Patti Labelle Banana Pudding Recipe

by Simon
Patti LaBelle Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is a dessert that is always loved because of its refreshing and tempting sweet taste. Especially if the banana pudding is made using the Patti Labelle banana pudding recipe. This will definitely shake up your kitchen creativity.

Banana pudding is delicious to enjoy as a light snack for children or as a dessert, this is a classic recipe that always succeeds in making those who enjoy it smile.

Here, we will make banana pudding with the Patti labelle recipe, so we created the article title “Patti labelle banana pudding Recipe”. Let’s dive deeper into this recipe.

What is Patti LaBelle’s Banana Pudding?

Patti labelle is one of the food service providers and one of their dishes is delicious banana pudding. The banana pudding recipe has been successful in making many customers fans for years, and of course we are not surprised why this happened, the reason is because it tastes delicious and makes the fans satisfied.

Patti labelle banana pudding is a classic recipe that has been included in many cookbooks. This recipe has been around for a long time and has even passed through several generations and has become a famous recipe in many families.

Patti labelle is a creamy and comforting banana pudding, consisting of layers of banana, whipped cream and custard. If you are looking for a fresh pudding recipe for dessert, then the Patti Labelle banana pudding recipe is the choice, in just a few steps you can make Patti Labelle dizzy.

Why You’ll Love This Patti LaBelle Banana Pudding?

Patti Labelle banana pudding is a dish that is suitable to end your various meals. This pudding is combined with whipped cream, feels light, soft, and the banana slices can add a different texture. This banana pudding recipe is able to add delicious flavor to your cooking.

To make Patti Labelle banana pudding, you have to prepare several simple ingredients, and of course you can get these ingredients easily in your area.

The Ingredients

  1. Ripe bananas: Bananas are an important and main ingredient in making banana pudding, make sure you choose bananas that are perfectly ripe so they taste sweet.
  2. Instant vanilla pudding mix: To make a creamy pudding layer in banana pudding dishes.
  3. Sweetened condensed milk: To add a layer of sweetness and creaminess to banana pudding.
  4. Heavy cream: This is whipped with cold water to produce a soft, light whipped cream for topping Patti LaBelle Banana pudding.
  5. Vanilla wafers: A classic cookie to use in a traditional banana pudding recipe. The addition of these wafers can provide crunch to the banana pudding.


  1. Thinly slice 6 perfectly ripe bananas
  2. In a large bowl, combine two packets of instant vanilla pudding mix with two cans of sweetened condensed milk.
  3. In another bowl, beat four cups heavy cream and three cups cold water until stiff peaks form.
  4. Fold the whipped cream into the pudding mixture until evenly mixed.
  5. You can use a large serving plate or small bowl, make layers of vanilla wafers, banana slices, and pudding mixture until all the ingredients are gone. On top, layer with whipped cream.

Cover your plate, and refrigerate for at least an hour, this will allow all the flavors to combine and create an unforgettable experience with this delicious banana pudding.

How Long Is Banana Pudding Shelf Life
How Long Does Royal Honey Last? Its Shelf Life


  • Use really ripe bananas for best results
  • If you don’t have instant vanilla pudding mix, you can make it yourself, look for recipes on the internet.
  • If you use store-bought whipped cream, make sure to buy one that has added sweetener.
  • For a crunchy impression, you can add crushed crackers on top as a topping
  • As a substitute for almonds, you can use various other types of nuts.

Storage Tips

– Patti LaBelle Banana Pudding can be stored in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life, it can last up to 3 days in the refrigerator.

– Cover tightly so that your banana pudding doesn’t dry out.

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