Why am I Craving Vinegar? Proven Reasons

by Simon
Why am I Craving Vinegar

Have you ever craved vinegar? It may sound strange and unusual. But take it easy because this is not something to be afraid of.  We will see here about why you craving vinegar and what are these factors that give affects.

You don’t have to worry about craving vinegar or think it’s unhealthy. Cravings like this actually have several factors behind it. Let us explain to you about these cravings.

So, Why do You Crave Vinegar?

Actually, craving something has something to do with the condition of one’s body. When the body lacks a mineral or vitamin, it will feel like eating something that contains that substance.

For example, craving vinegar as in our discussion. It could be that when you crave vinegar, your body’s pH is unstable, or there is candida growth in your body, or even a lack of nutrients such as those in vinegar.

When the body is filled with candida or fungus, the body gives a signal that it needs something to keep it healthy. Vinegar is a natural remedy for getting rid of candida or fungus so your body is craving vinegar at that time.

There is no scientific research, but when your body is supplied with certain nutrients, you will stop cravings. Below we will explain about vinegar cravings, the health benefits of vinegar and factors that make you crave vinegar.

Why am I craving Vinegar?

When you crave vinegar, what does it actually mean? Craving for vinegar means you want to eat something sour and spicy, doesn’t vinegar taste like that?

There are many reasons that make you crave something, but it’s not absolute when you lack a nutrient and you crave foods that are a source of that nutrient.

Several studies say that stress, and poor nutrition can make a person crave something sour, including vinegar (if the person has tried it before).

Reasons for Craving Vinegar

Reasons for Craving Vinegar

Why do you crave vinegar, what exactly is in vinegar? Vinegar is a liquid substance that contains acetic acid, amino acids, mineral salts, contains vitamins C, B and others. The sour taste comes from vinegar because it contains acetate.

The taste of the vinegar may cause a craving

Sour, is a substance that can balance the taste of salty and sweet. If you eat too much sweet and salty, then your body will crave sour food, this sour food aims to balance the taste.

If you think of fast food with a combination of vinegar, of course you want to enjoy it because the taste is sour and evocative.

If you want, you can also use olives and even pickles. These foods will reduce your craving for vinegar.

Vinegar actually provides an interesting variety of flavors, besides that when your body has candida growth in it, then you might crave vinegar to destroy the candida.

Candida is a fungus that grows on the body, sometimes in the throat, intestines or in the mouth. Vinegar with its acid can kill this fungus. But if sweet foods actually make candida growth more fertile.

Candida can also be a parasite, if it is in your stomach, it will absorb the nutrients that the body should absorb.

Apart from that, you can also use garlic, coconut oil to eradicate candida. In women, candida can also be experienced in sensitive female parts.

Unbalanced PH level may cause vinegar cravings

If your stomach lacks stomach acid, then you might also experience vinegar cravings. Stomach acid needs a pH level of 2 to keep the body’s health stable. Our stomach contains hydrochloric acid or HCL.

Among the functions of this acid is to kill bacteria and microorganisms in the food we eat. It also aids digestion by breaking down proteins.

If stomach acid is low, then your body is not effective in killing microorganisms. It will also slow down your digestion and various other body problems.

If your body’s condition is like this, then your body craves something that is highly acidic, then you have the potential to crave vinegar.

To stabilize acid levels, you don’t have to eat just one food, but add several types of food such as oranges, citrus, or vinegar whose benefit is to balance the body’s pH.

You can also crave vinegar if your body’s insulin level fluctuates. Stress can reduce stomach acid and this has a correlation with stress.

The stomach has an important role in giving you cravings for something. Vinegar cravings occur when insulin levels fluctuate.

Nutritional deficiency may cause vinegar craving

There are several reports that say that a lack of minerals such as potassium can cause a person to crave vinegar. In fact, if we look at the potassium content in vinegar, it’s only a little. In 100 grams of vinegar only contains 2 milligrams of potassium.

If you realize your body needs more nutrients then you should consume more nutritious foods such as bananas, spinach, olives, broccoli and kale.

Well, nutritional deficiencies are the most common cause of vinegar cravings. How about you fulfill your desire for this. Let’s see what happens!

Health Benefits of Craving and Eating Vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic substance from the processing of apples or some other ingredients. Vinegar has a sour taste and is liked by the body, not only that, but vinegar has several health benefits that make the body healthy and comfortable.

There are several benefits of vinegar that you need to know, including:

  • Reduce calorie intake and help you lose weight
  • Maintains blood sugar and insulin levels
  • The benefits of vinegar as an anti-microbial
  • Lower your cholesterol level.

Why Am I Craving Vinegar Before Period?

Women who crave vinegar before their menstrual period are due to hormonal changes or the result of changes in serotonin.

There are also those who say that low stomach acid can make you crave vinegar or other acidic foods.

But if you crave vinegar before your period, you don’t need to worry, you can indulge and satisfy yourself.

Is it Ok Drink Vinegar Every Day

As long as you drink a little, it’s not a problem for you. Usually the dosage is 5 ml to 30 ml. Start with small doses, if too much acid enters the body it can cause digestive problems as well. So, start consuming it little by little.

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If you overdo it, some of the problems you might experience are:

  • Problems with digestion
  • Throat like burning
  • Tooth decay due to acids
  • Problems with skin.

Wrap Up On Craving Vinegar

Why do you crave vinegar? There are many reasons that make you crave this sour liquid. But you don’t need to worry, you can consume it, but it has to be in small doses. Start with small doses so your body can tolerate them slowly.

If you are craving vinegar, this means your body is in need of nutrition. Cravings are body language that we must understand. The body has its own way of telling us something, including by way of cravings.

Candida growth in the gut can also cause the body to crave vinegar. Vinegar is an acidic substance that can kill candida. So, if you have cravings, please consume it, but pay attention to the dosage. If there is an excess of vinegar, then there are side effects that may occur such as problems with teeth, problems with skin, digestion and other things.

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