Does Trader Joe’s Have Hoisin Sauce?

by Simon
Does Trader Joe's Have Hoisin Sauce

One of the most famous sauces is hoisin sauce and previously we made a comparison between hoisin sauce vs eel sauce. For those of you who like hoisin sauce but don’t know where to buy it, please go to the Joe’s trader closest to you.

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store chain that provides a variety of Asian sauces and seasonings. They are one of the providers of organic and conventional hoisin sauce. Why should you choose hoisin sauce and not other soy sauces?

Here we will discuss further about what hoisin sauce tastes like and what it is used for and how to make it yourself at home. Let’s just say this is an important article for those of you who like hoisin sauce.

Please grab some hoisin sauce at Trader Joe’s and now let’s look at the review.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Hoisin Sauce?

This is a question for those who are hoisin sauce customers or those who want to try how hoisin sauce tastes.

I have to answer “yes”, you can find hoisin sauce at trader joe’s and look for it in the sauce section, conventional and organic versions are available. You can also find many other Asian Spice.

Hoisin sauce is a versatile sauce that seems to be underappreciated and is made from soybeans but uses other flavoring ingredients such as garlic, peppers, sesame oil, rice vinegar and peanut butter. It tastes sweet, tangy, and salty and umami. This sauce is ready to enhance the taste of serving various foods.

One of the advantages of Hoisin sauce is its thick concentration, so when we add it to cooking, we only need to add a little. You can use it as a glaze, as a sauce for stir-fries, as a dipping sauce, even as a marinade for fish or meat.

Hoisin sauce really tastes delicious in every dish you use, for a healthy version you should choose organic. But if you don’t want to buy it, you can make it yourself at home, making your own hoisin sauce not only has a delicious and healthy sauce but also gives you a lot of experience.

Making Hoisin sauce at home only requires 6 main ingredients. These six ingredients are garlic, honey (or maple syrup), distilled white vinegar, Sriracha and tahini. The method is to heat the onions until brown, but don’t let them burn, add the other ingredients and cook until bubbly and smooth.

What Is Hoisin Sauce?

For those of you who don’t know what hoisin sauce is, let’s look at its meaning. Hoisin sauce is a thick and rich flavoring and is usually used in Chinese cooking. This sauce is made from fermented soybeans and then mixed with other ingredients such as red chilies, sugar, fennel, garlic, and the sauce is dark brown in color, the taste is sharp and sweet and savory, there is also an umami taste which is spicy and savory. .

The hoisin sauce is often compared to barbecue sauce, even known as Chinese barbecue, its consistency is thick and the taste is sweet and tangy. How? This is really a sauce that can make your cooking delicious, where can you find it? Does trader joe’s have Hoisin sauce? Of course, Trader Joe’s, as a provider of Asian spices, provides Hoisin sauce on its shelves.

Hoisin sauce tastes slightly salty and sweet but is different from traditional barbecue sauce. This sauce does not contain seafood, but is usually used to season seafood. For those of you who like seafood, don’t forget to provide Hoisin sauce in your kitchen.

The sauce can be used as a glaze for meat or for fish. Can also be used as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, or for dumplings. If you need to marinate meat or fish, you can also use Hoisin sauce to add flavor. Many people also use Hoisin sauce as an additional flavor and flavoring in rice and noodle dishes.

Hoisin Sauce Vs Soy Sauce: What’s The Difference?

At first glance, they both look the same, maybe like Hoisin Sauce vs eel sauce which also looks the same, but there are still differences. Likewise with Hoisin Sauce VS Soy Sauce, even though the two are similar there are still differences between them. The taste and texture are different, Hoisin Sauce feels thicker in texture and tastes sweeter compared to soy sauce.

The sharp taste of hoisin comes from the ingredients used such as garlic, sesame oil, chili and vinegar. This is different from soy sauce, which tastes saltier and has a thinner consistency.

However, both have similarities, both sauces are made from fermented soybeans, it’s just that hoisin sauce contains other ingredients that make the taste tastier and sweeter. Hoisin Sauce is widely used as a glaze or as a dipping sauce, such as for dipping spring rolls and so on. Meanwhile, soy sauce is used as an ingredient for stir-fries and other dishes.

Can Hoisin Sauce be used as a substitute for soy sauce? Yes, you can use it as a substitute or both can replace each other. However, you need to know that both are different in terms of taste and texture because they are made with different ingredients. If you want to make your dish taste salty, then use soy sauce, but if you want to add a sweet taste to the dish, then hoisin sauce is the best choice.

