you are craving watermelon, then this is normal and you don’t need to worry. This is normal because a pregnant woman’s body lacks many nutrients because of the fetus.

6. It’s hot outside

If the environment is hot, it is natural for the body to crave something refreshing such as juice or juicy fruit such as watermelon.

Foods rich in water always make the body like it, and watermelon can nourish the body because it contains various vitamins and minerals. Then, the sweet and juicy taste makes it taste fresh and is what everyone craves during summer.

How To Tell Whether I Am Craving Watermelon For Physical Reasons Or Emotional Eating?

Usually, watermelon cravings are motivated by two factors including emotional and physical. But how do we determine whether these cravings are physical or emotional, let’s look at the following.

Try tracking everything you eat and drink over the past few days. Also note down any thoughts and emotions you have around food.

Try to pay attention, whether when you are bored, do you ever want watermelon, when you are stressed, or do your cravings for watermelon appear when you are thirsty. If cravings arise due to thirst, then it is most likely due to physical reasons.

But if your appetite for watermelon still appears even though you are hydrated and have drunk water, then this kind of watermelon craving is probably an emotional result. Emotional eating of watermelon is triggered by stress, anxiety and boredom.

If your watermelon cravings are related to negative emotions, then consider contacting a therapist to help you learn how to deal with them in a healthier way. Ok, now let’s look at the main reasons why someone craves watermelon and some important tips for enjoying watermelon better.

Craving Watermelon During Period

What about watermelon cravings during menstruation? If this is what you experience, it may be because your body is dehydrated. During menstruation you secrete a lot of fluid such as blood, so the body needs more fluid intake.

Watermelon is a pretty good source of electrolytes, this is good for the body because it can replenish lost body fluids. Watermelon is a source of vitamin A and vitamin C, the benefits of which can reduce body inflammation.

So, if you crave watermelon before menstruation, then it is a signal that your body has to prepare itself for menstruation and it has to fill up with more fluids.

Is Eating Watermelon Good During Pregnancy?

This is normal and you have to obey your body’s wishes during pregnancy. Eating watermelon during pregnancy is a good thing considering that watermelon is rich in vitamins and minerals. This nutrition is important for the growth and development of the baby in the womb.

Lack of body nutrition is also one of the reasons why you have cravings during pregnancy, and fulfilling your cravings is important because it is related to the development and growth of the baby in the womb.

The vitamin C in watermelon is a builder of collagen, teeth and bones, and it is a good source of folic acid, and can help prevent birth defects in children. Watermelon also offers potassium, regulates blood pressure, fluids in the body.

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How Can I Stop Craving Watermelon?

Watermelon is a fruit that is refreshing, delicious, and an important fruit to consume for anyone who wants to meet their daily nutrition.

Watermelon is not only rich in water, but it is a fruit that also supplies a lot of sugar or fructose. If you crave watermelon every time, there are several tips you can take to curb your appetite.

First: Eat small portions of watermelon at a time, eat it as a snack, side dish, and make it the focus of your meal. You can also try watermelon juice which provides more freshness.

Second: Try eating watermelon in combination with other foods that contain protein and fat. Try pairing watermelon with cottage cheese or with nuts. These foods can help slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream so that you are not affected by excess sugar. Including to prevent diabetes.

Lastly: Try to limit your intake of sugary drinks and sugary foods throughout the day. But if you still find it difficult to suppress your appetite for sweets, it may be important to talk to your doctor to get additional information about your body.

Is Watermelon Craving a Sign of Pregnancy?

Is craving watermelon a sign of pregnancy? There is no scientific evidence to support this problem. But it is clear that a pregnant person has many food cravings, including cravings for watermelon. In conclusion: Pregnant people don’t necessarily crave watermelon, and people who crave watermelon aren’t necessarily pregnant either.

So, it is estimated that pregnant women who crave watermelon are due to a lack of body nutrition or due to hormonal changes. So, it is important for you to make sure your body gets good nutrition.

But if you only occasionally crave watermelon, then this is normal and don’t worry. Enjoying healthy foods like watermelon is part of a healthy diet for pregnant women. Cravings can be the best and most enjoyable way to enjoy food. If you have cravings, of course it will be difficult for you to eat during pregnancy, so every time you have cravings during pregnancy, you should obey them. Pregnant women can discuss this with their husbands so they can find the food they want.

Tell Me What Is The Best Way to Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is a sweet fruit that is refreshing, especially enjoyed in summer. For those of you who want to enjoy this tropical fruit, we will share with you the best way to enjoy watermelon.

Here are some tips for eating watermelon to make it more delicious:

First: Choose a well-ripe watermelon, the flesh should be dark red or pink. Piluh whose skin is dull and not shiny.

If you have difficulty cutting watermelon, you can try storing it in the refrigerator for a while, this will make it easier for you to slice it.

Second, cut it into pieces and store it in a bowl or plate, include a fork so you can easily hold it and eat it. Watermelon seeds are also important for you to eat, they add crunch and nutrition to you.

Follow these tips for eating watermelon and you can feel comfort and freshness in every bite of watermelon.

Can You Eat Too Much Watermelon when Craving Watermelon?

Even though watermelon has a lot of water and is refreshing, that doesn’t mean you can eat as much watermelon as possible. Eating too much watermelon will give you excess water and can cause someone to get water poisoning.

When the body has too much water, the electrolyte levels in the body will be unbalanced. Among the symptoms of water poisoning are nausea, headache, vomiting or dizziness.

If water poisoning is severe, it can cause seizures or coma. So, it is important to avoid this problem. If you are craving watermelon, then consume it in moderation, one or two cups of watermelon is enough every day. This is the best way to get nutrients from watermelon.

Why Do I Feel better when I Eat Watermelon?

Do you feel better after consuming watermelon? Maybe for the following reasons.

First: Watermelon is rich in water, it contains around 92% water, apart from that, watermelon is also rich in electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium, so it can re-neutralize electrolytes lost during daily activities.

Another reason why it is good for you to consume watermelon is because it is a good source of vitamin C, where vitamin C is an important nutrient in nourishing and keeping the body’s immunity good. Then, watermelon also contains the amino acid citrulline which is good for improving blood flow and preventing high blood pressure.

If you are in the summer season, and looking for foods that will make you fresher, then try a slice or two of watermelon every day.

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