14 Gas Station Drinks You Should be Aware Of

by Simon
Gas Station Drinks

If you often fill up at the gas station, maybe you also often buy Gas Station Drinks as a drink to quench your thirst. But did you know that the drinks there are not suitable for consumption unless there is mineral water provided.

Drinks at gas stations are often full of unhealthy ingredients, generally the drinks are full of calories and are very unhealthy to consume. Not only does it contain artificial sweeteners, but there are also many inappropriate ingredients, not to mention the unhealthy behavior practiced there.

Does this mean that all gas station drinks can make you sick? Not really, but you need to know that some drinks there are proven to be worse in terms of health than drinks in other places.

Here we will share with you some Gas Station Drinks that are potentially dangerous, especially if you drink regularly.

1. Energy drinks

Energy drinks give you enthusiasm and energy, but can also hydrate you, this is like our article on Monster rehab energy drinks. It does taste delicious and enjoyable, but energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine which makes it difficult for you to sleep.

There are interesting things you need to know about energy drinks, we have included them on the list of drinks to be wary of at gas stations. Energy drinks contain unhealthy ingredients and these are dangerous, especially if consumed regularly.

Among the ingredients that are dangerous to health are sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives. In addition, energy drinks contain high amounts of caffeine, there are even energy drinks that provide 200mg of caffeine.

Consuming too much caffeine is dangerous, and in many cases teenagers and adults have to be hospitalized as a result of excess caffeine.

2. Mello Yello

One gas station drink that you should think twice about before drinking is Mello Yello. Just like other energy drinks, this drink also contains many ingredients which are sometimes dangerous when consumed in excessive amounts or continuously.

Mello Yello contains caffeine, where one bottle contains 51mg of caffeine. Maybe you see a little, but if you drink several bottles, of course the caffeine supply will be excessive too. In addition to caffeine, Mello Yello contains preservatives, high fructose, and yellow dye 5, just like red day 40. Even Yellow Dye 5 has a warning label in the EU, this indicates that this gas station drink should be watched or limited. It’s best not to give it to small children, especially children under 5 years of age.

3. Tahitian Treat

Tahitian Treat

What is Tahitian Treat? This is a bulging red drink with soft Fizz. This is one of the most popular gasoline pump drinks and including those that you should be aware of when you want to try it.

If you find it on a drink rack in a gas station, then pay attention to the label, this drink is made rich in additives that are very detrimental to your health. Another material used is high in fructose corn. High fructose corn syrup includes the cause of fatty liver disease, as Hartford Healthcare said. Not only that, they also mentioned that corn syrup with high fructose can increase body weight significantly, liver disease, and many more.

There are other dark sisters from Tahitian Treat, where other additives are preservatives, and artificial flavorings. Both will have a bad effect when consumed in excessive amounts.

4. Slushies

If you see Slushies in a gas station, don’t quickly take it, pay attention to how the ingredients are. This is one of the drinks that you should be aware of for your health.

Why do you have to stay away from Slushies Drink? The first reason is because it contains high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial taste, artificial dyes, and others. It feels fun like Blueberry, Catton Candy, Cherry, Raspberry, it tastes very contrary to the bad ingredients used.

In addition, this drink is also often easily attacked by mushrooms, except if the workers often clean this Slushies making machine. So, before you buy it, think again twice, want to feel a cataarsa that is not much or want to save your health.

5. Speciality Coffees

Coffee is usually healthy, but not all coffee is healthy to drink, for example special coffee in a gas station, this is no longer healthy because there are additional ingredients in it. Drinking sweet coffee in a gas station can indeed increase your morning enthusiasm, but the attention is that this specialty coffee uses a lot of sugar.

Circle K French Vanilla Cappuccino uses 36 grams of sugar, and this is the same as the sugar content in one can of coke. Consuming this drink routinely can make you more weak and helpless with disease, especially if you are having diabetes.

If you want to be healthier, you should replace the Specialty Coffee with a cup of black coffee without sugar, this will be healthier to start your day.

6. Soda diet

Soda diet is among the gas station drinks you should consider, indeed some people say this is good for health, but it turns out that if you consume it regularly, this is even dangerous for your body’s health.

Why do you have to avoid diet soda? The main reason is because it is packaged with artificial sweeteners. This dangerous sweetener is in the form of aspartam and sucralosa. So, this is not a drink that you can consume every day.

Aspartam which is an artificial sweetener can indeed provide a better mood, but unfortunately there are dangerous negative effects, where aspartam is associated with cancer, increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s, stroke and insomnia.

Then, Sucralosa was once considered as the best substitute for aspartam, it was not true because sucralosa can increase the risk of leukemia, the body’s metabolic dysfunction, and can significantly increase body weight.

7. Beer (Alcoholic Gas Station Drinks)

The beer is another drink we included on our list of gas station drinks you should consider drinking. Beer, even light beer, still contributes to excessive weight gain. This drink is sometimes low in calories, but don’t take this as trivial, the number of calories can increase quickly and make you experience a bloated stomach. Moreover, sometimes you unconsciously drink several cans of beer.

