Why Am I Craving Apples? 11 Top Reasons Behind Apple Cravings

by Simon
Why Am I Craving Apples

We will discuss a lot about why am I craving apples, the meaning of craving apples, the benefits of apples and what are the possible risks of eating apples.

Food cravings are not something meaningless, but there is a broader meaning behind it all. Food cravings can be a sign that the body is telling you that it needs a supply of certain nutrients. We will reveal the mystery behind the connection between your taste buds and your brain in this article entitled “discover the reasons why I crave apples”.

When you want to chew pink fruit (there are many types of apples and one of them is pink on the inside), maybe you think about why you suddenly like or crave apples, even though you are not in the apple orchard or not looking at the fruit. refreshing apple.

If you experience this, perhaps this is not just a matter of taste, more than that, cravings can also be a cause where the body is lacking certain substances. That is why, this is a unique and interesting problem that we are discussing here. Why am I craving apples? A question we must answer now.

It turns out that craving apples is not just a matter of taste, but this is a signal from the body to tell you that your body needs the nutrients in apples. It could also be a matter of taste because you have tried before what an apple tastes like, when your body thinks it tastes good and delicious, then it wants to taste that again, and you then crave apples.

Read on, we will present you with 11 interesting reasons that you can answer to the question “why do I crave apples”.

Why Am I Craving Apples?

1. Seasonal Delights

Autumn is coming, and many beautiful and pleasant things will appear including the air becoming fresh, the leaves turning golden yellow and the apple orchards starting to bear lots of refreshing apples.

The apple orchard will have lots of ripe and juicy apples, refreshing and giving pleasure to anyone who is there. Autumn provides a beautiful picture and this beautiful autumn visualization makes our appetite stir and we want to enjoy the fresh apples that are being harvested.

In autumn, you may feel the beauty around you, including in the apple orchard, the pleasure of walking along the apple orchard, enjoying apples that are rich in water and make your mouth water with the first bite. It’s truly a beauty that makes you unable to resist craving apples. This beautiful atmosphere provides a connection between what your eyes see and your appetite.

So, when you ask yourself, why am I craving apples? So that’s probably your brain’s way of saying “let’s enjoy this beautiful and amazing moment again”. Your body wants to enjoy comfort and happiness again by enjoying the beauty of autumn in the apple orchard while biting into a juicy and refreshing apple.

2. A fun Fall Season Tradition

Try to imagine your childhood when you were running behind apple trees, running with friends or chasing your favorite cat, and the sun was shining warmly from above the sky, providing warmth behind the fun and joy. It’s beautiful to play in the apple orchard, while looking at the apples hanging as if the apples were saying “pick me and eat, this is very refreshing”.

When you take an apple and bite into it, you feel the pleasure of this refreshing, juicy fruit. A beautiful past experience like this is something that you always keep in your memory, and when autumn comes again, the desire spontaneously arises from you to want to enjoy apples again, a craving for apples that you want to be able to make come true again.

This autumn tradition related to apples is truly something that everyone has experienced. It evokes nostalgia and comfort and reminds you to stay happy. Apples in this case are not only a matter of nutrition and taste, but apples have become a part of your happiness.

Craving for apples is a refreshing combination of crunchy and sweet flavors and nostalgia for a past full of blessings.

3. Natural Sweetness, as natural candy

Apples are not only a fruit with a crunchy taste and are loved, but their sweet taste makes them like candy from nature which provides many benefits, not only a feeling of pleasure like other artificial candies, but also provides a lot of nutrition without any guilt because the sweet taste of apples is natural. not something sweet because it is processed by human business hands, not because of artificial sweeteners which actually damage rather than grow, but perfectly ripe apples offer crunch, a natural sweet taste from their fructose, and various health benefits that are of very high value. That is why apple cravings are very varied and all of them make you happy.

When you wonder “why am i craving apples”, remember that your body is probably craving nature’s sweet taste with its many benefits.

4. Craving apples because they are rich in fiber

Fiber is a part of fruit and food that is very beneficial for the human digestive system. Fiber is known as a natural broom that is important for health. When you bite into a crunchy apple with high fiber content, your intestines will receive the benefits. The fiber in apples is soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber will form a gel in the digestive system and it will control the body’s systems, including reducing cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, insoluble fiber acts as a broom in the intestines, moving the intestines to expel waste and preventing constipation.

When your body lacks fiber and your intestines are unhealthy, your sense of taste prompts you through brain commands to take fruit or vegetables with fiber. So, when you don’t get enough fiber, you will have cravings for apples. That’s why if you experience this, you can obey your body’s desire to eat one or two apples.

