10 Best Cubanelle Pepper Substitutes

by Simon
Best Cubanelle Pepper Substitutes

Cubanelle Pepper Substitutes for Your Dish is your ultimate culinary companion that will revolutionize the way you approach cooking. When talking about peppers, we always talk about hotness, but there is a slight difference with the Cubanelle Pepper in that it has a slightly sweet, mild taste with a color that ranges from green to yellow.

The Cubanelle Pepper has an elongated shape like banana peppers but they are different.

Usually, Cubanelle Pepper is only found in Italy or the Caribbean region. If you are outside this area, then you might find it difficult to get Cubanelle Pepper.

If you make various recipes that use Cubanelle Pepper then you will find it difficult to find this ingredient for your recipe. But do you have to stop here? No, you should look for a variety of peppers that have something in common with Cubanelle Pepper as an ingredient, this will give you a similar and even the same taste with slight differences.

There are many great substitutes for Cubanelle Pepper, including jalapeno peppers, Anaheim peppers, banana peppers, sweet chili peppers, bell peppers, paprika peppers, and you can also use a handful of other peppers instead of cubanelle pepper in your recipes.

Indeed, various other peppers don’t match Cubanelle Pepper in terms of taste, especially when frying it, but you can still find the same hot taste from its substitute. But in looking for a suitable substitute, we not only focus on the hotness but also on the similar spiciness level. In this post we will provide some of the best Cubanelle Pepper substitutes in your dishes and recipes.

What Is Cubanelle Pepper?

Cubanelle Pepper is a type of pepper that is sweet but with a slight taste or mild taste which is suitable for garnishing your dishes. Measured with the Scoville heat unit, the heat level ranges from 0-1000 SHU. Usually, it is picked from the tree before it is ripe or when it is a greenish or yellow-green color. When the peppers are ripe, they turn bright red or orange-red in color.

The pods of the Cubanelle Pepper can grow to 4-6 inches long by 2 inches wide. The shape is like a banana and the onion is tapered. The skin is shiny, smooth and spiky.

These peppers are better known as Italian frying peppers because they are delicious when tossed in a pan with a little olive oil added. These types of peppers are widely used in salads, yellow mole sauces, or in casseroles. There are also those who add Cubanelle Pepper as a topping on pizza, it can also be used to make filled peppers, and there are also those who use it as a cooking spice in various dishes in general.

The shape is long and big, you can fill the inside with various fillings that you like, it can be grilled or grilled.

In Central America, Cubanelle is used in a variety of cooking recipes including in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic, where this type of paper is also gaining popularity in many American grocery stores.

The spicy taste of Cubanelle is measured in Scoville units giving a spicy level of 0 – 1000 Scoville heat, this is really mild compared to jalapeno peppers.

While the spiciness level of Jalapeno peppers is around 5000 SHU. This means Jalapeno has a heat level 5 times higher than Cubanelle Pepper. If you are sensitive to spicy flavors, the Cubanelle and Jalapeno may be hot when you try them.

What Do Cubanelle Peppers Taste Like?

Want to know what does Cubanelle peppers taste like so you dare to use them in various recipes? Ok, Cubanelle peppers have a slightly sweet taste, and a crunchier texture, even this can be used as a healthy snack. Put it in the pan and add a little salt, you will definitely not stop eating it.

Here we will provide some of the best substitutes for your cooking. If you have trouble finding Cubanelle peppers because it grows a lot in Italy and outside of that it might be a bit difficult to find. With this substitute, you can still make many recipes that use the Cubanelle type.

The thin skin and wide inside are great for stuffing various fillings and then baking or grilling. Their thin walls make them very easy to roast and only take a few minutes.

Best Cubanelle Pepper Substitutes

If a recipe calls for cubanelle pepper and you don’t have it, then you can use other peppers as a substitute.

To get the same taste and heat as you get with cubanelle pepper, then you need a good substitute, here we share some of the best substitutes for your cooking.

1. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are a great alternative to cubanelle pepper, on the spicy side, and they are very similar in shape and very similar in taste.

The taste is sweet as well as strong, and the walls and loose interior have a resemblance which makes it great for recipes where you need to use it as a filling container. In our opinion, bell peppers are the best peppers to replace cubanelle pepper.

But bell peppers are a little less hot, you can add a little chili powder after the cooking process so that your food has the same level of spiciness as cubanelle pepper.

2. Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim Peppers

This is another suitable substitute to use in your cooking. Cubanelle pepper has a low heat rating of between 100 and 1000 SHU and some substitutes may be hotter.

Among the best substitutes for cubanelle pepper are Anaheim peppers with a spiciness rating of 500 – 2500 SHU, however, they are slightly sweet and are suitable for substituting cubanelle in many recipes. Aneheim also has a thick wall and sometimes not as good as that provided by frying pepper, but it is suitable for stuffing ingredients in the cavity.

3. Passilla Chilli Peppers

Passilla chilli has a mild, raisin-like taste, and this is also why it is called “Passilla”, the term for raisins in Spanish. These peppers are native to Mexico and are often available in dried form which is then processed to make chili powder.

Passilla chilli peppers are hot and dry and it’s like cocoa powder on the tongue. The taste is different and sometimes it can be difficult to make the best substitute for cubanelle pepper, so you can add as much as you like and make sure you taste your dish after adding it.

4. Poblano Chilli Pepper

Why Poblano is a good substitute for Cubanelle Pepper in your recipe. It turns out that both have a side in common. Let’s see the review!

Using poblano chili instead of cubanelle peppers can give a dish a pleasant taste. If indeed poblano chili is suitable to replace Cubanelle Pepper, then we must know how to use it in substituting for Cubanelle peppers:

– Has the same heat: Poblano peppers have a mild to moderate heat level and this is the same as that of cubanelle peppers. Its spiciness allows you to maintain a subtle taste, and adds a bit of excitement to your recipes.

– Distinct Earthy Flavor: Poblano imparts an earthy and unique taste with the addition of subtle fruity notes, this sets it apart from other peppers. The flavor profile gives depth and complexity to your dish.

– Versatile in culinary: Poblano peppers are the same as cubanelle pepper which are widely used in various dishes and dishes. You can get creative without limits with poblano peppers.

– Roasting to Elevate Flavor: Roasting can give a better taste just like bubanelle. Grilling has a smoky flavor and is perfect for using in salsas, sauces, and other rich recipes.

– Great for both stuffed and fried, you can put a variety of fillings inside, you can stuff poblano peppers with cheese, meat or seeds just like you do with cubanelle.

– Balance in Tex-Mex and Mexican Dishes: Poblano is widely used in TEX-Mex and Mexican dishes. You can incorporate it into dishes like enchiladas, rellenos, and tamales to bring out a southern culinary experience.

– Pairing with Ingredients: Poblano peppers have similarities with cubanelle in that they can be paired with ingredients such as garlic, onions, beans, corn, and various varieties of meat. Pob;ano peppers can easily enhance the taste of soups, stews and grilled dishes.

– Use in creamy Sauces and Soups: You can use this best cubanelle pepper substitutes in soups, sauces and dips for a classic twist. The tone is earthy and mellow, giving off a harmonious feel.

– Easy to handle: When you don’t have Cubanella peppers on hand, you can easily use equal amounts of poblano, adjusting the amount and level of spiciness.

By substituting the poblano peppers for the cubanelle peppers it is possible to retain the flavour, add a profile, and be very enjoyable. Using poblano peppers will give you later in your culinary dishes and dishes.

5. Banana Peppers

Banana peppers can replace cubanelle peppers, but they bring a slightly different flavor to your dish. So how do you use banana peppers to replace cubanelle peppers, here’s the guide:

– Mild heat with sweetness: The mild heat level makes it the same as cubanelle but also has a touch of sweetness. This is a unique and great combination for your recipe.

– Bright yellow color: Banana peppers are famous for their bright yellow color, it can add visual interest in your dishes and dishes. It makes a colorful addition to salads and other foods.

– Raw or Pickled: You can add banana peppers raw in salads or crunchy sandwiches for a bit of spiciness. You can use pickle banana peppers to add a tangy flavor to your dish.

– Sliced or Stuffed: Thinly slice banana peppers in salads or sandwiches by slicing them thinly lengthwise or roundly. Alternatively, stuff them with cheese or use an appetizer with your favorite side dishes.

– Versatile in Cooking: Similar to poblano peppers, banana peppers also replace cubanelle peppers in many dishes such as fajitas, pasta and stir-fries.

