7 Best Substitutes For Blood Orange

by Simon
Best Substitutes For Blood Orange

Have you ever eaten blood orange? Or you are a Blood Orange fan. If one day you run out of this bright orange, you don’t need to worry, there are many other options you can try as the best substitutes for blood orange.

You can use substitutes for various purposes, you can replace your routine, or create something special. There’s always this bright substitute fruit. Its savory taste and unique texture can be felt in other types of oranges that we recommend as a substitute for blood orange.

Let’s explore some extraordinary substitutes and alternatives for blood orange, hopefully this will enlighten you as a blood orange fan.

What Is Blood Orange?

Blood orange is an orange-red citrus that is famous for its sweet taste and water-rich texture.

You probably know sevelle oranges and standard oranges. The taste is both sour and bitter. It turns out that crossing the two can produce oranges with larger fruit sizes and unique textures and stronger flavors than standard oranges.

Blood orange is not only a fruit that can be consumed alone, but its use is also well known in various dishes, drinks, and can add a unique flavor.

Blood orange is sometimes used in salads, desserts or in drinks. Also known for its use in cocktails, mocktails, it is an intense flavor addition to drinks.

The juice from blood oranges is also used in making marmalades and jelly.

Apart from its culinary use, blood orange also has many health benefits because it is a fruit that contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants.

So, what if you often use blood orange or like the taste, but you’re out of stock or don’t know where to buy it. So, we say, you don’t need to worry because we will give you some oranges which are no less delicious than blood oranges. Some of these oranges could be the best substitutes for blood orange, what are they? Let’s see one by one!

Substitutes For Blood Orange

If you don’t have blood orange juice in stock, then take one of the following alternatives.

Cara Cara Oranges

One of the best substitutes for blood orange is Cara Cara Oranges, this is a type of navel orange.

The flesh is distinctive with a pink color, the taste is sweet and less sour compared to standard navel orange.

The taste of Cara Cara Oranges is often compared to raspberries and blackberries with a hint of orange. When added to a cocktail, Cara Cara Oranges can change the color to pink and also the taste.

You can also mix it with a margarita, or even mix it into a smoothie for a refreshing twist on classic orange juice.

When you make a food or drink recipe that uses orange skin, you can actually use the skin from Cara Cara Oranges. It will add a slightly sweet taste, and an evocative pink hue.

Cara Cara Oranges are a source of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and the mineral potassium.

Valencia Oranges

Next, a substitute for blood orange is Valencia Oranges, this is a group of sweet oranges, from the citrus family.

The skin is smooth, thin, and the flesh is juicy, this is also famous as a fruit that is made into juice.

Valencia oranges are a fruit with fewer seeds compared to other oranges, so many people like them for this reason. The taste is sweet, sour, and similar to blood oranges. That is why it is very suitable to replace blood orange in many ways.

In terms of nutrition: Valencia Oranges contain many nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and other important vitamins and several minerals.

Although the color is not as bright as blood orange, Valencia Oranges provide a unique touch in recipes or drinks that usually use oranges.

The skin is also useful for adding flavor to savory dishes. Even the peel of Valencia oranges is also used as a sweet decoration on cakes and ice cream.

Navel Oranges

Navel Oranges are sweet-tasting oranges that are available all year round. The skin is thin, the color is dark orange red, and most of the time there are no seeds.

The name “Navel” is the name of the top part of the fruit with a texture shaped like a navel. It doesn’t have bright wheels like a blood orange, but it tastes sweet like eating a blood orange.

Navel orange is usually added to juices or in cocktails, where it gives the same taste as blood oranges even though the color is not the same.

Another advantage is the affordable price.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit is a large orange offering a sweet and sour taste. Its characteristics are similar or almost the same as blood orange so it is the best substitute for blood orange.

This orange has a pink color and the texture is less watery. The sweet and sour taste makes it similar to blood orange and can even replace it.

Usually, the use of Pink Grapefruit is in drinks as an appetizing garnish. Adding Pink Grapefruit to drinks is a great way to color drinks or food.


Tangerines are small oranges which are also known as mandarine oranges. The color is bright and attractive with a sweet taste.

The skin is quite thin compared to other oranges, this makes the tangerine more peelable and segmented.

Their small size and sweet taste make tangerines popular as a snack and addition to recipes.

When compared with blood orange, tangerine has a less sour taste. It makes a great addition to salads, and other dishes that emphasize sweet and sour flavors.

Also, many use tangerine as a sweetener in many drinks and cocktails. Its bright color makes it a great addition to recipes.

Cranberry Juice

Then as a substitute for blood orange, use cranberry juice. The taste is sour, even more sour than the oranges mentioned above, but there is a sweet impression too.

Cranberry juice can be one of the best substitutes for blood orange either in foods that use it or in drinks. The sour taste of cranberries adds complexity to the savory dishes you cook.

There are also natural colors that invite special interest in recipes. You can also mix it with a smoothie for breakfast and a nutritious snack.

FAQs about Blood Orange Substitutes

Can I Substitute A Regular Orange For The Blood Orange?

Yes, you can use standard oranges in recipes that call for blood oranges, the two can be substituted for each other.

Indeed, both have slightly different tastes and textures, but they still work and work well.

You can also use other citrus such as lime, lemon, to replace the unique taste profile of blood orange.

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What Citrus Fruit Is Most Similar To Blood Oranges?

If you are looking for an orange that is most closely related to a blood orange, then most likely the answer is the Moro blood orange, from the Moro variety.

Moro oranges have a similar taste and color profile to the original variety of Blood orange. Moro also has a distinctive and strong sour taste like blood oranges.

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