The fiber in apples will provide great health benefits, and when your intestines are healthy, your other health will also be healthy because the intestines are a storage warehouse for new food entering the body. So, make sure he is healthy so he can process food and distribute it throughout the body in the form of nutrition.

There are interesting things about these cravings, including when you crave apples. Cravings are not just because you like the taste, but also because your body needs it. So, your taste buds are not only interested in taste, but you can also recognize what your body needs.

When you are feeling unwell, uncomfortable, you might just look for a small snack that doesn’t weigh you down. It could be that at that time your taste buds gave you a clue to take an apple that is rich in fiber, so that it is a good solution for your health.

5. Rich in nutrients

Craving apples also means that your body is in need of several nutrients from certain sources, such as needing fiber and vitamin C from apples. When your body lacks one nutrient, your taste buds tell you to consume apples or other fruit. This also happens with other fruit cravings such as watermelon cravings, olive cravings, tomato cravings, cucumber cravings, and so on.

Apples contribute many vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C and potassium which are very important for body health. Vitamin C is important in increasing immunity, fighting free radicals in the body, and keeping the body healthy during bad weather. Meanwhile, vitamin A is important for eye and skin health. While potassium is an important electrolyte for regulating blood pressure, maintaining nerve muscles can play a optimal role.

When you crave apples, it’s because you just want the taste, but also because your body needs a number of the vitamins and minerals in apples.

6. Low-Calorie Marvel

Apples are also a healthy and delicious snack without having to make you feel guilty, because this natural snack is rich in nutrients and is not a bad snack or against your health.

Do you crave salty food and still control your calories? So apples are one of the healthy fruits that you can try. When you want an apple, it means you are looking for a healthy snack that is calorie-free but can provide a rich taste. Snacks with excessive calorie content will have a bad effect on your health, but by consuming apples you can still find a salty taste but the calories are low.

It could be said that apples are a crunchy, salty, sweet and nutrient-rich snack without having to make you sacrifice your health. This is a healthy snack, keeps you satisfied and doesn’t drag you into bad health.

Well, because apples are low in calories, sometimes you crave this fruit while enjoying its crunchy, juicy, salty and nutty taste. Next time you wonder “why am I craving apples?” So know that your taste buds are able to judge which fruits or foods are low in calories and can control your appetite. This also happens when you are craving pineapple, craving banana, craving tuna, or craving ice cream.

7. Hydrates the body

Apples are rich in water which can make you feel fresh and keep your body filled with water. That’s the body’s way of hydrating itself, when you feel very thirsty or lack water in your body, you will definitely crave water-rich fruit such as watermelon, cucumber or apple.

The appearance of cravings for apples in you is the body’s smart way of providing a healthy supply of water to the body system.

So, our body is actually very smart, when it has to hydrate the body, then your appetite will order you to consume fresh drinks or fresh fruit such as green apples. Craving green apples is the body’s way of fulfilling its fluid intake, where fluid is the largest component in the body of living creatures.

Next time you are craving a green apple or a red apple, give in to that desire because that is your body’s way of communicating with you so that you want to eat an apple.

8. Feel good about apples

Another reason why you crave apples is because you feel comfort with this refreshing fruit. In this life sometimes we need to relax, relax for comfort because there are many bad or difficult things in this life. When in conditions like this, we need comfort, and comfort can be achieved in various ways, including snacks such as eating apples. When you crave apples, one of the reasons is the comfort you have to achieve.

Just like you crave candy, crave processed foods, and crave apples. Craving for apples is cooler because they are rich in nutrients and provide many benefits for the body without supplying artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Your body understands its condition, it knows when you are stressed or when you are craving comfort. When you are working, traveling, carrying out assignments, or have many responsibilities, of course you are in a difficult condition. So, apple cravings or milk cravings arise, avocado cravings and so on. All these cravings are due to the body’s desire for comfort.

Maybe you say “eating apples is suitable for recovering from fatigue, or feeling tired, or as a food to provide extra energy to the body. If you are wondering “why do I crave apples?” Then it is one of your body’s ways of achieving comfort.

9. Antioxidant Boost

Good health cannot be separated from good, nutrient-rich food. Antioxidant-rich fruits play an important role in improving health, fighting disease, eliminating wrinkles, reducing inflammation, and even fighting cancer cells.

To achieve all this, the body, in its own way, which is interconnected between the nerves, gives orders to the brain as the recipient of all suggestions for you to eat apples to get the desired benefits. This is because our body’s system knows that apples contain nutrients that can provide substances to fight radicals, and these substances are called “antioxidants”.

When your body thinks “why am I craving Fuji apples” it’s because the body is looking for a way to get antioxidants which in fact are found in abundance in apple flesh.

