How to Make a Purple Gatorade Shot

by Simon
How to Make a Purple Gatorade Shot

Purple Gatorade shot is the most delicious type of drink among other types of Gatorade, but some people sometimes think it tastes like medicine, while most people really enjoy it. So, what exactly is gatorade? Gatorade shots are a mix of your favorite gatorade with some other ingredients like vodka or Tito’s for a more cost effective option.

Purple Gatorade Shot Recipe

Purple Gatorade is a simple drink that is delicious and easy to prepare. This is a combination of grape gatorade mixed with ice cubes and shaken in a shaker. This is a professional level recipe, but if you want something quicker, here’s the step by step you should follow.

– Put gatorade, vodka and ice cubes in a shaker

– Shake the shaker vigorously until all ingredients are mixed evenly

– Pour through a strainer so the ice cubes don’t fall into the glass.


With just 3 ingredients you can make purple gatorade shots. Here are the ingredients:

  • Grape-flavored Gatorade or Powerade (!!)
  • Clear or citrus-flavored vodka (optional)
  • Ice cubes (to chill the vodka)

Step by Step Instructions:


Chill your gatorade in the refrigerator and vodka in the freezer

Now layer your shot (pro-level):

To make your shot purple and appetizing, you need to layer blue and purple gatorade. here are the detailed steps:

– Fill your glass with 1/3 of the Gatorade wine, use a small funnel or pour carefully.

– Using the same funnel, pour the grape flavored gatorade through the back of a spoon, do it slowly, this will form distinct layers.

– If you add vodka, you can make another layer using a little clear vodka, or just use orange flavored vodka, pour it through the back of a spoon, over the purple gatorade layer.


If you have layered as desired, serve immediately. The layers must remain separated for a short time so as to produce an interesting and beautiful visual effect. These mixtures will still mix if left for a long time.

Some of the equipment needed:

  • Shaker Glass (Our favorite glass)
  • Shot Glass
  • Strainers

How can I make the Purple Gatorade Shot better?

To make this drink taste delicious and more perfect, you can follow several methods. Use grape vodka for a stronger taste, you can also coat the glass with sugar or certain candies. Maybe an example is the Kenny’s Cooler cocktail, you can see how it looks.

Do Purple Gatorade Shots have a lot of Alcohol?

The amount of alcohol in purple gatorade depends on the alcoholic drink you choose and how much you use. If you use traditional vodka, the content can be 40% alcohol by volume on the bottle itself. But the shot can be very different, because you have mixed the vodka with gatorade and ice cubes. So, the total alcohol in your Gatorade shot can be 20%. This will make the purple gatorade taste more delicious, you can enjoy it more without getting drunk.

Does the Gatorade Shot hydrate you?

At first glance you think it could be hydrating especially with the addition of electrolytes. But in fact that is not true, you will not find any hydration benefits from drinking this alcoholic drink. The alcohol content actually dehydrates you slowly because it acts as a diuretic.


But the cool taste makes purple Gatorade shots suitable to drink even in the summer.

Can I buy a Purple Gatorade Shot at a Bar?

It depends on the bar, but most high-end bars don’t provide it. But if you’re at a campus bar, sometimes they serve it.

Is it OK to Mix Gatorade with Alcohol?

This is clear in the explanation above, read it carefully, you will already know that Gatorade is mixed with 40% vodka, but after the shot making process, by mixing it with Gatorade and ice cubes, around 20% alcohol will remain and this makes the drink even more delicious. .

How do you make a Gatorade shot taste different?

This Gatorade shot recipe is easy to copy and this is one of its advantages, why do so many people like Gatorade shots? Because it is easy to make and the ingredients are also easily available. But you can differentiate between pro level and simple level Gatorade shots very easily. Instead of using blue curacao in orange gatorade, you can use a different orange liqueur. If you are making red gatorade, you can mix it with cranberry juice.

How to Make a Purple Gatorade Shot

Purple Gatorade Shot

Serves: 4 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
( 1 voted )


  • Grape-flavored Gatorade or Powerade
  • Vodka, flavored vodka okay as well
  • Ice cubes


  1. Chill the gatorade in the refrigerator and the vodka in the freezer
  2. Fill the glass 1/3 full with grape gatorade, use a small funnel or pour carefully.
  3. Using the same funnel, carefully pour the grape flavored gatorade onto the back of the spoon, holding it just above the blue gatorade, this will create different layers in the drink.
  4. If adding vodka, you can make another layer, pour a little clear or orange flavored vodka through the back of a spoon over the purple gatorade.
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