Small Red Potatoes – Are Red Potatoes Dyed

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Are Red Potatoes Dyed

When we talk about tubers, one that comes to mind is Small Red Potatoes. This is a food that is often served during various celebrations and these small potatoes are a healthy food rich in nutrients. Red potatoes sometimes feel unique in terms of their striking color, some people ask Are Red Potatoes Dyed or Not.

Why is that, because in fact many small potatoes are colored so they become small red potatoes. Did you know that almost half of all small red potatoes are colored? This is data from the American Food and Drug Administration.

So, what about these small red potatoes we’re talking about, Are Red Potatoes Dyed?

Red potatoes are generally naturally red in color, but there are many small potatoes that are colored so that they become colored red potatoes. The natural color of potatoes usually fades over time. Especially if exposed to direct sunlight, most red potatoes will fade and lose their original red color.

So, to prevent the color from fading, potato farmers usually dye their potatoes red to keep the color bright. If you walk into a traditional shop to buy potatoes and find red potatoes that are really good and have a very beautiful color, then chances are it is one of them that has undergone a coloring process.

But you don’t need to be afraid because these colored red potatoes are still safe to eat. The color aims to maintain the original color, namely the red color of the potato.

Why Would Growers Dyed Red Potatoes?

It is probably very reasonable that farmers tend to prefer to buy brightly colored, red crabs that have been dipped. This dip keeps the potatoes fresh and this makes buyers prefer these little red potatoes.

Some farmers are now starting to breed red potatoes, these are potatoes that are bred specifically to produce red potatoes naturally.

How Do Red Potatoes Get Their Color?

Red potatoes get their “red” color from the anthocyanin pigment content in the tuber periderm and peripheral cortex. but how can this happen? When potatoes are exposed to light, this pigment is active and produces a red or purple color. This is called the chemical synthesis process.

If you are wondering how red potatoes can have such a beautiful red color. So the answer is from the anthocyanin pigment.

But one thing you have to remember is that when you buy potatoes, you don’t need to look or pay attention to the color. This coloring is only external, and it does not affect the taste of the potato itself. So, as consumers, we don’t need to worry about this.

Moreover, potatoes are not the only food or item that is colored, there are many other foods that are also colored, for example durian. To protect and prevent overripe, sometimes durian is also colored on the outside.

But for those colored red, there are several fruits and other foods.

The most common fruit to color is apples, naturally apples have a greenish color, then they are dyed red so they look more attractive to sell.

Another fruit that is also colored is pears. The original color is yellowish, but colorists add red to make it look brighter.

Fruit jam, there are also vegetables that are colored, for example orange carrots are colored red. Naturally, the orange color is not very attractive.

How Are Red Potatoes Grown

How to grow red potatoes? This is a very common potato variant in America. There are many foods and snacks made from potatoes. There are French fries, mashed potatoes and others that provide certain flavors and nutrients.

Potatoes grow in temperate climates, so if you live in a cold climate, it is best to plant potatoes about 6 months before the arrival of frost. Northern areas usually have later frost dates than southern areas. So, southern regions can start planting potatoes a little earlier than northern regions.

Also pay attention to the length of time for planting, and when the harvest season is and the best type of soil for planting. If the growing season is short, then it is best to plant it indoors, then you can move it outdoors.

If your soil is sandy, this type of soil tends to dry out quickly, so it’s best to wait until close to the last frost so the potatoes don’t dry out. Well, if you live in Asia, you don’t need to worry about the planting season, all times of the year are the best seasons to plant potatoes.

Are Red Potatoes Healthy?

Potatoes are a healthy food, they provide various nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and are rich in fiber. Some people say that red potatoes are healthier and better than other types. It turns out, there is truth and there are several theories that support this.

Red potatoes are rich or richer in antioxidants compared to other potatoes. Antioxidants are important substances that can protect the body from the effects of cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous chemicals that cause cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.

Can You Avoid Dyed Potatoes?

Want to avoid dyes in colored fruit? There are several ways you can take to avoid colored potatoes. One way is to buy organic potatoes.

Organic potatoes are not treated with pesticides, nor are they treated with synthetic herbicides, nor are they dyed.

Another way to avoid dyed potatoes is to look for potatoes that are labeled with a Non-GMO Project verified label.

An independent third party verified the product, stating that it is free of genetically engineered ingredients.

FAQs: Are Red Potatoes Dyed

Are red skin potatoes natural?

Are red culture potatoes natural? It’s true that this is a natural potato that you usually find in nature. These potatoes are cultivated by farmers, but some of them are dyed to maintain their freshness, but you don’t need to be afraid because this dye does not enter or affect the contents of the potato.

If you are looking for raw potatoes, you can buy these red skinned potatoes. But when consuming it or adding it to culinary delights, you have to peel the skin.

Which Potato Is Healthier, Red or White?

All potatoes are healthy foods rich in fiber and various minerals. However, if you compare red potatoes vs regular potatoes, red-skinned potatoes are richer in antioxidants which are quite good at warding off disease germs in the body.

If you see both at the store, choose red-skinned potatoes rather than white-skinned potatoes.

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Conclusion: Are Red Potatoes Dyed

Potatoes are a healthy food, their red color comes from their natural color which comes from the anthocyanin pigment content. But there are also types of potatoes that are dyed. Some white potatoes are sometimes dyed with red color to make them look more attractive to buyers.

If you want to get organic potatoes, then buy them from farmers who grow them organically, or you can hunt for non-BMO verified label products whose quality has been proven.

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