Why Am I Craving Lemons? Find Out Why!

by Simon
Why Am I Craving Lemons

Why am I craving lemons? A question that is often asked by those who often eat lemons or want to eat them but don’t have the opportunity to do so, they are very curious about the taste because many people say it is delicious or other factors.

What is clear is that our appetites are different, so our cravings are also different. Some people crave olive oil, some people crave pineapple and so on. Cravings are not just for pregnant women, in fact everyone can have cravings, even men.

Craving lemons is nothing strange or embarrassing. Maybe some people think this is strange because lemon is usually used to remove fishy fish. Even though lemon is an important food that can reduce fat and provide a refreshing taste in many drinks.

So, why does one crave lemons and what is the reason behind it?

If you want to get an answer quickly, you need to remember that the reason someone suddenly craves lemon is because of stomach acid or because of iron deficiency, vitamin C deficiency, digestive disorders and so on.

But remember, there is no research on this, but as health observers we can tell you that some biological responses can occur because your body is lacking a mineral, so you could be lacking vitamin C, which is actually found in abundance in lemons.

Ok, below we will explain further why you crave lemons? What does it mean to crave lemons and is it due to iron deficiency and how to satisfy your cravings and cravings.

Why am I craving lemons means

Craving lemon means your body wants the lemon you eat or lemon juice. Everyone’s cravings are of course different, there are types of cravings because of the taste of the food, or because the body is lacking nutrition.

If you have a strong desire to eat lemons, then consider the following reasons before you immediately eat lots of lemons.

Reasons for Craving Lemons

We probably know that lemon is a fruit with nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, fiber, sugar, protein and other nutrients.

Craving or wanting something strongly to eat or drink is not something without reason. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small, big, or valuable or not.

So, to know better what to do when you have cravings, know some of the following reasons for cravings.

1. Iron deficiency can cause lemon cravings

Iron is an important mineral in the formation of red blood cells, and healthy adults need 17 to 20 mg of iron every day. 100 grams of lemon contributes 0.6 mg of iron.

Well, research says that iron deficiency can cause someone to crave lemons.

In fact, red meat is richer in iron, but for those of you who have just switched to a vegan diet, of course you have to look for a meat substitute, take some fruit that is rich in iron and one of them is lemon.

You don’t have to consume whole lemons, you can consume them by making juice, while eating rice, or making any drink by adding a little lemon.

2. Serotonin levels can also cause you to crave lemons

What is serotonin? This is a hormone whose job is as a neurotransmitter or as a signal sender between cells.

This hormone affects mood, digestion, appetite, and many other tasks. Including the sleep cycle is also influenced by this hormone.

Several studies say that if serotonin levels are low, your body will crave various types of food, sweet, sour or even bitter food.

If it’s sour you want, then lemon is the choice. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can also crave foods that are your favorite. The longer you are awake, the more food you need to get energy.

So, quality sleep is important for health, and try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day.

3. Gastric acid

Another factor that causes you to crave lemon is stomach acid. Lemon is a fruit with a high content of citric and tartaric acid. When the body cannot produce enough stomach acid, there will be cravings for something sour.

The benefit of stomach acid is that it helps digestion, breaks down protein and food, and also kills dangerous bacteria.

If there is little stomach acid, our body cannot kill microorganisms optimally. This will slow down digestion and can cause problems in your stomach.

So, if you are craving lemon or other sour things, then it is possible that you have a lack of stomach acid. Try adding some other healthy foods in lemon to balance your body’s pH level.

4. Craving lemons due to vitamin C deficiency

Why do you crave lemons? Another possibility is because your body is deficient in vitamin C. Lemon is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C, which has benefits for skin, bones, etc.

Our bodies cannot make their own vitamin C, so if we are deficient, we must consume fruit which can provide a supply of vitamin C.

How much vitamin C is in a lemon? One lemon contains 18.6 mg of vitamin C, and our bodies need 65 – 90 mg of vitamin C every day. 100 grams of lemons contain 53 mg of vitamin C.

If you suffer from a vitamin C deficiency for a long time, your body will start to crave foods rich in vitamin C, including you will crave lemons which are rich in vitamin C.

If you want more vitamin C, then add vegetables such as broccoli, strawberries, potatoes, black currants, etc.

So, this is probably the reason behind your craving for lemons, but each person is different because it is also influenced by tastes and previous eating experiences.

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Health Benefits of Eating and Craving Lemons

Lemon is a fruit that is rich in health benefits, some of which are:

  • Lemons have many health benefits some are mentioned below-
  • Maintains blood cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.
  • Helps you lose weight
  • Lemons are also rich in fiber and this can reduce constipation, and reduce digestive problems
  • Maintains kidney health and prevents kidney stones
  • For anemia sufferers, lemon is a source of iron
  • Lemon increases the body’s immunity and can protect you from various types of cancer.

Is too much lemon dangerous?

The rule is that anything in excess is harmful, and the same thing happens with lemons. If you are craving lemon, then you can just eat a little lemon.

Eating too much lemon can cause bad problems too. How many lemons per day? You just need to fulfill your lemon intake by eating just two lemons per day.

Drinking too much lemon water also has bad effects on health, among the side effects of drinking too much lemon water are: Vomiting, stomach ulcers, nausea and stomach problems.

Conclusion: Why am I Craving Lemon

Our bodies are very complex, and lemons are a healthy food and if and craving lemons, this is normal and normal.

The reasons why people have cravings are different because everyone has different appetites. Some people have cravings because the body is in need of nutrition, including a lack of vitamin C which can make someone crave lemons.

Always listen to your body, support what it wants in moderation and not what your mind wants.

Cravings for lemon can be satisfied by eating it directly, or putting it in a salad, or making tea and squeezing lemon juice into it, etc.

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