Does Amaretto Go Bad? Amaretto Shelf Life

by Simon
Does Amaretto Go Bad? Amaretto Shelf Life

Does Amaretto go bad? A question that many Amaretto lovers are curious about. What if you found all the bottles of Amaretto in the storage area at your house, and you looked at them a long time ago, is the Amaretto still good, how do you identify signs of spoilage? What is the Amaretto shelf life? and how to store it properly so you can maximize its shelf life. All this is our topic today and we will start now.

Amaretto is a liquor with a proven level of durability, many people don’t know how this liquor is stored properly, whether it has to be in the refrigerator or freezer. All of this certainly affects its shelf life.

There are differing opinions out there about how long it lasts once opened and vice versa. All the reviews will be our review today. Want to learn more about Amaretto drink regarding storage, shelf life, and about the question “does Amaretto go bad?”. We will explain everything easily here, please keep reading!

How to Store Amaretto

How to store it is the same as how to store other liquor. If you often play with Rumchata or Kahlua, that’s what you do with Amaretto. In Amaretto there are no ingredients that are easily damaged so storage at room temperature or a slightly lower temperature is not a problem. So, you can store Amaretto in your kitchen cupboard. Additionally, if you have a specialty for liquor, then this can also work well.

Note that storing Amaretto must be in a dry and dark place, avoid places exposed to sunlight or other heat sources, the storage rules are the same as for most liquors.

To store Amaretto well, pay attention to the tips we provide below.

Tips for Storing Amaretto to Extend Its Shelf Life

Amaretto is best served cold, like most other alcoholic drinks. So, if you want to enjoy it, please move it from room temperature (your kitchen cupboard) to the refrigerator for a few moments before you enjoy it.

Amaretto Shelf Life

If you have opened the bottle cap, make sure to store it again in a properly closed condition. Oxygen is the worst thing for liquor storage.

In essence, if liquor is exposed to oxygen or the lid is opened, oxidation will occur which causes a change in taste. The longer it is exposed to air, the faster the oxidation process will take place and the faster it will damage your Amaretto. So, if you have opened the lid, close it tightly when you are not drinking it.

If the bottle of Amaretto is less than half full, and you think you won’t be able to finish it within the next 6 months, then it is important to consider storing it in a smaller bottle so that there is no air in it or the air is smaller and this will slow down the oxidation process. So, of course the shelf life of Amaretto will be longer.

So, you don’t need to refrigerate Amaretto when you open the bottle cap. Follow the tips above, transfer Amaretto from a large, empty bottle into a small bottle with less room for air.

How Long Does Amaretto Last

In fact, if you store Amaretto properly, the Amaretto shelf life is unlimited.

Sometimes Amaretto has an expiration date. The expiration date on the Amaretto bottle shows how long the Amaretto drink is best for consumption. So, it doesn’t indicate the spoilage of the drink, but the date when the quality is still good for consumption.

As long as you don’t open the bottle, Amaretto will remain good for several years.

But once you open the lid of the Amaretto drink bottle, it will slowly change and oxidize. Maybe you have read in several media that Amaretto remains of good quality for up to 6 months after opening the bottle cap. But many people use Amaretto liqueur for several years after it has been uncorked and it still tastes good. This is a fact, and of course the quality is influenced by many factors such as whether you store it in a bottle without air space (the drink fills the bottle), whether you often open the lid or not and so on.

So, even if you have opened the bottle, if you only drink a little, there is no need to worry because Amaretto will easily last a long time.

Info for Your Amaretto Shelf Life

Opened or not Pantry
Amaretto Unopened 20+ years
Amaretto Opened ~5 years

If you drink Amaretto alone (without mixing it in other drinks or dishes), of course you will notice the changes earlier, compared to enjoying Amaretto in coffee drinks, recipes, or added to ice cream.

You should note that the expiration date on the bottle is the date to indicate the best quality limit of Amaretto. So, even though this date has passed, you can still enjoy Amaretto even though the taste has changed and is no longer fresh.

How to Tell If Amaretto Is Bad?

We already know from the explanation above that amaretto shelf life is so long and does not spoil for years. But if you use it from time to time or often open the lid, then you need to check it before consuming it.

Several indications that show that amaretto has changed include:

  1. The smell. If you find the smell unpleasant, when you smell it you feel something unusual, a bad smell.
  2. The color changes. If you find that the color is not the same as when you bought it, it has changed, whatever color it is after changing, then this shows that your amaretto is damaged and should be thrown away.
  3. The taste changes. Apart from changes in color and smell, there are changes in taste. If you don’t see a change in color, don’t smell an unpleasant odor, try tasting a little with the tip of your tongue, if you feel something unusual, immediately remove it from you.

All of the above signs are signs of spoilage of amaretto. However, this is very rare because this drink is quite capable of maintaining its consistency.

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One possible change is if you opened the bottle several years ago, and now find that the amaretto has changed in smell or taste. So, this condition is very likely to occur and this change is the result of oxidation after the amaretto is exposed to air.

So, as we said above, if you have half a bottle or less left, then store it in a smaller bottle to prevent air from entering the bottle, this way it will allow you to maintain better quality amaretto.

Where Can You Use Amaretto other than Drinking?

You can use amaretto in cooking to add flavor to your dishes, such as adding it to cocktails, cooking, or to baked goods and even ice cream.

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