Is Ice Cream Gluten-Free?

by Simon
Ice Cream Gluten-Free

Is ice cream gluten-free? Everyone really likes ice cream, especially in hot times like these. Hot afternoons make us always open the refrigerator and look for ice cream to soothe and refresh the body. However, for coeliac sufferers it is a problem if ice cream contains gluten. That is why many people ask ‘is ice cream gluten free?’

Apart from ice cream, there are popsicles, sorbet and others. This is a very refreshing meal. For those of us who are healthy and don’t suffer from coeliac, it’s probably safe to consume ice cream without asking about the gluten content. However, for our friends who suffer from coeliac, they must stay away from foods containing coeliac, including ice cream (if contains gluten). So is ice cream gluten free? Let we see this resume.

Sources of gluten in ice cream

Sources of gluten in ice cream

Ice cream uses basic ingredients such as milk and cream, both of these ingredients are considered gluten-free. But ice cream doesn’t only use these two ingredients, there are additional ingredients.

The process of making ice cream can be the reason why ice cream is not gluten-free. Ingredients that contain gluten in ice cream are ice cream thickeners, coloring and flavorings such as using barley malt syrup.

In addition, ice cream cones also include things that are not gluten-free, including some toppings, chocolate, sweet sauces or syrups that may also contain gluten.

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So, if you are wondering is ice cream gluten free? The answer is “no”, it is not gluten-free so it is not a suitable food for coeliac people.

When buying ice cream ingredients or packaged ice cream, it is important to check the label, whether it uses ingredients that contain gluten or there is a warning “may contain” meaning there is a possibility of cross contamination during the manufacturing process.

So, pay attention to the ingredients, if the ice cream ingredients contain gluten, Khorasan wheat (kamut), wheat, spelt, oats, barley and rye, then this is not a suitable food for people with coeliac disease.

However, not all ice cream is gluten-free, there are also some of that are gluten free. Usually, ice cream with single flavors such as strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream tends to be gluten-free.

However, if the ice cream contains baked products such as brownies or cake dough, it is very likely that this ice cream contains gluten. So, always check the label to make sure it is safe to consume, especially for coeliac sufferers.

However, some certified providers provide gluten-free products, as an alternative for those with coeliac disease.

Ordering ice cream out

If you suffer from coeliac, you should be careful when ordering ice cream because you are worried that it may contain cross-contamination. So, ask which ice cream is gluten-free. This way, the ice cream company will understand that you can’t eat all types of ice cream, but you are hunting for the gluten-free type.

Gluten-Containing Ice Creams

Some flavors have the potential to contain gluten, such as Rocky Road or Moose Tracks, but you can make them gluten-free by using gluten-free flavorings. Gluten is contained in the flavorings, so the makers should look for ingredients that are gluten-free.

There is also gluten in the cone or in the topping. Meanwhile, the basic ingredients for making ice cream itself are gluten-free. So, read the labels to understand what you are eating.

Avoiding Cross-Contact in the Ice Cream Shop

Gluten in ice cream can also be exposed to cross-contact during the manufacturing process. For example, spoons, scoops, or mixer machines are used for gluten-containing ingredients and then used to make gluten-free food without washing them thoroughly first.

So, when you buy ice cream with special flavors that are gluten-free, ask to use a clean spoon so that it is safe from cross contact.

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