Does White Claw Go Bad? White Claw Shelf Life

by Simon
Does White Claw Go Bad? White Claw Shelf Life

Does White Claw go bad or what is white claw shelf life, an important question considering this drink product does not have an expiration date on its packaging. So, it is difficult for customers to know when White Claw products have gone bad or expired and are no longer suitable for use. If you drink Miller Lite, you probably know when to avoid it because it has an expiration date

Actually, the reason there is no expiration code is probably because technically this drink will not spoil, but there is a production code on the can. You can know how long this white claw shelf life will be.

It is recommended that you consume this drink within one year of its production. The taste will start to change after one year of storage.

But there are some people who tried tasting white claw after one year and found it to be in fine condition.

So, if you want to ask “do white claw get bad”, then you are in the right place, we will provide important information about white claw, especially about whether they will get bad over time.

Now let’s find out what white claws actually are?

What Are White Claws?

White claw is a type of alcoholic drink, it is a hard seltzer made from fruit flavorings, alcohol, and carbonated water.

This drink has low calories, sugar and gluten free, so it is suitable for those of you who are watching your diet, even white claw can be the best substitute for red wine.

Can Unopened White Claw Go Bad?

The official White Claw website states that White Claw (their drink) can last up to one year unopened. This liquor is stored in cans, so it can ensure a long shelf life.

Some White Claw customers said that their drinks went bad within a few weeks. But actually, it is not damaged as long as it is unopened and stored properly in the right place. But as time goes by, the taste of white claw drinks will fade.

Several factors can cause damage to white claws. If you find that your white claw has been damaged after only a few weeks and has not been opened, then the possibility is that the following things have happened.

1. Damage the can

If a drink can is damaged or dented, this condition will affect the quality of the white claw inside.

2. Hot or humid environment

Incorrect storage, such as storing in a humid or hot environment, can affect the contents of the can and make the quality decrease over time.

3. Storage exceeds twelve months (1 year)

Indeed, white claw does not have an expiry date but there is a production code, this drink can be stored for a maximum of 1 year and the quality will decrease after that.

If you notice that your can of White Claw doesn’t feel good anymore, then one possibility is that it has been stored for more than a years.

How To Tell If White Claw Has Gone Bad?

For those of you who are not familiar with white claws, of course you are wondering how to indicate rotten white claw. Ok, if you find a can of white claw with one of the indications below, then this indicates that your white claw is rotten and you can throw it away.

– Smell

If you find that white claw smells like vinegar or has a sour smell, then this is a sign that it is bad.

– Taste

If you taste it, it will definitely taste unpleasant and sour.

– Color

Color can also be a sign that white claw has rotted. If the color is very dark, then this indicates rot.

If you see this, then you can just throw away your white claw because it is certain that it has gone bad, especially if you find the smell is unusual.

When you drink a bad white claw, then you are in danger and could even be hospitalized. So, be careful with alcoholic drinks like white claw.

How Do You Read The Expiration Code On White Claw?

White Claw is different from other drinks because it does not have an expiration date. However, this drink has a production code that shows the year of production so you can guess how long White Claw has been produced.

The code printed on the can consists of 4 numbers, the first two numbers represent the month and the last two numbers represent the year of production.

White Claw, if stored properly, can last for 1 year from the time it is produced. So, when you buy it, don’t forget to pay attention to the month and year of production.

The correct way to store White Claw is to store it in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight, away from other heat sources. So that the shelf life of white claw can be more maximum.

If you store them in the refrigerator, sure you can extend the white claw shelf life, chances are they will last a little longer than if they weren’t stored there. Be careful consuming alcoholic beverages, and if you must do so, pay attention to the year and month of production, remember not to exceed one year since production.

Can You Drink White Claw That Has Expired?

White Claw is a drink that is popular with many, especially when used at parties. But what if you find that White Claw has exceeded the recommended usage, for example it is more than a year after its production date, can you drink expired White Claw?

If you estimate from the production date that your drink has passed its shelf life, then check it in detail, starting from the smell, taste, color, if you find signs of spoilage, then just throw it away. But if after checking and finding that your White Claw is still good, then you can still drink it as usual.

If you are determined to drink expired White Claw, you will experience several side effects. Among the bad effects of drinking spoiled White Claw are:

  • The alcohol content decreases over time and becomes lower and lower.
  • If the can is damaged, it may no longer taste good
  • As time goes by, the taste of the seltzer drink will change.

What Happens If You Drink Expired White Claw?

Drinking expired White Claw is not tasty at all and it will give you a bad taste.

If we talk about fatal bad effects, maybe this doesn’t cause anything bad like that, drinking damaged White Claw will only cause discomfort.

What Is The Best Way To Store White Claw?

You must know how to store it correctly if you want to extend the White Claw shelf life. The most important thing is to make sure that it is still properly sealed.

Save White Claw until you have opened the can. But if you have opened the can, your White Claw won’t last long. It will only last around 3 to 5 days. During this time the taste may just be flat and there will be no shot of enjoyment from it.

If you’ve opened a can of White Claw and don’t want to finish it now, then store it in the refrigerator. Storing at temperature will quickly grow bacteria. At room temperature it can only be left for 2 hours, if more then the growth of bacteria will be worrying. So, when you opened the can, you can extend white claw shelf life by storing it in the fridge.

What happens if you open a can of White Claw?

If you open it, this drink will be finished within the next two hours.

So, it’s best not to leave it for 2 hours, drink or finish it within that time. If you can’t finish it within two hours, then store it in the fridge, this will keep it fresh and prevent carbonation.

What Alcohol Is White Claw Made From?

White Claw is a flavored malt drink made from a mixture of seltzer, gluten-free alcohol and fruit flavorings.

This alcohol is made from fermented sugar and comes from gluten-free grains.

Benefits Of Drinking Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer drinks have become very popular lately, drinking this drink is said to have several health benefits, including:

1. Lose weight

This drink is said to be lower in calories than beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks. A glass of beer contains 150 calories, and hard seltzer contains a fraction of that amount.

This drink is also said to be a keto-friendly drink and can help you lose weight because of its low calories.

2. Good for intestinal health

Hard seltzers are also considered to be a great drink for gut health compared to some other alcoholic drinks. White Claw drinks are lower in sugar compared to others. So, it is easier for the body to break down.

3. Gets You Tips Quickly!

Consuming carbonated drinks such as white claw will make you receive the effects more quickly. Drinks like this are quickly absorbed in the blood so the effect will be fast.

Can You Drink White Claw Every Day?

This is an alcoholic drink, so drinking it every day is not a good idea. You can experience bad things if you drink it every day and even cause illness and can get you into big trouble.

So, this drink should be consumed once a week or once a few weeks. This is not a daily drink that you can drink like coffee or tea.

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Are White Claws Healthy?

We know that white claw is an alcoholic and carbonated drink with less sugar content. But is this a sign that it is a healthy drink to consume?

When compared with several other liquors, White Claw is a drink that is low in calories, free of chemicals, free of sugar, however we still want to say that White Claw is not a healthy drink. Why are white claws unhealthy? It does not contain nutrients, only the calorie content is 100 calories per serving or per can.

But when compared with other liquors, white claw can be said to be healthier. However, it is still only a treat drink.

You need to know that white claw is an alcoholic drink, if you still pay attention to your health, then white claw should be avoided. Alcoholic drinks are still not good and will have many other negative effects.

Among the bad effects of drinking white claw are causing weight gain, causing cancer, liver disease, liver disease, and dehydration.

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