Does Rice Make You Shorter? Let Look The Facts

by Simon
Does Rice Make Your Body Shorter

There is a question that until now has been a question mark. The question is “does rice make your body shorter?”. This is worth finding the answer to, because most people who eat rice have shorter bodies. For example, Asians, Latin Americans and parts of Africa have bodies like that. Rice is a staple food in India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and is eaten widely in several countries in the world.

In general, there are two types of rice cultivated, white rice and red rice. Then, according to its shape, rice is also classified into two types: long-grain rice and short-grain rice.

Is it true that rice makes you shorter? First, let’s see what are the benefits of consuming rice. Among the benefits of rice are controlling diabetes, good for digestion, reducing the risk of cancer, maintaining blood pressure and so on. Rice is a very nutritious food so it is worthy of being used as a staple food, besides that it is a type of grain that is long-lasting in storage. However, there is controversy about rice, especially regarding the question, are people who eat rice shorter?

So, now you know why people assume that eating rice can make you short. This can be seen from the fact that Asian people have shorter bodies compared to Americans and Europeans. This makes some people think that eating rice can make a person grow shorter. What do you think, does eating rice make you shorter, let’s see more clearly.

Rice Nutrition Value of 100g

Nutrients Amount
Calories 130Kcal
Carbohydrate 28.7g
Protein 2.36g
Fat 0.19g
Sugars 0g
Nutritional information of 100g rice

4 Reasons Why Rice Affects Your Body Shorter

A person’s body growth is mainly influenced by genetics, the nutrition they consume and physical activity. So, genetics determine how tall you are, but the nutrition you eat also contributes to your height. Rice is a food that is consumed continuously and is usually eaten at 180-250 grams, and this actually does not directly affect your height. But rice affects height indirectly, especially when you eat too much rice..

1. Rice is rich in carbohydrates and this affects height

A diet high in protein really helps you in increasing your body’s growth continuously. Protein in this case is considered to build the body to develop. While it is rich in carbohydrates, it also contains very small amounts of protein. So, rice is not involved in changing a person’s body height, but if you continuously eat rice in large quantities (a food rich in carbohydrates and little protein) it can inhibit overall growth. So, in your daily diet it is highly recommended to include various types of foods that are rich in protein.

2. Rice May Affect Arm-Span Height Difference

Your arm span is the measurement measured from the tip of one arm to the tip of the other arm when raised parallel to the ground at shoulder height and forming a 90 degree angle. This is a measure of arm span that is directly related to body height.

Eating too much rice, especially sticky rice, is said to be linked to the formation of GERD. Many studies state that spinal abnormalities have a positive relationship with the pathogenesis of GERD symptoms. Indeed, this relationship is considered complicated, but it does affect body shorter or height in this way.

3. Rice develops lethargy which can be a reason for short height

Another reason why rice makes you short is because it induces lethargy and fatigue. Eating rice is associated with lethargy, and this is the reason Asian people eat rice at night. because they want to sleep soundly. Apart from that, eating rice is also linked to weight gain. So, as mentioned above, apart from genetics and nutrition, physical movement also determines a person’s height.

Eating too much rice can cause a person to become lethargic and weak, resulting in a person feeling tired from physical activity, this indirectly affects your height.

4. Rice can cause growth retardation

One of the bad effects of eating rice is type 2 diabetes. If you eat too much rice every day, a person will be triggered by a health condition called type 2 diabetes. Poor glycemic control can also inhibit growth and of course affect your body’s growth. .

Eating too much rice can also affect the optimal growth and development of a baby or child. So, a healthy diet is a diet that combines various types of nutrients, not only carbohydrates but also rich in protein and others.

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Conclusion: Eating Rice Affects and Makes Your Body Shorter

These are some of the reasons why rice affects growth and ultimately makes a person grow short. However, it does not influence it directly because other important things that are competent in this case are genetics, nutrition and also finally, physical activity or exercise.

Factors that directly influence body height are genetics, traits inherited from our ancestors, our parents. But nutrition and physical movement are needed to maximize body growth.

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