10. Healthy Snacking, smart choices for snacks

When you are craving apples, either red delicious or green apples and others. That shows that the body knows that apples are a healthy snack that must be present in the system for the good of the body’s own system.

Apples are an important food if someone wants to provide well-being. Even doctors say that “one apple a day can keep the doctor away”, this shows that the role of apples with their antioxidants and other substances can provide many health benefits. If you are thinking “why am I craving apples” then one answer is because it is the solution to the problem the body is experiencing.

11. Craving the taste and aroma

This fruit has an evocative taste and aroma. Human taste buds naturally love the aroma of apples. For example, Fuji apples are quite aromatic, very soothing in every bite. Likewise with the refreshing aroma of Granny Smith apples.

Your taste buds are always looking for where there is a delicious and pleasant taste. Apples have a very evocative taste, even each species of apple has a different taste. If you want a fresh sour taste, then green apples are the choice, if you are craving a sweet taste, then Honeycrisp apples can answer it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Craving Apples

How can you stop apple cravings?

This is a question often asked by those of you who always want to eat apples. Know the following steps to stop craving apples.

  1. Divert attention: When cravings for apples arise, try diverting your attention from them. Maybe the craving is just something temporary and not important for you to ignore.
  2. Stay hydrated: The next way to stop craving apples is to keep your body hydrated. Sometimes your thirst is disguised as a craving, so when you are craving a green apple (for example), you can drink lots of mineral water and wait a few minutes to see if the craving is still there. If the craving doesn’t go away, you can indulge in medium portions.
  3. Portion control: If you often crave apples and are worried about overeating, then before consuming them, make a portion first. You can prepare apple slices and put them in a special cup or container. Make sure you have one portion each day, so when you have finished one portion, stop eating apples, and make sure to yourself to stop there and then you can eat again the next day.
  4. Eat mindfully: Eat slowly, enjoy the sweetness, freshness and when you feel you have had enough, then convince your body to stop.
  5. Choose alternative foods: When you want to stop eating apples, then choose other foods that attract your attention. So every time you crave an apple, take a piece of pineapple or a piece of jicama fruit, etc.
  6. Eat moderate portions: If you are craving apples, there is nothing wrong with this, especially since apples are a fruit that is rich in important nutrients for the body. Maybe what you need to pay attention to are the restrictions. Get used to eating in medium portions, don’t let your appetite eat all the time.
  7. Seek professional help: If you think your apple cravings are interfering with your daily diet. So, you can find the best way to eliminate apples 100% or limit them wisely, then seek professional help so you can control your diet. Ask a registered dietitian for help so you get the right solution.

Actually, craving apples is normal, you don’t even need to eliminate apples from your diet or daily diet. Apples are a healthy food that is actually not something that should be eliminated but something that should be consumed, but pay attention to portions. What if you eat lots of apples to get rid of cravings? Can you eat lots of apples? Let’s look at the following review.

Can You Eat Too Many Apples?

Yes, we know that apples are a healthy food but that doesn’t mean you have to eat too much. Consuming too much apples can trigger several unwanted side effects.

1. Weight Gain:

Weight gain can occur due to excessive calorie intake than the body needs. It is true that apples are low in calories, but if you eat them in large quantities, the calories can increase and be excessive.

2. Digestive Discomfort:

When you are craving apples, it doesn’t mean you have to eat too many apples, because this can cause bad effects such as digestive discomfort, or excessive gas.

4. Blood Sugar Control:

Apples can control blood sugar, but still consume them in medium quantities. Overeating can cause uncontrolled blood sugar for diabetes sufferers.

Apple Craving Conclusion

We have discussed a lot about apple cravings, starting from the enchanting desire of autumn that keeps repeating itself with your nostalgia in the apple orchard, your desire for the evocative taste of apples, the abundant nutritional content such as antioxidants, fiber and so on, we have gone through everything. and of course now you know that craving apples has a complex meaning. Craving apples is not just a matter of taste but the body’s sensitivity to its needs.

Apples are also a healthy snack that is delicious, crunchy and refreshing. You can eat apples as a snack without having to feel guilty like when you eat processed candy or fast food. Apples provide taste, benefits and comfort.

That’s the magic of apple cravings. Next time you ask “why Am I Craving Apples”, then we have answered it here. This all has a complex relationship, when your body lacks nutrition, is thirsty, is constipated, stressed, uncomfortable, or hasn’t felt pleasant nostalgia in the apple orchard for a long time, then with an intelligent system created by God, your taste buds send signals to the brain about your cravings, and the brain orders the body to consume the apple you want.

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