Beer is an alcoholic drink and drinking it too often definitely poses many health risks. Alcoholic drinks have frightening side effects, including triggering heart disease, liver cirrhosis, even stroke and other health problems.

Apart from that, there are other bad effects why you should avoid buying beer at gas stations, this is not only related to your health but also your economy because drinks at these places are more expensive.

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8. Cocktails Juice

Juice cocktails are indeed drinks that are not recommended to drink every day and this gas station drinks is bad for you. Are juice cocktails bad for you? Yes, this is not good for you, want to know the reason? Come on, let’s see!

First, Juice cocktails that are not 100% juice are drinks that have been processed and various ingredients have been added to them. These drinks contain excessive sugar, fructose corn syrup and even other synthetic ingredients.

Remember, nowadays there are a lot of misleading advertisements, some property owners don’t hesitate to advertise their products as cool, but it turns out that’s not the case. So it is important that you are not fooled by the external image alone.

Check the label, don’t include ingredients such as artificial colorings, preservatives and many other compounds. If you pay attention to health values, then juice without sugar or preservatives is the best, try buying pure juice without preservatives.

Artificial juice like this certainly contains a lot of sugar, but there is no added sugar there. Also, it does not contain high fructose syrup, and various other types of bad ingredients.

9. Arizona Green Tea (with ginseng)

Green tea is a very healthy drink and we all know this. But what about Arizona green tea with Ginseng.

Arizona green tea drinks are known to provide pleasure and smoothness to its fans. It is a sweet, creamy taste without any bitterness. But unfortunately, Arizona green tea is not as healthy a drink as pure green tea. Arizona tea with ginseng is rich in high fructose syrup, rich in sugar, and of course rich in carbohydrates which are very dangerous when drunk by diabetics.

Even though this Arizona green tea with ginseng is rich in high fructose corn syrup, it turns out there are healthy types of Arizona green tea at gas stations, you just have to look for green tea labeled “unsweetened”. Maybe you will find healthy green tea that can refresh your body.

10. Mountain Dew

Then there is the Mountain Dew drink, it has a lot of fans, but you have to be honest and say that Mountain Dew is one of the gas station drinks that you have to pay close attention to before drinking it.

This drink is famous for being high in caffeine, if you consume too much, your health problems will arise. This will make your teeth cavities, make your body a storehouse of fat, this is caused by the high sugar content in this drink. One bottle contains 65 grams of sugar per bottle.

If you drink this drink too often, you will feel nervous, the caffeine can be 55 mg per bottle. If you drink large amounts, of course you will introduce a lot of caffeine into your system. This will cause chest pain, insomnia, nausea and increased feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

11. Gatorade

This is one of the energy drinks that many athletes consume. Gatorade contains electrolytes that can keep the body hydrated during exercise. However, it turns out that Gatorade contains many dangerous ingredients, this drink contains a lot of sugar, calories and other unhealthy ingredients.

12. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is often the best substitute for coffee, this is because it contains less caffeine. Sometimes hot chocolate is also an option for pregnant women, children and those who feel sensitive to caffeine. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its drawbacks, hot chocolate also has its drawbacks or downsides, especially when served at gas stations. That’s why we included it on our list of drinks you should think twice about before buying.

Hot chocolate may be low in caffeine, but it is rich in carbohydrates, calories, and it is also possible that this hot drink contains artificial flavors and as much sugar as a can of soda.

Not only that, but hot chocolate also contains bad fats which are certainly not good for heart health.

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13. SunnyD

This is an orange-flavored drink, but that doesn’t mean SunnyD is as healthy as orange water. This drink can be found on many gas station shelves, so you have to be careful when choosing a drink here.

SunnyD is a refreshing drink, but SunnyD is rich in calories, high fructose corn syrup, carbohydrates, and artificial colors. Not only that but this gas station drink seems to be changing people’s skin color.

This is true because there was a report in 1999 (quoted from mashed.com), which said that a child experienced changes in skin color after drinking too much SunnyD. Apparently, this change in skin color occurred because the child’s body was found to have too much beta-carotene after drinking excessive amounts of SunnyD.

14. Vitaminwater

Vitaminwater is another drink on the must be aware of gas station drinks list, it tastes good but this drink is dangerous to your health. Consuming too much Vitaminwater can have bad effects on the body, even though there are lots of vitamins, if it is too much, it will certainly be bad too.

Research in 2019 said that too many micro-nutrients can be bad for the body. After consuming Vitamin-water, our bodies also absorb nutrients from other daily foods. This is bad for your health, especially if you consume it in excessive levels.

That’s a list of gas station drinks that you should be aware of. Once again, these drinks do have benefits, but the side effects and bad effects on health are greater, which is why you should stay away from these gas station drinks.

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