Creme de Cassis Substitutes: Here Are 4 Top Options

by Simon
Creme de Cassis Substitutes

What is Creme de Cassis? This is a sweet alcoholic drink that use in many recipe, here we will see some Creme de Cassis substitutes to use. This is an alcoholic drink that tastes sweet and is usually used in desserts such as ice cream and cake. So, this drink is very popular when entertaining guests.

Creme de cassis only contains 15% alcohol so anyone can enjoy it without having to worry. Usually it is served after dinner to improve digestion.

Connoisseurs of Creme de Cassis usually drink it alone. This is a common thing, even in quiet times when sitting alone, people enjoy this drink.

There are also those who use Creme de Cassis drink as a mixture in cocktails such as Bramble, it can also be used as a substitute for blackberry liqueur.

When you don’t have Creme de cassis, you can use several other alternative drinks. There are many great substitutes for this drink, and we will give you a review of them.

In this article, we will share some of the best substitutes for Creme de cassis and how you can use them in certain recipes.

What is Creme de Cassis?

Creme de cassis is a black currant flavored liqueur with a dark red color, it is usually an ingredient often used in Kir drinks. Sometimes it is also used as a mixture when making chocolate cake, cheese cake, ice cream and Pot de Creme.

This drink contains alcohol but the content is relatively small because it is only 15%. Even though it is used as an alcoholic drink, it is often used in cooking or making cakes.

If you use Creme de cassis in dessert, this drink will add flavor to your dish.

The taste is very strong, so you need to think about adding it to cooking only in small doses. If you use it in large doses, the taste of your food will overpower the original taste.

Ok, here we are sharing some of the best substitutes for Creme de Cassis. Sometimes you run out or don’t have this drink, so you can replace it with several other drinks in recipes that require Creme de cassis.

The 4 Best Substitutes for Creme De Cassis

The taste of Creme de Cassis liqueur is very unique and rich, so finding a suitable substitute is very difficult.

But if you are making a recipe that uses Creme de Cassis and you don’t have access to this drink, then you can use a substitute from the following drink.

1 – Black Currant Syrup

One substitute for Creme de Cassis is black currant syrup. If you don’t have creme de, this could be the best alternative to replace Creme de Cassis in the recipe.

If you don’t have it, you can make it yourself at home. In fact, black currant syrup does not replace Creme de Cassis directly, but is used as a mixer for vodka and other alcoholic drinks.

There are many brands available, and some are sometimes available at local grocery stores or liquor stores.

In terms of taste,  black currant syrup has a taste similar to Creme de Cassis. You can add it to pancake or waffle batter.

2 – Chambord

Then, the best substitute for creme de cassis is Chambord. What is Chambord? This is a raspberry liqueur made in France. The alcohol content is 16.5%. The ingredients are as simple as raspeberries and cognac to make Chambord.

Free from chemicals and other additives. If you want, you can buy chambord online. Chambord is also widely available in liquor stores across America.

The taste is rich chambord, but the strength of the flavor is not like creme de cassis.

If you want to use it in alcohol, maybe you have to add more chambord.

3 – Kirsch

Next, what can replace creme decassis is Kirsch. Kirsch is a liqueur with a tart cherry flavor and it pairs well with other liqueurs. This is a drink made in Germany and Switzerland.

Kirsch is a drink with a high alcohol content, where the alcohol is 40%.

But this also depends on the type of Kirsch, sometimes there are higher and sometimes there are lower alcohol content.

Even though Kirsch is a liquor, some people often use it in baking or making desserts.

Even Kirsch is often enjoyed plain with the addition of ice cubes.

Consuming this drink when you have a cold or flu is not recommended, because it can cause your throat to burn as if it were on fire.

So, if you make a cake with creme de cassis and don’t have access to it now, then you can use Kirsch as a substitute.

4 – Raspberry Liqueur

Another best substitute for Creme de Cassis is a raspberry liqueur. Raspberry liqueur is very popular among Americans, it is available in the form of homemade and commercial recipes.

Drinks like this are not often found in European countries. Usually raspberry liqueur is made from other spirits such as brandy and vodka.

Raspberry liqueur is sometimes added as well to add sweetness and flavor. So, it can be used as a sweetener too.

Raspberry liqueur as the best substitute for Creme de Cassis, the fruit taste is similar and even raspberry liqueur tastes better than black currant syrup.

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Creme de Cassis Substitutes

Creme de Cassis Substitutes: Here Are 4 Top Options

Serves: 4 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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  • Black Currant Syrup
  • Chambord
  • Kirsch
  • Raspberry Liqueur


  1. Take one of the best substitutes for creme de cassis
  2. Organize all your ingredients
  3. Make additions according to the ratio for each replacement, this is important to determine how much is needed.
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Creme de Cassis is a sweet liqueur with a unique taste and it is very difficult to find a completely identical substitute.

However, the four substitutes that we have provided are the best alternatives to replace it in various recipes that use Creme de Cassis or in cocktails.

All the alternatives that we provide have different tastes, but rest assured that all of them are the best substitutes and make your dishes and recipes taste delicious even if you don’t have creme de cassis.

The best way is to do a lot of experimenting before you add any substitutes to your recipe. Some of these substitutes are more popular than others. Some are easier to get than others.

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