9 Best Substitutes for Chile De Arbol

by Simon
9 Best Substitutes for Chile De Arbol

Chile De Arbol is an important spice in Mexican cuisine and is now well known worldwide. Now it has been widely used in various dishes so that you have the potential to run out of this spice. If one day you run out of Chile De Arbol, then don’t worry because you can use some of the best substitutes for this spice.

The chile variety is quite similar to other peppers available in America.

Among the best substitutes for Chile De Arbol that we will talk about here are cayenne pepper, gochutgaru, chili flakes, and mirasol chili.

Best Chile De Arbol Substitutes

1. Cayenne Peppers

Chile de Arbol is usually used when it is dry and powdered, so you can easily find a substitute that is easy to find is cayenne pepper powder.

Cayenne peppers are used in heating dishes such as soups and stews. Cayenne peppers not only have a similar shape to Chile de Arbol but also have the same color and almost the same level of heat.

The Scoville heat unit for it is 5000 SHU, the cayenne peppers retain their heat on par with Chile de Arbol, so they are a good substitute.

2. Serrano Peppers

Another great substitute is serrano peppers, usually people buy them when they are still green and then store them for a while until they turn a bright red color and are just like Chile de Arbol.

Serrano peppers are a bit less spicy than Arbol, but it has a similar delicious taste and thin skin in comparison.

For serrano peppers, you can use them dry (you can dry them in the sun) or use them fresh.

3. Jalapeno Pepper

if you don’t find the two best types of substitutes above, you can take another alternative to replace Chile de Arbol, try using Jalapeno Pepper but these peppers are less spicy so in replacing Arbol you have to use a large amount to increase the level of spiciness.

There are other chilies that are similar to Jalapeno Peppers, this is chiles japones, this type is usually sold dry.

4. Homemade Powdered Pepper

Homemade pepper can also be one of the best substitutes for Chile de Arbol, and it is one of the easiest to obtain. To make homemade powdered peppers you only need several types of pepper, a grinder and a dehydrator.

Before grinding it you have to dry it first and then grind it or make it into powder.

But when grinding peppers powder you should use safety and respiratory protection from capsaicin. If exposed to capsaicin, you will experience severe irritation and can enter the lungs and this is dangerous.

5. Peppers

If you’re looking for a Chile de Arbol substitute with a mild taste but still bright color, try using paprika.

Paprika is bell peppers that have been dried and ground to become powder and ready for use in various purposes.

To get a richer taste, smoked bell peppers can be an important alternative for you. Smoked peppers are not only spicy but also give a richer and more delicious taste on the tongue, this is highly recommended if you want to use bell peppers as a substitute for Chile de Arbol.

6. Chili Flakes

In some countries, such as Italy, chili flakes are more commonly used than chili powder.

Chili flakes are used in pizza, in making pasta, and in salad dishes. He is also considered as one of the substitutes to be reckoned with.

You should know that chili flakes are very different from chili powder, the size of chili flakes is very large so they are not suitable for use in a number of dishes including soups and stews.

If you only get chili flakes, and want to add them to your soup, don’t worry because the chili flakes can always be finely ground into chili powder.

7. Sweet Bell Peppers

Sweet Bell Peppers have a similar taste to Arbol but not the same hotness.

The texture is also not the same because bell peppers are bigger in flakes, but the taste can be used in whatever your cooking.

Bell peppers are not the only substitute. If you want a lighter pepper, try cubanelle pepper, mini sweet pepper, Jimmy Cardello pepper, and another sweet banana pepper.

8. Gochugaru

This is Korean chili pepper kern and comes in flakes. Of course, it is quite widely used in Korean cooking and is great as a substitute seasoning for Chile de Arbol.

Gochugaru is not an easy pepper to find, in some parts of the world it cannot be obtained easily.

9. Chilean Mirasol

If you often use Mirasol Chili in many dishes, then you can use it in dishes that use Chile de Arbol.

Chili mirasol is also called guajillo peppers, this is also a good substitute but in the last order when you can’t find another substitute.

Those are some of the best substitutes for Chile de arbol, and you can easily find one of the 9 above.

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Related Questions

What Is Chile Similar to Chile De Arbol?

There are several chiles that are similar to Chile De Arbol, including japones and Thai Birl Chiles. Both have a high heat with a mild flavour. If you look at it in terms of taste and spiciness, Japones and Thai Birl have a taste that is close to Arbol, they don’t stand out in terms of differences.

What Does Arbol Chile Taste Like?

Arbol chili has natural heat, is mild and it is also grassy. When dried it has a more distinctive taste compared to fresh ones. The drying process will enhance the taste of the peppers.

How Hot Is Scorpion Pepper?

Scorpion peppers also have a high level of spiciness, if measured with the Scoville heat unit, it has a heat level of 300,000, the heat level it has can be twice that of habanero peppers.

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