8 Best Substitutes For Brandy In Sangria

by Simon
Substitutes For Brandy In Sangria

Do you want the best substitute for brandy in sangria, we will review it for you. This is the right place because we’ve rounded up some of the best substitutes for brandy in sangria.

With a few simple touches, you can make this drink taste more delicious and cool. You and your family will continue to love it for weeks.

In this post we will provide some brandy substitutes that you can use in sangria recipes with a little more depth of flavor and complexity. With a few modifications you can enjoy a delicious and enjoyable sangria recipe even without brandy.

We will discuss everything related to the classic sangria recipe, there are many that can be used ranging from whiskey, gin and others.

What Are Brandy And Sangria?

Let’s explore more about brandy and sangria. What is brandy? Brandy is an alcoholic drink made from distilled grapes and other fruit juices. Usually this alcoholic drink is used as an addition to recipes or as a flavoring.

Apart from being a flavouring, brandy is also often used as an ingredient in making sangria. Sangria is a Spanish drink made from red wine and mixed with brandy, fruit juice and various other spices.

Sangria made using brandy will taste unique because of the brandy, because of the high alcohol content of the brandy. It can even mask the taste of the wine you add to your drink.

Fruit juice which sometimes has a bitter taste can also be minimized by the sweet taste of the brandy. That’s why sangria juice will taste better when you use brandy, but what if you use a brandy substitute in your Sangria?

We already know about brandy in mixing with sangria, but what if you don’t have the alcoholic drink Brnady, is there a substitute that you can use when serving sangria? Fortunately, you can use other alcoholic drinks as the best substitute for brandy, especially in making sangria juice.

Let’s explore one by one the best substitutes for brandy in sangria below.

Substitutes For Brandy In Sangria

Sangria is a drink from Spain that is made using alcoholic drinks such as brandy.

But if you don’t want to use brandy or are running out of brandy, then there are several other drinks that can replace brandy.

1. Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier is a type of liquor made with cognac with an orange flavor and contains distilled bitter orange essence.

The taste is smooth, sweet and can add depth to the cocktails and drinks you make using Grand Marnier.

This alcoholic drink can also emphasize fruit aromas and can also be used as a complexity for sangria as brandy provides.

2. Whiskey

Whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink and is made from mashed grain, fermented and stored for a long time in wooden barrels.

It is the best substitute for brandy in sangria, its distinctive sweet, smoky taste can enhance the taste of sangria.

Why is whiskey popular as a substitute for brandy in sangria? Because it can provide depth of taste, complexity of the drink without disturbing the taste of the fruit.

The Whiskey can also accentuate fruit flavors and provide a smooth, pleasant finish. Then, the price of whiskey is also more affordable compared to some brandies, so whiskey could be the best choice to replace brandy in making Sangria.

If you are using whiskey to add to sangria or as a substitute for brandy in sangria, the tip is to choose a whiskey with a low alcohol content, this is important so that it doesn’t overpower the taste of the other ingredients in the drink.

Whiskey is an alcohol that is easy to adjust and easy to combine for better flavor combinations. This sangria with whiskey can be served cold with a better taste.

3. Vodka

Then, replacing brandy in Sangria is vodka. Vodka is a type of alcoholic drink with a clear color, and it is made from grains and potatoes which are then fermented.

This drink has been distilled several times so it is clean and tastes good, and far from being dirty. The taste is neutral and suitable as an ingredient in cocktails, or mixed into sangria drinks. Vodka can balance strong flavors like brandy and wine.

The alcohol content in vodka is lower compared to other alcoholic drinks. This drink also seems smoother, and it helps keep the sangria drink feeling light on the body, and ensures it’s not too heavy to consume.

Mixing vodka with sangria is easier than mixing it with brandy. If you are looking for a drink that is easy to make, then vodka is the best substitute for sangria.

4. Rum as Substitutes For Brandy In Sangria

Rum is an alcoholic drink that is also made by distilling it from juice or molasses from sugar cane byproducts. It is matured in oak barrels, the period can vary, from several months to several years.

What does Rum taste like? Rum has a sweet and unique taste, there are hints of vanilla, orange, caramel, butterscotch and other flavors. This is usually packaged in dark and light bottles. Rum in a bright bottle is lighter and smoother.

Rum here is a substitute for brandy in sangria, this is because it has a unique taste, and stands out from the other ingredients.

During the aging process in oak barrels, Rum will experience a depth of flavor, the longer it is stored in the barrel, the stronger the taste will be. This makes for a great choice for Sangria.

Apart from that, in terms of price, Rum is also more affordable than brandy so it is a good choice to replace brandy in sangria.

5. Soda

Apart from using alcoholic drinks to replace brandy, you can also use soda or aerated drinks as an alternative.

The soda will provide a light, bubbly texture and won’t take away from the original taste of the sangria.

Soda also does not add sugar or calories to sangria drinks, this is different from using alcoholic drinks such as whiskey and others.

6. Gin

Gin as Substitutes For Brandy In Sangria

Gina is a distilled alcoholic beverage and it makes one of the best substitutes for brandy in sangria. The gin is made from fruit such as juniper berries.

The flavors are varied and often earthy, but the most dominant ones are earthy, citrusy and herbal.

Gin has a unique taste so it is used as the best substitute for Brandy in sangria. It is considered a drink with such botanical complexity that it cannot be compared with other alcoholic drinks.

In sangria, it adds depth of flavor, and its own uniqueness. Then, adding Gin can reduce the sweet taste of other ingredients. Adding gin makes the drink delicious to drink while hot.

7. Sparkling Juice

Another non-alcoholic substitute for brandy in sangria is Sparkling Juice. It offers a sweet taste with the same aroma as alcohol.

Even without alcohol, Sparkling Juice offers a taste similar to alcohol, so this could be the best alternative for those of you who don’t like alcohol.

8. Cherry Juice as Brandy Substitutes In Sangria

Cherry juice is fruit juice from pressing cherries. It tastes sweet, sour and ideal in cocktails, smoothies, punch and several other drinks.

As the best substitute for brandy in sangria, this drink offers a fruity taste and what’s unique is that it is also non-alcoholic.

Cherry juice is also a healthy substitute for brandy compared to other drinks that are rich in sugar. Cherries also contain nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants which have good health benefits.

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Can You Substitute Rum For Brandy In Sangria?

Yes, this is a great alternative to brandy in making sangria, it adds sweetness, and makes your drink even more complex.

You can also replace brandy with other alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, gin or non-alcoholic drinks such as cherry juice or soda

Can You Use Gin To Make Sangria Instead Of Brandy?

Yes, you can use Gin as a substitute for brandy in sangria. But the taste profile of Gin is not the same as brandy.

Does Sangria Have Rum?

No, Sangria does not contain Rum, but some are made with Rum instead of brandy.

A more traditional sangria recipe is to combine Spanish red wine, fruit juice, triple sec and brandy.

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