23 Healthy Foods That Start With X

by Simon
Healthy Foods That Start With X

Foods that start with the letter X are a bit difficult to find, but with hard work, we have collected at least 25 foods that start with the letter

So, knowing the names of these foods is very fun and feels cool because there are very few foods whose names start with the letter X. The list of foods that we have collected consists of several categories including vegetables, fruit, dishes, etc. -other.

23 Healthy Foods That Start With X

We offer you healthy foods that start with the letter X, hopefully they can broaden your insight. Young Xouba is called Sardine

1. Xouba

Healthy Foods That Start With X

Xouba Fish

Xouba is the name of a fish found throughout Spain, the name in Europe is known as Pilchard. Young Xouba fish often make a delicious meal in cans. The big ones are also eaten, but they are not often found in Europe.

2. Xia Mi

Xia Mi is a small, dried shrimp that is widely available in China, several Asian countries and South America.

Usually, Xia Mi is used in various dishes to add sweet and savory flavors to certain dishes. There are also those who use Xia Mi as a cooking spice or as a main dish.

3. Xavier Steaks

Next, the food that starts with the letter X is Xavier Steak. This is a food made with three main ingredients such as canned asparagus, Swiss cheese, or steak.

This food is named after the place and region, until now it is not clear where the name “Xavier Steak” came from. But it is possible that this is the name of a place or the name of the person who first discovered it.

4. Xingren Donfu

This is the best and trending dessert in China. Xingren Donfu is made with ingredients such as sugar, agar, gelatin, almonds, apricots, this is a thick dessert with delicious flavors.

5. Xocolatl


This is Mexican hot chocolate but not the original version. Xocolatl is a type of hot chocolate that is very sweet and strong, perhaps we could say that the taste of Xocolatl is like milk and is slightly spicy.

In America, this is a rich chocolate drink, with a hint of sweetness, and flavored with cinnamon and chili.

6. Xavier Soup

One of the foods that starts with the letter X is Xavier Soup. This is Italy’s best soup. Xavier Soup contains parmesan ting dumplings, this is served with very rich chicken dumplings.

7. Xanthia

This is an old drink from around 1920 and is no longer as famous as it used to be. The Xanthia Cocktail drink consists of gin, chartreuse, brandy, cherries using the same ratio.

Greek mythology believes that the name Xanthia is named after the Greek goddess, which means a moth-like insect.

8. Xampinyons Mushrooms Salsa

Xampinyons Mushrooms Salsa is made from mushrooms, and uses sauce, and is a very famous food in Spain. This is one of the classic dishes made from mushrooms.

The cooking process involves wild mushrooms, garlic and some spices.

9. Xinomavro grapes

The Xinomavro grapes is a famous drink in Macedonia, Greece where their red wine is made from this type of grape.

Xinomavro grapes are noted for their high tannin levels with higher levels of acidity. It could be said that Xinomavro is a famous grape in this part of Greece.

10. Xacuti

It is an Indian curry mainly found in Goa and is very popular. Mostly made up of coconut, spices, chili, white poppy seeds, and chicken or lamb. It is quite similar to Chacuti, a Portuguese dish.

11. Xnipec

Another food that starts with X is Xnipec. This is a fresh salsa, which looks similar to pico de gallo.

This dish is cooked with citrus, it’s spicy, and they use Habanero chilies.

12. Xi Gua Lao

This also includes a dessert made from crushed watermelon and it tastes very fresh.

Xi Gua Lao is very famous in Beijing, and China. This food is made from vanilla powder, sugar, watermelon, chopped cherries, and gelatin.

13. Xidoufen

Xidoufen is a famous soup dish in China, especially in Yunnan. This food is made from peas, chili oil, onions, ginger with high spices, this is also called peanut porridge.

14. Xiao Long Bao

This is a fashionable and trendy soup dumpling. These are unique steamed dumplings filled with pork and hot broth. This is Chinese food, and it is very famous throughout China.

This food is an extraordinary food with high artistry, and the manufacturing process is quite complicated.

15. Xalapa punch

Xalapa punch has the bitter and sour taste of sangria. This is one of the unique cocktails, consisting of black tea, red wine, lemon, brandy and orange.

16. Xoconostle

It is the name of a fruit originating from Central Mexico, this fruit comes from the cactus plant. Xoconostle fruit has a sour taste and very few people want to eat it.

Xoconostle fruit is used to provide a sour taste to mole and salsa sauce.

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17. Xigua

Another fruit that starts with the letter X is Xigua. This fruit comes from the west side of Africa. This fruit is known as citron melon. Watermelon is widely known and loved throughout the world.

18. Xiphias gladius

Xiphias gladius is the name of a fish, which is widely known in various countries as the Broadbill.

One of the oily fish contains methyl mercury in toxic or even highly toxic levels. Many of these fish are used as steaks and some are grilled. The silky texture is smooth and creamy.

19. Ximenia

Ximenia is a fruit, it is also known as fatwood, yellow plum, pig plum, chamorro and sea lemon. The color is bright green, and the leaves are oval in shape and have an almond aroma.

This fruit has a pale or even reddish flower color and lemon yellow. What does Ximenia taste like? If this is what you are asking, then know that Ximenia fruit has an appetizing taste, like the taste of plums.

20. XOI

XOI is a bowl of sticky rice, XOI is Vietnamese essence. This rice is something that must be available and XOI is usually made into breakfast.

It can be used as a food collaboration with various other foods. XOI is traditionally consumed with sesame and peanuts, chicken, eggs and with black beans.


XO SAUCE is a seafood dish with a spicy taste and is based in Hong Kong. This food has an umami taste, and is currently popular in the southern region of China.

It is a food made from chili peppers, garlic, dried shrimp, jinhua ham, and canola oil.

22. XIA

XIA is Chinese for shrimp. This is a trending food in Guangdong China. These are shrimp dumplings, used in making traditional Chinese dumplings as Xia Jiao.


The XYLITOL is a sugar substitute and is extracted from plant fibers, including berries, corn husks and birch bark. It tastes exactly like sugar, but is difficult for the body to absorb completely.

XYLITOL has fewer calories so it is healthy for human consumption.

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