– Balance the taste: The sweet taste of banana peppers can balance the taste in cooking, especially when combined with a savory taste.

– Pairing Partners: It pairs well with ingredients such as tomatoes, chicken, garlic, beef, various cheeses and onions.

– Roasted or Grilled: You can enhance the taste of dishes by roasting or grilling them. This will give it a smoky, charred taste that is delicious on the tongue.

– Pickling Possibilities: Pickling Banana peppers allows you to retain their shelf life longer. It makes a great accompaniment in dishes such as tacos, burgers and sandwiches.

6. Sweet Chili Pepper

When harvested, Sweet Chili Pepper has a red appearance and tastes mild to moderate sweetness. It is versatile and can be fried, stir-fried or grilled.

You can also maintain a longer shelf life by making pickles from Sweet Chili Peppers, they are delicious and adaptable to many recipes that use cubanelle peppers.

7. Pimento Pepper

Pimento Pepper as cubanelle pepper substitutes

Another of the best substitutes for cubanelle peppers, this is Pimento Pepper. It has a red color and tends to be the same as bell peppers. Shaped like a heart, the taste is very delicious and spicy enough and the taste is sweet and mellow.

Pimento Peppers are cherry peppers or known as casicup annum, smaller in shape than bell peppers. Uses Pimento Pepper is widely used in making snacks and salads.

8. Thai Prik Num Chilli

Another cubanelle pepper substitutes is Thai Prik Num Chilli. This is a pale green chili from Thailand, consumed raw, pickled, and used in many dishes and dishes.

These peppers are dark green or red in color, which is already red to add an extraordinary hotness.

The skin is also thick and the center is loose, this makes it great for making recipes where you need to place the filling in the cavities of the cubanelle peppers.

9. Jalapenos

Jalapeno is also one of the best cubanelle pepper substitutes but it has an elongated shape where the bottom is sharp and is also good for cooking with stuffing ingredients.

What do Jalapeno peppers taste like? The taste is mild and not like the more earthy cubanelle. You can use it in peppers, salsa or as a salad topping.

Jalapeno is one of the hottest substitutes among other peppers. To reduce this spicy taste, you can remove the inner ribs and seeds. It is then added to the thick strips as an ingredient in various recipes in cubanelle pepper substitutes

10. Peppers

Paprika is also one that can replace cubanelle in various recipes and dishes. It is usually available in dry, crushed variants rather than those sold fresh.

There are some peppers that taste quite spicy like Hungarian paprika. Grinding or drying them adds a bit of spiciness and you can enhance the flavor by smoking them in your kitchen stove. Peppers are probably the worst substitute among many, which is why we have listed these peppers last in our “Best Cubanelle Pepper Substitutes” list.

Those are some substitutes that you can use when you can’t find cubanelle peppers in a recipe that requires you to use them.

Tips for Successful Substitution: Enhancing Dishes with Confidence

When you don’t find cubanelle in a recipe calling for it, you can enhance the taste of your dish by using a substitute. But you need to know some tips so that you are successful and confident in replacing Cubanelle peppers.

Here are some tips for successfully substituting cubanelle in your dishes:

– Know the Flavor Profile:

Before you choose one of the substitutes for cubanelle, make sure you are familiar with its flavor profile of mildly sweet, and slightly tangy. Understand what the main role of cubanelle peppers is, whether to complement the taste or to maintain and enhance the overall taste.

– Consider Heat Levels:

If you feel the importance of cubanelle because it’s not too hot, then take the same substitute in terms of spiciness. Often try to understand the level of spiciness provided by cubanelle peppers so that you can substitute it with other peppers with an equivalent level of heat.

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– Pay attention to the texture:

Some Cubanelle pepper substitutes are milder and some are harder. This will affect the taste of the dish when you taste it. By experimenting a lot, and understanding the level of texture, you can choose the best substitute for you.

Apart from these things, pay attention to several other things to successfully replace cubanelle with other peppers, including:

  • Sweet balance
  • How much you should use the replacement
  • Before using on a large scale in dishes, test a small batch first
  • Take cooking time into account as some peppers take longer and others less.
  • Adjust the seasonings, when replacing cubanelle sometimes you have to replace other spices in order to get the same results as when you use cubanelle peppers.
  • Combine with complementary ingredients

Try often with various substitutes so that you really understand the taste, flavor and texture of the dishes with the peppers you choose.

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