10 Best Oyster Mushroom Substitutes

by Simon

We’re going to look at some of the best Oyster Mushroom substitutes. Oyster Mushroom is a popular vegetable in the midst of human life, especially those who are said to be vegan and vegetarian. Why are Oyster Mushrooms a favorite? This food is not only delicious with a taste like meat but also filled with nutrients that are good for the health of the body.

Sometimes, some of us don’t like oyster mushrooms or can’t consume them for various medical reasons, so you can easily find the best substitute for oyster mushrooms. We will share here some of the best oyster mushroom substitutes that you can easily get.

An alternative to oyster mushrooms is shiitake mushrooms, these mushrooms can also be used in the same dish as oyster mushrooms. Shiitake are similar in texture with slightly different flavors, but both are delicious.

Apart from oyster and shiitake mushrooms, you can replace oyster mushrooms with cremini, porcini, Rompila and enoki mushrooms. All of them are delicious and rich in nutrition, which one is easy for you to get and make the best substitute for oyster mushrooms in cooking recipes.

What Are Oyster Mushrooms?

What Are Oyster Mushrooms

Before we discuss further about this best substitute, let’s know more about what is oyster mushroom? Oyster mushroom, also known as “Pleurotus ostreatus, pearl oyster mushrooms, or tree oyster mushrooms, belongs to the category of mushrooms most widely cultivated around the world. It is not only a meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians but a storehouse of many important nutrients.

This mushroom naturally grows in areas with temperate, subtropical climates, and is also specially planted or cultivated in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Oyster mushrooms are needed in many international recipes such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese recipes.

It has a soft, succulent taste, and it has a wide, umbrella-like, thin cap with gray, white, or brown gills lining the underside.

Sometimes the edges are wrinkled, and it is also sometimes found in groups of small mushrooms, or among many other large mushrooms. Oyster mushroom is a luxury dish and much enjoyed, the price can be quite expensive. But this mushroom is not as common as other rare mushrooms such as morels.

To add it to the recipe, you need a little effort, this mushroom must be chopped or sprinkled after cleaning. When cleaned and washed, you should not leave it in the water for too long. It can absorb a lot of water like a sponge so it can change quickly.

Oyster mushroom cultivation usually does not require a lot of cleaning because cleanliness has been paid attention to since the cultivation period. If you find dirt, you can clean it with a paper towel or with a wet tissue. Clean any part that you feel is dirty.

I usually clean it under running water for a short time, then I wipe it with a paper towel and this will provide maximum cleanliness.

How to use oyster mushrooms? You can sauté it, braise, stri fry, or grill oyster mushrooms. This mushroom can be used as a whole, the stem and leaves (the part like a fan). When including it in cooking, you can add it whole, chop it or chop it.

This mushroom can be eaten raw, added to salads, but we still recommend you eat it after cooking to remove the metallic taste.

Once cooked, the oyster mushroom gives and releases a soft, succulent taste, and a slightly chewy texture, and the color changes to something unusual with a velvety color.

Ok, that’s a little about the description of Oyster mushrooms, now let’s see what are the best substitutes for Oyster mushroom below.

Best Oyster Mushroom Substitutes

1. Cremini Mushrooms

Cremini mushroom is a good type of mushroom used as a oyster mushroom substitutes. The Cremini has a smooth surface with a grayish color and is similar to the oyster mushroom. Adding it in cooking is by chopping it or by cutting it into several pieces.

Cremini mushroom is also rich in nutrients, among its nutrients are vitamins B1, B3, and C, it also contains niacin, potassium and calcium as well as thiamine content. This rich nutritional content makes it one of the best alternatives to oyster mushrooms.

2. Portobello Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a delicacy with a taste similar to soft and chewy meat. One of the substitutes for oyster mushroom that many vegans use is the portobello mushroom, its umami taste makes it a suitable alternative for vegetarians and vegans when you can’t find oyster mushrooms.

Portobello mushroom is the best alternative to replace meat and oyster mushrooms, when eating it, sprinkle it lightly with olive oil to bring out the distinctive aroma of portobello mushrooms.

This mushroom is rich in potassium, protein and B vitamins.

