How to Make the Malibu Barbie Drink

by Simon
Malibu Barbie Drink

Do you like watching Barbie movies or just often see them on your TV? Actually, there is a unique idea from Barbie. There is a Malibu barbie drink, you probably don’t know, this is a drink made from fresh fruit combined with Malibu rum. The cooler it sounds. Actually, this Barbie Barbie drink is a cocktail containing fresh fruit such as pineapple, orange, cranberry, and of course with the addition of Malibu rum.

Malibu Barbie Drink Recipe

To be able to present this simple but unique drink, you must prepare the following ingredients:

Equipment that must be present:

  • Cocktail Shakers
  • Blender that can mix ice cubes
  • Cocktail Glasses (Highball or Margarita Glass)
  • Straw


To maintain natural freshness and be healthy and delicious, we recommend only using fresh fruit, if possible, don’t use concentrate.

But if you have to use it, rest assured that the Malibu Barbie drink will still taste delicious and refreshing. But the freshness will be different, that’s why we recommend only using ingredients from fresh fruit and not using concentrate.

Ok, let’s look at the ingredients below.

  • Coconut rum (Malibu Rum recommended)
  • Pineapple juice
  • Cranberry juice
  • Grenadine syrup
  • Orange juice
  • Pink sanding sugar for rimming
  • Pineapple wedge and cherry for garnish


  1. Take a large cocktail shaker, add any type of juice (we recommend using fresh fruit juice and not concentrate), and add ice cubes
  2. Shake vigorously
  3. The mixture is poured into a cocktail glass
  4. Then in the glass add grenadine, this will produce the pink color you like.
  5. Add pineapple slices, umbrellas and other decorations as a complement.
  6. Enjoy the Malibu Barbie drink, I hope you are satisfied.

What Does a Malibu Barbie Drink have in it?

This drink is made to convey a beach atmosphere or girly sound as much as possible. This is about Malibu and Barbie, that’s all and not about you =)). So this is about fresh juice decorated as girlily as possible with an umbrella, fresh fruit slices that don’t have a very strong taste.

The pink drink comes from the addition of grenadine, and the other colors come from a combination of fresh fruit and orange.

Frozen Malibu Barbie Cocktail Recipe

This is a frozen drink that uses a lot of ice cubes. You can make it as simple as possible and you can also make it as difficult as you want. An easy way to make a Barbie Barbie drink is to add lots of ice cubes. For this, you have to use a blender that can hold ice cubes. Fill the blender 80% with ice cubes and the rest with fresh fruit or concentrate.

If you’re just making a cold, non-frozen Barbie drink, just add a few ice cubes or cool the ingredients first in your refrigerator.

You can put the Malibu Rum in the freezer, for both versions; Frozen and traditional, you can put Malibu Rum in the freezer.

What does a Malibu Barbie Drink Taste like?

If you’ve made it, you’ll know what it tastes like, but if you haven’t tried it, of course you’re wondering what Malibu Barbie Drink tastes like.

If you know what a delicious punch tastes like, then Barbie Malibu tastes like that. The right combination of fresh fruit will give rise to a unique and delicious taste, the flavors will strengthen each other and not spoil the taste. You can use other rums such as black or white rum, but you won’t get the tropical taste you want.

If you want to use Traditional Rum and still have the coconut aroma, you can use coconut syrup. The Barbie drink is an awesome cocktail all year round, and it seems like a drink especially for girls to enjoy because the design of the drink is quite feminine.

Interested in Other Tropical Drinks?

If you have tried the drink and also want to try other refreshing drinks, then we have also written several other cocktail recipes that you should also try, including:

The key to the freshness of this cocktail is using high-quality ingredients. Artificial ingredients will only make your drink unpleasant and useless. Every time you want a delicious drink, pay attention to or look for high quality ingredients. If you use natural ingredients, then that’s even better.

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