5 Healthy Sonic Drinks to Refresh Your Body in Summer

by Simon
healthy sonic drinks

There are so many choices of  healthy Sonic drinks, but there are only a few variants for healthy Sonic drinks. So, this is important information for everyone so that you don’t get caught up in advertisements for unhealthy drinks that are packaged as if they are healthy, but are actually unhealthy.

There are several drinks that are lower in calories, sugar and high in nutrients, rich in antioxidants than sonic drinks. Sprite Zero, Coke Zero are among the healthy sonic drinks that you can look at the label to find out what the nutrients are. Both are fizzy without sugar, delicious and refreshing.

Healthy drinks at Sonic include water, tea, coffee and milk. Usually they will show a combination of sonic drinks on the menu, in the end you will find a number of healthy sonic drinks without unhealthy combinations of ingredients. Unhealthy sonic drinks include splash, smoothie and limeade and others. These unhealthy drinks are the same as those we mentioned in our list of gas station drinks that you should think twice before drinking.

If you find a drink rich in sugar, Limeade 44, where the sugar is 157g, but just take it if you find a healthy drink. So, it is important to read the drinks label on the packaging, not only to find out how long it lasts or when it expires, but pay attention to the nutrition and ingredients. If you find “unsweetened”, no preservatives, no flavors, then it is included among the healthy sonic drinks.

Healthiest Drinks at Sonic

Talking about sweet drinks, Sonic is one of them and has long been a regular for families who love sweets. Now Sonic has become one of the providers of healthy drinks that are effective when traveling.

Want to live healthy? Healthy food and exercise are the essence of living a healthy life. Eliminate sugary drinks, soda drinks, energy drinks, and foods containing artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and calorie-rich foods. Foods with this type will damage your health, either slowly or quickly.

If you want to find the healthiest Sonic drink, Sonic provides several types of drinks for that. There are low carbohydrate, low calorie and low sugar drinks. Among the best Sonic drinks are drinks that are low in calories on the list, the calories are no more than 50 calories, this is a list of healthy drinks from Sonic.

  • Dr. Diet Pepper, Diet Coke, and Sprite Zero have zilch, nada, and zip in terms of calories, carbs, and sugar. This is water with bubbles and flavor.
  • Diet Cherry Limeade and Diet Limeade contain only small amounts of calories, carbs, and sugar. It’s as refreshing as your hot summer dessert.
  • Diet Green Iced Tea comes in many flavors, including blackberry, mango, lemon, cranberry, raspberry, peach, and has a whiff, a trace, and a speck of calories, carbs, and sugar. It’s like a sip of water in a cup.
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters contains jack squat, diddly squat, and diddly squat when served black. It contains caffeine and it feels like a shot of caffeine in your blood.

You can also make your drink interesting with sugar-free flavor add-ins such as chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, cherry and peach with only 5 to 25 calories for each serving. Here are some healthy versions of Sonic drinks, good for those of you who like hunting for Sonic drinks.

If you want a drink that can make you full, is rich in nutrition, and still tastes sweet, then you can try 5 healthy drinks at Sonic like the following.

5 Healthy Sonic Drinks

1. Diet Limeades

Sonic’s Diet Limeades is a healthy drink option, it is made from lime juice, sprite zero. This drink only contains 5 to 15 calories, depending on what size you choose. This is a low calorie option. So, if you are looking for a refreshing, low calorie and flavorful drink, then ask for small limeades with only 5 calories.

Liemades drinks are also low in sugar, calories and carbohydrates and can provide a certain amount of sodium for the body. Healthy drinks from Sonic offer a low carbohydrate type, Cherry Limeades. It’s not sugar-free but it’s much less than the other versions.

Limeades are the best keto drink at sonic. There are only 4g of carbohydrates, 20g of calories. Limeades drinks from Sonic provide several flavors such as cherry, lemon and lime.

2. Bottled or tap water

If you want to cut calories, one of the healthiest drinks from Sonic is bottled water, especially if you eat burgers or hot dogs.

This drink provides low calorie, low sugar and low carbohydrate intake. This is also good for those of you who maintain your waistline or good body health.

3. Unsweetened Iced Tea

Unsweetened Iced Tea

Unsweetened Iced Tea at Sonic

Another of Sonic’s healthiest drinks is unsweetened iced tea, there are limeades, slushies and unsweetened tea.

Of course, this water is more flavorful than bottled water, while the calories and sugar are the same, namely 0. RT44 contains 35 sodium and 0 calories.

4. Coffee

Then there is the coffee drink at Sonic which is said to be one of the healthy drinks. Let’s see what kind of coffee this is.

Coffee provides many healthy compounds that are good for health, including polyphenols, the benefits of which are preventing diabetes, heart disease and preventing cancer. These polyphenols are antioxidants in coffee which are healthy, especially when you enjoy black coffee without sugar.

One cup of coffee provides around 200 to 550mg of micronutrients. Most of the antioxidants in coffee are divided into two versions:

  • Hydrocinnamic acids: This is a micronutrient that provides energy to the body and prevents stress oxidation.
  • Polyphenols: This is a plant compound that is useful for lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol, and as an anti-aging agent.

This is the great thing about sugar-free black coffee. If you are looking for a sugar-free drink, then sugar-free black coffee is your choice. In summer, you can enjoy black coffee with crushed ice cubes.

In the sonic menu, “Green Mountain Coffee Roasters” is one of the healthiest menus, this can provide a boost of energy and enthusiasm.

There are antioxidants from coffee and it is also sugar free. So, if you want to drink healthy coffee, don’t add sugar and creamer. Their cold brew coffee contains 12 grams of sugar, and French Vanilla cold-brew iced coffee from Sonic contains 17 grams and 210 calories.

5. Milk

1% milk is a great option, this is for those of you looking for something more than just water.

Milk provides vitamin D, and protein. Drinks with 1% milk are also low in calories and sugar. This is what makes it healthy compared to other drinks which are rich in sugar, calories and carbohydrates.

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Conclusion: Healthy Sonic Drinks Options

Sonic is a place to enjoy healthy drinks that you like, it also provides tots and burgers. Before you buy it, read the nutrition facts carefully. They provide delicious and healthy and there are also sweet options, delicious but not healthy, so pay attention to the ingredients and nutrition facts.

If you have read the nutrition facts, choose healthy sonic drinks, drinks that are low in sugar, calories, refreshing, rich in vitamins and minerals.

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