Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts and Calories

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Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Twisted Tea is a very popular drink these days. We will explore more about the Twisted Tea nutrition facts and calories.

What is Twisted Tea?

This is a drink made from real tea using alcohol, the combination of lemon and real tea gives a sweet and cool taste. The preparation involves several ingredients that provide flavor, uses real tea, and the alcohol content is 4-5% of the volume. This is a flavorful and delicious drink.

Can you drink Twisted Tea every day? Let’s explore the nutritional facts below.

Several important facts about Twisted Tea

Before we get into the nutrition facts, let’s take a look at the facts about this alcoholic tea.

Twisted Tea was first produced at a Boston beer company in 2000.

Now there are quite a lot of variations of Twisted Tea, but initially it only served tea drinks with lemon juice.

One 12-ounce can of Twisted Tea contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee. So, one 12-ounce can contains 30 mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine. So, this alcoholic tea drink has very little caffeine value.

Twisted Tea contains ethyl alcohol or ethanol and is a malt alcoholic beverage and is similar to beer.

Malt alcohol is a type of alcohol that comes from grain.

If you are interested in low caffeine drinks, you can try jarritos, a Mexican soda drink.

Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts and Calories

Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts and Calories

A normal can of twisted tea measures 12 fl.oz or 354 ml, and one can of this size contains the following nutrients:

  • Calories – 190
  • Calories from fat – 0 (0%)
  • Saturated fat – 0 g (0%)
  • Total fat 0 g – (0%)
  • Cholesterol – 0 mg (0%)
  • Potassium – 271 mg
  • Sodium – 8 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 25.9 g
  • Dietary fiber – 0 g (0%)
  • Net Carbs – 25.9 g
  • Vitamin C – 2.8 mg
  • Sugar – 23 g
  • Iron – 0 mg (0%)
  • Proteins – 0 g
  • Calcium – 2.6 mg
  • 30 mg of caffeine
  • Alcohol – 14 g (4-5%)

Calories in Twisted Tea

  • Hard Iced Twisted Tea Original (12 fl oz) – 190 calories
  • Twisted Tea half & half (12 fl oz) – 190 calories
  • Twisted Tea Original (24 fl oz) – 380 calories
  • Twisted Tea Light (24 fl oz) – 220 Calories
  • Twisted Tea Light (12 fl oz) – 110 calories

Ingredients in Twisted Tea

Maybe we are wondering “what are the ingredients in Twisted Tea”. The Twisted Tea company states that their drinks are made using real brewed tea.

Apart from original brewed tea, it also uses malt ingredients, natural flavorings and sugar. Then various types of flavors are added as variations of the taste.

How Many Types of Flavors Are Found in Twisted Tea?

Talking about the flavors, Twisted Tea now comes with 12 different flavors, they are:

1. Twisted Tea Original

Original Twisted Tea is a mixture of real tea and lemon. The original taste of this refreshing drink is worth sharing with others who are thirsty for enjoyment. The alcohol content varies between 4-5%.

One 12 oz can of twisted tea contains 190 to 194 calories, while the carbohydrates are 25.9 grams. It feels refreshing and makes our friends want to feel at home with you.

2. Twisted Tea Peach

Refreshing cold tea using peach seems suitable for those of you who crave fruit freshness. It’s made with natural tea and natural peaches.

3. Twisted Tea Half & Half

For those who want additional flavor in Twisted Tea, the half and half-hard options are suitable for you. It’s half iced tea and half lemonade, and tastes spicier than the original. A 12 fl oz can contains 190 calories and 30.5 g carbs.

4. Twisted Tea Raspberry

Drinking a sip of Twisted Tea Raspberry gives off a summer feel, it’s the perfect combination of brewed tea, alcohol and a hint of raspberry, it’s perfect for any occasion. One serving of raspberries contains 209 calories.

5. Twisted Tea Pineapple

Pineapple Twisted Tea is a refreshing drink with a tropical and sweet taste that is complemented by cold ice cubes. This drink is suitable to be used as a delicious drink when you are carrying out work under the hot sun.

6. Twisted Tea Blueberry

Blueberry twisted tea is a drink that comes with blueberry flavor, combined with alcohol. It has a sour taste and a hint of blueberry flavor making it very refreshing. This twisted tea contains 205 calories and 28.2 carbs.

7. Twisted Tea Blackberry

Twisted Tea Blackberry is a non-carbonated drink made by steeping black tea and adding a little natural blackberry flavor. For those who like to adventure in the wild, the hot drink Twisted Tea Blackberry is perfect for you. A 12 oz can contains 205 calories.

8. Twisted Tea Mango

If you like mango and tea, why not try a tea drink mixed with mango fruit. There is Twisted Tea Mango which will make you go weak in the knees with every sip.

Every sip delivers the refreshing sweet taste of mango, but this is in tea form. This mango Twisted Tea drink contains 195 calories.

Some other types of Twisted Tea are:

  • Twisted Tea Sweet Cherry Lime
  • Twisted Tea Mangonada
  • Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey
  • Twisted Tea Light

Twisted Tea Calorie Burn Time

If you drink one bottle of original Twisted Tea, it means you are entering 190-194 calories into your body, and this will have the potential for weight gain if it is not metabolized properly by the body. So, with this measurement, how long does it take for the body to burn these calories.

The calorie burning process can vary in time according to the form of exercise or activity chosen. The following is the length of time for burning calories according to each sport.

This is the result of research on the case above.

  • Swimming – 16 minutes
  • Running – 19 minutes
  • Jogging – 22 minutes
  • Cycling – 30 minutes
  • Walking – 54 minutes

From research results, we know that the sport that burns calories the fastest is swimming. To burn 190 calories, swimming only takes 16 minutes.

Meanwhile, the sport that burns calories the longest is walking. To burn 190 calories, we have to walk for 54 minutes.

How to Make Twisted Tea at Home?

In fact, twisted tea is available in stores at affordable prices, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make it yourself at home while gaining experience with twisted tea.

The ingredients that must be prepared are tea, lemon, sugar and yeast. This is the main ingredient, if you want additional taste, you can add sweet fizzy flavor.


To make twisted tea, combine all the ingredients in a large jar, and serve chilled in a glass.

Side-Effects of Consuming Twisted Tea

  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is dangerous for health
  • Pregnant women should not drink alcohol because it can cause birth defects
  • Drinking alcoholic drinks such as twisted tea is dangerous and can be fatal
  • Consuming too much can cause nausea, headaches, vomiting and dehydration.

Conclusion: Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

From the review above we know that the nutritional facts of twisted tea are very good. This drink contains quite a lot of potassium, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamin C and also net carbs. then we see that it is a drink that contains caffeine, but it is very little compared to the caffeine in coffee.

Then, what you have to pay attention to is that twisted tea is rich in calories. If you maintain an ideal body weight, you should avoid this drink. The number of calories is very high and the Original type contains 380 calories. It also contains 14g or 4-5% alcohol.

Some types of tea and other refreshing drinks that you should try are as follows:

√ FAQs for Twisted Tea Nutrition Facts

Can you get drunk off Twisted Tea?

Yes, you can get drunk because Twisted Tea contains around 4-5% alcohol. But the amount of alcohol is still low compared to other intoxicating drinks such as rum, whiskey or vodka.

How much sugar is in a twisted tea can?

a 12 oz can contains 23.3 grams of sugar and a 24 oz can contains 46.6g sugar (Twisted Tea Half & Half Can). This is the Twisted Tea with the highest sugar content.

There is also a very low sugar content, this is twisted tea light, it only contains 6.2 grams of sugar for one 12 oz can. This is Twisted Tea with the lowest sugar content.

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