3. Crimini Mushrooms

Crimini mushroom has a soft, mild taste but is rich in benefits and nutrients. the calorie content is 30% less in each cup. It’s also contains high levels of iron, copper, potassium and riboflavin.

This group of mushrooms is versatile with a delicate taste. It adds the perfect umami taste. The mushroom is also rich with a slight almond flavour, rich in texture. Many say that the texture is between button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. So, it becomes a very suitable alternative to replace it.

4. Baby Bella Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are widely used in making Reuben Sandwiches, but what if you run out of oyster mushrooms. Don’t worry because you can find many substitutes for it and one of the substitutes for oyster mushroom in making Reuben is baby bella mushrooms.

There are delicious vegetables and rich meats at affordable prices and these can add new flavors to your dishes. Usually, baby bella mushrooms grow a lot around the coast, their delicious taste makes them suitable as the best substitute for oyster mushrooms.

5. White Button Mushroom

White button mushrooms are another alternative to oyster mushrooms, they taste mild and can absorb the various flavors and spices that you use when cooking them. These are mushrooms that can replace oyster mushrooms in many recipes.

Usually, these mushrooms are harvested before they are too old and this is important to maintain their elasticity. White button mushroom is a type of mushroom that is delicious when added to various dishes and makes it more delicious in cooking.

6. Wood Ears Mushroom

Wood ear mushrooms are unique mushrooms that grow from wood and they also involve a craftsman’s touch.

The Wood ear mushroom is not only a vegan food but also gluten free, the texture is crunchy like oysters without having to be sprinkled with cheese.

7. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are oyster mushroom substitutes that can mimic its taste and texture. This mushroom is rich in protein, amino acids, calories, B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, iron, calcium carbonate, and magnesium.

Oyster mushrooms have a unique texture and are suitable for stir-frying with a little oil, shiitake is a good substitute for oyster mushrooms when you can’t find them or they are expensive.

Shiitak mashroom has a lower price with the right and similar taste. They are also among the best alternatives for vegetarians, instead of using animal products, shiitake mushrooms are a nutrient-rich vegetable with a texture and taste similar to meat.

8. Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushroom is one of the best oyster mushroom substitutes, it grows in groups as a single unit with a tall stem and a small umbrella on top.

This mushroom is similar to oyster mushrooms, its white color makes it suitable for mixing in many dishes. It is a versatile mushroom. When adding mushrooms, add them when your dish is almost cooked or at the end of cooking so they don’t overcook. If overcooked, this soft mushroom will spoil the taste.

Widely used in sandwiches, salads or side dishes. You can buy Enoki mushrooms at food markets in cans or in jars.

9. Maitake Mushrooms

Another substitutes for oyster mushrooms is Maitake Mushroom, this is a unique mushroom in terms of appearance and nutrition. rich in protein, calories, and become organic food for vegans and vegetarians.

Maitake mushroom is often added to soups, its spicy taste makes it unique and perfect as a warm dish in winter while you sit by the fire.

It’s has a fluffy cap and an earthy aroma, many use it as an ingredient for sauces and creams or for bacon fat for depth of flavour.

Maitake Mushroom is also the perfect addition to lasagna, you no longer need to use meat in lasagna, but rather with Maitake Mushroom. If you often use oyster mushrooms, try occasionally using this mushroom as one of the Oyster Mushroom substitutes.

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10. Porcini Mushrooms

The porcini is no ordinary mushroom, its earthy brown hue is characteristic, it is thick and raised, and you can either chew it deliciously or swallow it.

Porcini Mushrooms are famous for their texture, they smell strong but once you have swallowed them, you will feel another taste that makes you feel cooking on the next level.

Porcini is very popular in the region of Italy, Tuscany, and it is also a versatile addition to various dishes.

Most mushrooms after cooking will shrink, and cannot maintain their size. Unlike the Porcuni, it actually adds size and a richer flavor after cooking.

These large mushrooms can perfectly imitate oyster mushrooms, so we have included them in our list of the best substitutes for oyster mushroom. It not only has the same texture as oyster mushrooms but also has an earthy sweet aroma, and this can complement any dish.

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