Uses Of Hoisin Sauce In Cooking

Hoisin sauce is a versatile sauce that is used in various dishes. There are several uses for it when you prepare your food, here are some of the uses and benefits of Hoisin sauce in cooking.

  • Glaze: It provides a delicious glaze on grilled dishes including grilled vegetables. You simply spread Hoisin sauce over the carrots or broccoli when roasting them. Likewise with roasted corn, you can try using it when roasting corn.
  • Marinade: Hoisin sauce is also used as a marinade for meat and fish. To get a delicious marinade, try combining hoisin sauce and honey, lemon, salt and garlic. It is absolutely delicious and the aroma is irresistible.
  • Stir-Fry Sauce: Hoisin sauce is also a great seasoning to add to stir-fries, it will add a sweet and savory taste to either meat or stir-fried vegetables. If you stir-fry kale or stir-fry broccoli, don’t forget to include hoisin sauce because this seasoning will make your stir-fry delicious in life, delicious on the tongue.
  • Dipping Sauce: This is also the best sauce for dipping spring rolls, dumplings, and for various appetizers.
  • Grilling Sauce: For those of you who like grilling chicken and other things, hoisin sauce is an unbeatable flavoring. Rub it on the meat when you grill it, it will taste delicious.

Trader Joe’s Hoisin Sauce: Organic And Conventional Options

As asked above, does Trader Joe’s have hoisin sauce? That’s right, they have hoisin sauce and even offer two different hoisin sauce options. First: The organic version is made using organic ingredients, free of artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and free of preservatives.

Second: The conventional version is made with high quality ingredients and is slightly different from the organic version.

Both versions (organic and conventional) are packaged in 8 ounce bottles. If you want to see it in the store, this sauce is usually located in the other sauces or in the vinegar section. Apart from being delicious and healthy, hoisin is a good sauce at an affordable price.

If you want your food to taste delicious and delicious, then Trader Joe’s hoisin sauce is the best choice. This sauce is suitable for dipping spring rolls, stir-fries, dumplings or for grilling meat, fish and vegetables. If you are close to Trader Joe’s you can buy a bottle to try. You’ll know what trader joe’s hoisin tastes like.

How To Make Homemade Hoisin Sauce

Making your own Hoisin Sauce is a great way to get healthy food flavoring, and it cuts down on your costs because you can make as much as you like.

Are you ready to make your own Hoisin Sauce, look at the ingredients below.


  • 4 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup honey (or maple syrup)
  • 2 tablespoons Sriracha
  • 2 tablespoons tahini
  • Water (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Saute the garlic in a small saucepan over medium to high heat, this will give your hoisin a rich and spicy taste.
  2. Add soy sauce, honey, you can use maple syrup, tahini, distilled vinegar, sriracha and stir until mixed well.
  3. Cook the mixture until it is bubbly, smooth and thick, this may take five or seven minutes.
  4. Add salt and pepper according to individual preference. If your hoisin sauce is thick, please add a little water to make it thin.
  5. Remove and let it cool before you use it.

Now you have homemade hoisin sauce ready to use in any stir-fry, grilled dish or as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and so on.

Recipes Using Hoisin Sauce From Trader Joe’s

If you are inspired by Trader Joe’s hoisin sauce, then you can follow these steps to use it in your dishes.

1. Hoisin Glazed Salmon: Spread hoisin sauce on salmon fillets and bake in the oven, and serve with rice and steamed vegetables.

2. Hoisin Stir-Fry: To stir-fry vegetables or protein such as chicken, beef and tofu in a pan using hoisin sauce, the aroma will be felt and this is a healthy flavoring for you.

3. Hoisin BBQ Ribs: Marinate pork or bbai ribs in hoisin sauce overnight, and grill until tender and caramelized, and serve with coleslaw and corn for a classic BBQ meal.

4. Hoisin Meatballs: Mix ground beef with breadcrumbs, egg, garlic, and hoisin sauce to make flavorful meatballs. Bake in the oven and serve as an appetizer or serve over noodles for a main course.

5. Hoisin Glazed Brussels Sprouts: How to use it is by roasting the brussels sprouts in the oven and smearing them with hoisin sauce, honey and soy sauce for a sweet and savory taste. Sprinkle with sesame seeds for crunch.

Those are some ideas for using hoisin sauce, you can try it in various ways to get different flavors that you like.

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